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There were three reasons to attend Townsend, Tennessee’s Super Celebration (East), held April 21-24, and they are the same three reasons why you need to attend Super Celebration (West), happening Sept. 8-11 in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Bronco Nation kept a travel log in the forums from our trip to East, filled with snapshot moments and member announcements. Here, I’d like to round up some more memories, and by doing so, encourage you to get to Colorado –– it seems the only regrets about East came from the mouths of those who weren’t able to attend.

The Broncos

In Bronco quantity and quality, Super Celebration (East) delivered. Advertised as the largest Bronco community event in the U.S., the field was filled with all generations. Broncos from 1966 to 2021 stretched across the horizon –– that is, when they weren’t entering and exiting the show grounds from community trail runs and Ford’s rides and drives.

Read about the 18 Broncos and 8 Sports Ford brought to the show … all trims and colors, save for Lightning Blue. Bronco Nation’s @BadxBronco and @Coop_pierce captured many of these with amazing photography and video footage. Ford also brought a 2021 engine and chassis for attendees to see up close.

Each of the four days were open for free to the public. People could stroll the event, admiring, touching, and even disassembling Broncos.

We ran several live demonstrations on the 2021 Broncos daily, showcasing the modularity of the all-new Bronco and giving people their first hands-on opportunities for door, hardtop, bumper end cap, and fender flare removals –– plus one intensive session tearing down the front end, from safari bar to entire driver’s side fender.

“Entertainment for the ages,” says Jon Melton, Nashville Early Broncos, who hosted these sessions. You can view one of these sessions on Instagram, as well as a smattering of these demonstration clips and so much more in an exciting summary video on Jon’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, Bronco Nation’s Jordan filmed three much-requested walk-around videos:
2021 Black Diamond
2021 Outer Banks
2021 Big Bend

Ford gave hundreds of attendees the chance to experience the Broncos and Sports on the road and off. Ford performance drivers took people out to a wooded course, where they demonstrated features like Trail 1-Pedal and the stabilizer bar disconnect. The Sports were guided through areas of the same trail.

See racer Shelby Hall give Bronco Nation a ride to remember in this video, complete with our first experience of Trail Turn Assist exactly as it was intended. I was amazed at how smooth the IFS made the ride, and you can hear a Bilstein mechanical engineer cover the suspension in this clip from the show.

The People

Speaking of Shelby, the community, and the Ford team at the show: If not for the Broncos, the people are why East was so great and why you must attend West. From Bronco Nation members coming by the booth, longtime participants in the Bronco community, to new faces unfamiliar with the vehicle who were simply pulled in by the irresistible event, each and every interaction was friendly.

Just as much, knowledge, wild stories, and future plans from these folks ran rich. In another video by Jon, you can hear directly from Bronco owners circled up at our booth why their vehicles are special. And walking the rows of generations 1-5 (some for sale) inspired me and others who came to the brand for the sixth gens to take on a better understanding of the history.

Read up on some more insight from our members in these additional show threads:
Bronco Super Celebration (East) 2021
Bronco Demo Rides

The Fun

And if enjoying conversation with the people and looking at, riding in, and driving Broncos weren’t enough, we had the Super Cel activities, including a members’ trail run through the mountains, a cook-out dinner, and a pancake breakfast. Every day, you –– our Nation –– come to us for news, stories, pictures, and video. You trust us to give you the freshest updates, hot releases, and an enjoyable time in the forums –– and we appreciate it. These dedicated times were the team at Bronco Nation’s chance to put the spotlight on you and make sure your time at Super Celebration was warm, caffeinated, pleasant, and filled with help, whether that was simple directions or a sit-down time with Bronco Brand Manager Esteban.

Thank you for spending those times with us and letting us get to know you better. We can’t wait to see you at the next event!


    1. Hi COHM0902, you may be thinking of Off-Roadeo? https://broncooffroadeo.com/ More information will be released on the Austin location very soon; they are saying late Spring. Off-Roadeo will have a similar feel of community and activity as Super Cel, but even more interaction with the Broncos — as in you’re driving them off-road yourself, for those unfamiliar. It too will be an unforgettable time!


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