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Own History: Broncos For Sale At Super Celebration (East)

Own History: Broncos For Sale At Super Celebration (East)


By @Laura #1976

Did you know that the Ford Bronco is what coined the term “SUV?” This is just one of the many interesting facts reviewed in the Bring Back Bronco – The Untold Story: Trusted & Carefree thread’s videos.

Bronco Nation member @Hobgoblin writes:

“Since we have had many new members join in the last few months they may not have heard about the outstanding podcast, Bring Back Bronco – The Untold Story. It is an 8 part series hosted by Sonari Glinton. He explores the early days of development of the first generation Bronco and works to uncover why and who killed the Bronco in 1996.

This is an outstanding series that not only tells the story of the Bronco but it travels the ups and downs of the City of Detroit, explores U.S. history, and even touches on culture and music. Along the way we get a sneak peek behind the curtain at Ford that opens the book on details never shared in a broad platform. The production quality rivals award winning broadcasts. Sonari has such a personable way of telling the story of Bronco that it pulls you in and takes you right along for the ride. Many of our Bronco Nation members are contributors and make guest appearances. A big thank you goes out to them as well! I will let you listen to uncover them as the series unfolds.

I had the great pleasure of sharing the series with my 17 year old son this last weekend while we enjoyed the North Georgia mountains. We listed to it while stoking the campfire and even discussed many of aspects that the series covers throughout the episodes. I am hopeful that he will look back on our time listening to this podcast over the years while he retells our adventures that we create together.

I have listened to the series more than once and this time around something new roared to the top with new clarity as I listened to episode 8. The North Star for the new Bronco was based on two words: Trusted and Carefree. Those words will stick with me as I enjoy venturing with my Badlands year over year. I hope you enjoy listening to the series as much as I have.”

Firsthand History

Hobgoblin is definitely not wrong: This series is one to listen to –– and listen to again, according to Nation member @Padams7.

Had I a cell plan with unlimited data, I would have listened to these on the way down to Super Celebration (East) 2021, which happened April 21-24 in Townsend, Tennessee. Broncos are new to me, and Super Cel is THE event to see dozens upon dozens of classic Broncos –– and I went in knowing next to nothing about the 1966-1996 models. Luckily, I had a one-on-one walk through with one extremely knowledgeable early generation Bronco owner. We started in the first row, and I got highlight after highlight on the generations.

You already know I like old vehicles (“Boxy is foxy,” said one show-goer), and by the end of the walk, after hearing the background and seeing prime examples of Bronco history, I was ready to put aside plans for my 2021-22 Bronco Badlands and go find me an early gen to restore.

In the same boat? Here is a handful of Broncos for sale from the Super Celebration community. Not in the market? That’s fine, just enjoy looking at these early gen Broncos, in various stages of restoration.

Interested in the phone number? Leave a comment, and we’ll connect on it. I’m sure the owners would prefer their number not be placed in text and snatched up by spam telemarketers.

Find full-size images plus more Bronco images of all generations at Super Celebration (East) in the forums.


  1. Love the early Broncos and the Bring Back Bronco Podcast is top notch! Love these Broncos for sale but I think I will stick with my 2021, well, if I can get an email.

    1. Even though the temptation is strong for me too, I think I will start my Bronco ownership with a 2021/22. It’s Thursday; maybe yours will come in today!

  2. Hlthis article is a great example of connecting the community, new and veteran. Thank you Laura! (…trots off to get an bigger loan to buy a new and gen 2 model…)

  3. I am interested in connecting with the owners of the early smaller Broncos. I’m not sure how we missed these at the show?? Must have been the excitement of riding in the 2 door Wildtrack !


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