Ford's Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended

Jun 25, 2021

In Broncoland, Friday emails don’t bring the same excitement as ones received on Thursday. We’re typically looking at some weighty loads with a strong dose of plusses. Today, Ford sent out three emails to customers, and this set doesn’t deviate from that pattern: We have shock, and we have awe.

The Groups Sent To

  • All Unscheduled First Edition Order Holders
  • All Unscheduled Non-FE Order Holders Eligible for the 200k FordPass Rewards offer
    • Eligibility based on March 25th communication announcement due to delays on the black modular hardtop and dual top options
  • All Other Unscheduled Non-FE Order Holders

The Lows

Top options are severely delayed. Right now, you can get a soft top or a MIC hard top in Carbonized Gray. Any other option –– including black, contrasting white, or body color painted modular roof tops as well as the dual top selection –– has taken another hit and will not be available until 23MY (late 2022 calendar year).

Prepare for a summer of envy: Your neighbors may be showing off their Broncos long before you get yours. Ford is not able to produce orders solely for customers in ’21. Some stock with soft tops will be sent to dealers, making it easy for the general public to pick up a Bronco.

Ford is working fast and furiously to remedy the supply chain holdups. This is no snap-of-the-fingers improvement, but the company is known for overdelivering, a truth that brings the optimists among us hope.

The Highs

First Editions will be completed in 2021. Production runs through early December.

The FREE hard top prep kit is a real thing … but not until September. See our post on what comes with the hard top-wired Broncos. Speak to your dealer by July 16, 2021 to be eligible for September production scheduling.

Price protection is extended through 23MY for all order holders dated March 19, 2021 and prior.

The 200,000 FordPass Rewards points are extended to include 22MY. Read up on what the FordPass Reward points can do for you.

Get off-roading now. Qualifying customers can attend Off-Roadeo beginning next week. There’s no need to wait until delivery –– or even a production date. Texas opens to customers on Monday, and the other three locations will be opening throughout the summer and early fall. And as a courtesy, Ford has lowered the guest prices, making it even easier to bring others along. Trust us, this is something you’ll want them to experience firsthand.

For the full communications sent and FAQs, head over to the forums.


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