Home events 18 Broncos, 8 Sports at Super Celebration (East) 2021
18 Broncos, 8 Sports at Super Celebration (East) 2021

18 Broncos, 8 Sports at Super Celebration (East) 2021


Here in Townsend, Tennessee at Super Celebration (East), there’s a majestic band of mountains just beyond the show field. But as beautiful as the Smokies are, the horizon is not the line people are admiring and photographing.

Instead, as you can probably guess, it’s the 18, two- and four-door 2021 Broncos, and the eight, 2021 Sports Ford brought to the event. Why so many? The company saw the excitement and pure joy people had from the chance to do a ride or drive at KOH and Moab, and they wanted to recreate the experience for as many Bronco fans as possible at Super Cel.

Here’s the list of the Broncos with their door count and color in attendance. All are pre-production models, which means you might come across quirks this week that will not be part of the finished product.

2-Door 2021 Broncos
1. Black Diamond Cyber Orange
2. Wildtrak Velocity Blue
3. Outer Banks Antimatter Blue
4. Badlands Oxford White
5. Badlands Race Red
6. Big Bend Cactus Gray

4-Door 2021 Broncos
1. Big Bend Iconic Silver
2. Wildtrak Cyber Orange
3. Badlands Cactus Gray
4. Base Absolute Black
5. Badlands Oxford White
6. Badlands Shadow Black
7. First Edition Rapid Red
8. Wildtrak Carbonized Gray
9. Badlands Area 51
10. Big Bend Absolute Black
11. Badlands Cyber Orange
12. Badlands Area 51

2021 Sports
1. Badlands Carbonized Gray
2. Badlands Cyber Orange
3. Badlands Alto Blue
4. Badlands Cactus Gray
5. Badlands Kodiak Brown
6. Badlands Oxford White
7. Badlands Area 51
8. Badlands Shadow Black

Also to be drooled over, are the early generation Broncos beginning to line up on the field for the Show-N-Shine judging. Stop by one of the days to get an eyeful –– and a ride as well, for those who were able to sign up!


  1. Is it still possible to signup for a ride in the Bronco? Communication on this is terrible. Again another way for Ford to put First Edition buyers LAST.

    1. Hey 2ndGen, I’d love to help you with this, but all I can do is say to try to get on the waitlist from the signup Ford sent in an email to order holders.

      1. Update: There are still ways to get rides! Ford has limited walk-up spaces available, but they are all booking at 8 a.m. (you come back for your assigned time slot). If you can get here to the field early, please do! Head straight to the Ford trailer to register.

    2. Yes. I signed up online and got a time slot (9:am this morning), but they were taking walk ups also. A first edition buyer rode with us on our demo. Not many in line, but it was cold and rainy this morning.

  2. So, if first edition is first build.
    Then that would mean the first 7,000 reservations are a mandatory first edition.
    That wouldn’t make sense,if someone couldn’t afford it or want it.

  3. Can we get some shots or videos of the Oxford White Badlands? I have yet to see any coverage on the Oxford White color.

      1. Posted! We’re also going to have a full trail ride in this vehicle, so you’ll see some interior and exterior video coming out soon.

  4. Does anyone know how long the Bronco ride alongs are each day and what time they stop taking walk up sign ups? Also, if I went tomorrow could I sign up at the Ford booth for a ride along for Saturday if nothing is available for tomorrow?

    1. Hey Donte, they are from 8-5 p.m. each day. They don’t stop taking walk up sign ups, but once full, they add you to a waitlist. Each day seems to get a little harder to secure a ride, but if you’re close by, it’s 100% worth it to try for one.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am close I plan to come by after 5pm today to view the Broncos but also tomorrow so that I can try to secure a ride since I live in Louisville/Blount County not too far from Townsend. I just hope that with the rain coming it doesn’t get shut down.

    1. Hi Cindy, there’s no sign up to see them, just show up at the field. Bronco Nation has been having a couple in our booth each day for you to get to know up close for as long as you want, and there is a line of them coming in and out as well. However, to ride in one, you will need to register in person at the Ford trailer here, and it’s walk-up only for limited slots.


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