Bronco Build and Price Update Q&A

Dec 31, 2020

When the Bronco build and price tool was updated last Monday, many Bronco Nation forum users noticed that their builds had risen in price. The Bronco Nation community was able to identify that several configurations that included the 10-Speed automatic transmission and the Advanced 4x4 system had been impacted. Sasquatch on 2-Door Base and both 2- and 4-Door Big Bend increased in price the most. Bronco Nation compiled questions from our forum users and coordinated a question and answer session with Ford to get the facts surrounding the build and price changes.

Last night, Ford answered those questions and others in a Bronco Nation Q&A video posted to our Bronco Nation Facebook account. This video is the longest and broadest discussion of the Bronco rollout that Ford has participated in since the reveal in July. The Q&A covered a wide range of topics, from correcting pricing errors in B&P to option availability for 2021 and 2022 Ford Broncos.

Ford announced that Bronco reservation holders would have a chance to edit their builds in May, once the picture of which options impact build timing becomes clearer. This will give customers a chance to say no to options that would delay their Broncos or to accept a longer wait. Also, Ford confirmed that the slide-out tailgate for 4-Door Bronco would be available in the 2021 model year as a dealer-installed accessory and that this highly anticipated accessory would be orderable separately from the Bronco order.

There was also news for First Edition buyers. First Edition Broncos will be 2021 Broncos, with late availability options being the factor that impacts whether delivery is delayed. As noted above, First Edition buyers will have the chance to say no to options that will impact their Broncos’ production and delivery. Sadly though, 4-Door First Edition reservation holders will not be able to order the tow package from the factory.

The Q&A was long and we won’t be recapping all of the answers here, so grab a snack, watch the video a couple times, and then head to the Bronco Nation forums if you have any other 2021 Bronco questions.


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