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Ford’s Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended

Ford’s Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended


In Broncoland, Friday emails don’t bring the same excitement as ones received on Thursday. We’re typically looking at some weighty loads with a strong dose of plusses. Today, Ford sent out three emails to customers, and this set doesn’t deviate from that pattern: We have shock, and we have awe.

The Groups Sent To

  • All Unscheduled First Edition Order Holders
  • All Unscheduled Non-FE Order Holders Eligible for the 200k FordPass Rewards offer
    • Eligibility based on March 25th communication announcement due to delays on the black modular hardtop and dual top options
  • All Other Unscheduled Non-FE Order Holders

The Lows

Top options are severely delayed. Right now, you can get a soft top or a MIC hard top in Carbonized Gray. Any other option –– including black, contrasting white, or body color painted modular roof tops as well as the dual top selection –– has taken another hit and will not be available until 23MY (late 2022 calendar year).

Prepare for a summer of envy: Your neighbors may be showing off their Broncos long before you get yours. Ford is not able to produce orders solely for customers in ’21. Some stock with soft tops will be sent to dealers, making it easy for the general public to pick up a Bronco.

Ford is working fast and furiously to remedy the supply chain holdups. This is no snap-of-the-fingers improvement, but the company is known for overdelivering, a truth that brings the optimists among us hope.

The Highs

First Editions will be completed in 2021. Production runs through early December.

The FREE hard top prep kit is a real thing … but not until September. See our post on what comes with the hard top-wired Broncos. Speak to your dealer by July 16, 2021 to be eligible for September production scheduling.

Price protection is extended through 23MY for all order holders dated March 19, 2021 and prior.

The 200,000 FordPass Rewards points are extended to include 22MY. Read up on what the FordPass Reward points can do for you.

Get off-roading now. Qualifying customers can attend Off-Roadeo beginning next week. There’s no need to wait until delivery –– or even a production date. Texas opens to customers on Monday, and the other three locations will be opening throughout the summer and early fall. And as a courtesy, Ford has lowered the guest prices, making it even easier to bring others along. Trust us, this is something you’ll want them to experience firsthand.

For the full communications sent and FAQs, head over to the forums.



  1. If my 7/15 reservation, 1/28 order of my 2 dr manual badlands got bumped to a ‘22 I was planing on adding the modular top and squatch…. I cannot wait til ‘23…’24 or longer. I see nothing positive for those waiting on a 2 dr.

  2. So is all of this so they can get units to the dealer and screwing the rest of us? Several articles seem to say so. Reserved almost 12 months ago and ordered 7 months ago.

  3. This one will go down in the history books as, “The Great Bronco Debacle.” This one will be referenced in future articles/books/interviews for the next few generations (and not in a good way).

  4. I was stoic about being pushed to 2022 but now 2023? Reconsidering my Badlands 2.7 Sasquatch. When you spend $60k for a vehicle, do you settle for less than you want?

  5. I hate these emails because I don’t want to root against other Bronco enthusiasts, hoping they will settle for something less so that my hardtop order might get bumped up and make the cut. I also don’t want to see anyone walk into a dealership and buy a vehicle that, short of the top, I reserved a year ago. Quite frankly, I think they should shut the line down versus building “spec” Broncos. Surely there is a way that they can look at the orders in the system and draw a hard line that shows who will or will not get their order this model year and quit trying to talk people into changing their build.

  6. Why is it so hard fir ford to give a build window. ie if you stay with the mic your bronco will be built in January or February. If you go soft to it will be December. This email is not communication, it’s generic bull shit. Just be honest!give information so I can make a decision. All we get is “we were short sighted and you need to decide by july16.”

  7. Best example for lack of planning and co ordination, bye bye bronco ,i am out of this cat and mouse game

  8. How hard can it be to ramp up production on a freakin’ roof top?! It’s not like it’s the most high-tech thing to produce.

    1. Can you supply them to the same quality and same quantities you are expecting? Where do you get the raw materials from? Do they come out of thin air. I have frustrated customers experiencing delays too. Unfortunately even our suppliers don’t know when they can guarantee us anything either, as they get screwed on their end. Welcome to 2021.

  9. Its Time for Ford to step up to the plate , this is all bull shit, as a perso has already committed on that a hard top is not a technical piece of equipment, and should have been dealing with a big enough company that could have guaranteed the build of these tops, And as far as all the other high demand models for knew from the get go this was going to be a popular vehicle and again should have geared up for it.
    Stop blaming the pandemic and build the vehicle, my reservation was on the day of the reveal and ordered the day the order banks opened.
    I’m sick of hearing all this bad news about the builds on the high end units and the builds on the low end units being built and now delivered.
    Ford better get there shit togeather or there is going to be a lot of canceled units.
    They can sick there 1000 and the 250 up their ass and just build my unit.
    Have already sold my other vehicle toake room in my garage for the Bronco.
    It might end up being another brand if they say it wont be built until 2023.

  10. Starting to look like my Hummer will arrive way before my Bronco will. Glad to see all the jobs created at the Bronco facility, but sad to see the delays. Something not right with not finding an alternative to the hardtop manufacturing. There has got to be dozens of companies willing to take on that job.
    Not sure we are getting the whole story. If your one of the early recipients of a ride, lucky you please enjoy!!,,

  11. I work for a well known motorcycle manufacturer, and we too, got ourselves into this type of situation. Perpetually slipping start of production date after taking thousands of orders. Unhappy customers. Our issue occurred a few years ago and was attributable to technical issues vs supply chain shortage and COVID.

    This is what we learned from the experience (Ford, I hope you’re listening)…
    Do: keep the communication coming, but take your worst case delivery projections and add 20% more time to what is stated in the updates. Better to hit us with really bad (but realistic) news once than letting it slip over and over. The ticky-tacky production date changes will result in many lost orders, guaranteed.
    Don’t: rush the sourcing, production or logistics processes or you will deliver a product wrought with issues. Turns out, this is worse than not delivering at all. Word will get out in a hurry if something isn’t right. You’ve put yourselves under the scrutiny-microscope if you hadn’t noticed.

    What I’m trying to say is, take the time you need to deliver a great product, people will get past their irritation and buy it. If you deliver a pile of shit, it’ll follow you to the grave.

    Oh, and about building soft top vehicles for dealers, that seems reasonable if people with existing hardtop orders are unwilling to change. Last time I looked, you’re in the business of selling cars.

    That’s my 2 cents

    1. Hi. As a Ford Dealer I could not agree with you more on all of your statements aside from your final one. Ford is NOT in the business of selling cars. They are in the business of manufacturing vehicles. It was Ford’s blatant attempt to bypass the Dealer Franchise Agreement via this confounding Reservation Process that has led to the poor communication with consumers and keeping their dealers in the dark. Ford is too unwieldy to be a customer facing organization and my hope is that they have realized what a mistake they have made. To your point the email that came out this weekend (08/13/2021) could have been sent out in May. They knew they had a problem and went on with it anyway. Which proves another one of your points, that rushing to produce a pile of $hi+ will hurt them far more than delaying for the sake of quality. Great message!

    1. Henry’s Ford Motor Company was vertically integrated. Outsourcing and just-in-time logistics are great in a perfect world.

  12. Here’s my thought on the roof issue. If you ordered dual tops, like I did, why can’t Ford make the vehicle with the soft top then send the hard top once it is ready? Going to the dealer tomorrow and hopefully getting some answers. If I don’t like the answers I’ll be getting my money back.

  13. No commitment on price for the hardtop from Ford. Wouldn’t be surprised if the price is much higher, and you wouldn’t get the “Free” headliner from the previous delay if you bought a soft top

  14. It sounds like Ford put too many eggs in too few baskets when it comes to suppliers. Through years of project management I learned that it behooves one to make contingency plans up-front; to ask questions like: What happens if our primary supplier of x parts can’t meet demand? Do we have a backup supplier or multiple suppliers up-front? I think what is making order holders that much more frustrated and angrier is that Ford is showing Broncos all over the country and having them at all kinds of events while sending one apologetic email after another to order holders. To make matters worse, soft-top Broncos may show up at dealers allowing people who weren’t even aware Ford has brought back the Bronco to conceivably walk into a dealer off the street and buy one ahead of people who reserved theirs last July.

    I have no intention of signing up for an Off-Roadeo in Austin. I live in north-central NY and I plan to go to the one in the northeast if/when Ford manages to find and prepare a new location after the ski resort in VT bailed on them this past spring. Who knows if that will happen this year? I wouldn’t bet on it based on other Bronco-related delays. Round-trip airfare from Syracuse to Austin to Syracuse along with hotel, rental car, food, etc., would be pretty expensive in order to attend a day-and-a-half seminar (even with the lowered guest prices [sarcasm intended!]). Flying is still a major pain with pandemic precautions still in place along with unruly passengers.

  15. Dealers are going to love getting stock units to mark up! Just doesn’t seem right or ethical but then its just business. I changed from 2DR to 4DR downsized to 2.3 and went to high from Lux package day 3 reservation I know I will be a very unhappy camper if my dealer (who tells me nothing) gets stock units before I get mine.

  16. I couldn’t be more confused now. I ordered a 2dr Sasquatch with the MIC. Am I good or screwed? I am so disappointed in this process. I would love to know what the true story is behind this whole mess? None of this makes sense. This seems to be border line class action filing? You took a deposit from me, then took a 1k non-refundable for my order, and now you say some Joe Shmo can walk into a dealer and get one before me? Very poor job Ford, very disappointed!

  17. “Prepare for a summer of envy,” are you kidding me? Nothing like pouring salt on an open wound. You must think that’s funny? How dare you! Like most folks on this forum, I ordered my Bronco over a year ago and it is outrageous that once again we’re forced to the back on the line.

    A company known for over achieving, what a joke. Stop being an apologist and cheerleader for Ford. Call it what is it, a total FUBAR.

    1. I hear your frustration, RYN0S. Thank you for sharing your opinion here as well. No, I don’t find this funny. I cut right to the quick without fluff. It will be painful to see others with Broncos first. However, it’s not going to be MY Bronco setup. They got something I didn’t want. I may feel envious, but I can still be happy for them … any owner, whether they waited in line or not, will be part of the Bronco family –– and that’s the entity I’m out to nurture and protect.

  18. Ford lied to us again. No dealer stock until all orders are built. If I see dealer stock, I’m canceling my order and get a jeep. No point is giving money to a company with no loyalty to their customers.

  19. However, it looks like the people who ordered softtop 4doors for delivery this Summer are still in trouble. The Q&A was clear that the Hardtop “kit” is only available beginning with September production. It would seem that they’re including a pre install of Hardtop connections in those 4dr vehicles. Earlier (June-August) models are out of luck, which is why I’ll wait for a MIC top.

  20. The communication is horrible. I ordered months ago and I ordered the Modular hard top non-color/non-painted because the dealer told me if I did I wouldn’t have to deal with getting a 2021 in 2022. The emails are not specific to my order and just confuse me more. How is ford not aware of the ratio of hartop jeeps to softtop jeeps on dealer lots in Wisconsin. Of course we all want hard tops. I’m ok if it’s supply related with everything going on. but it seems like they got caught off gaurd that so many would want hardtops. I am so confused.

  21. Ford should send everyone a free soft top for making us wait for a year. Email is so confusing I have no idea where I stand with my order. I am not waiting any more. Ford sucks! I hope everyone cancels their order and sticks it to them for lying to us.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Scott. In my opinion, they are, and I appreciate you sharing that you feel differently.
      People may very fairly not care for the way it happens, but Ford seems to be very careful in the amount they promise, only to be quietly pounding out items in the background. Take the prep kit, for instance. They heard the suggestion being made over and again and without telling anyone directly, made it happen. I’ve heard and seen similar breadcrumb instances in my time here. As a person looking for the good in everyone and every situation, I’m choosing to give them the benefit of the doubt here that they may come to a better solution/timeframe for the roofs –– and if they don’t, I’m going to look back in a few years, know this became part of the Ford story all while greatly enjoying my Bronco. The vehicle is what I’m after, and it’s worth the wait.

  22. Today my June 28 production date was delayed to August 23. Badlands 2.7 Sasquatch hardtop. Another bullshit email from Fraud.

      1. How long have you known your prouduction date? I don’t even have one yet. I was told I would have a bronco when my lease for my f150 was up in october and I feel like I’m just gonna have to go shopping for something else at this point

  23. In 2017 Ford announced that they will be bringing back the Bronco. This is 2021. What have all the bean counters in Dearborn been doing for the past 4 years? Sitting on their asses playing video games.

  24. At this time, why Ford has not make a Soft-Top Roof for 2 Doors Orders ? After waiting for a year now…are you telling customers to change their orders ?! Are you telling customers to prepare for “a summer of envy”? Its not envy what we are feeling… Its been sidelined

  25. Hi Luke
    In April I got a production date of June 14. Then it changed to July 5. Then it changed to June 28. Then yesterday it changed to August 23. I started this process in November 2019 with my dealer when Ford announced the new Bronco would be available in April 2020.

  26. I echo much of what has been said in the comments. First, I have had my reservation for over a year and I feel that Ford has done a horrible job of communication and is constantly making unnecessary missteps with very loyal buyers. This, like other “update” emails is confusing at best. After reading this I’m still unsure where i stand on my wildtrak with Lux. I still don’t have a build date. I have a wrangler I’m going to sell but I’ve delayed that because i don’t want to be out of a 4×4 to take the top down down on a beautiful day. Furthermore, the fact I haven’t had a chance to drive or see a true representation of my bronco interior (one cloth option for highest package, really Ford?) is beyond frustrating when I hand over a $1000 check. But probably the biggest slap in the face is the possibility that some joe blow can walk off the street and get a bronco before my $1000 year wait makes me furious. We all understand covid issues but straight out lying and constant changes without communicating with all these loyal customers is short sighted and sad. Sorry this is so long. I’ve been holding on to this for a year. Thks to all those on this forum.

  27. Really is a complete shame. I sold my hotrod and put the money away as a down payment to buy a Bronco and my 8 year old has ridden along with me with all the email BS and the jokes from friends about never getting our Bronco. I put my order in at 6am the second day they opened the ordering platform (which collapsed for a period and froze the first evening it opened). Now, my fellow colleagues at work keep asking “Where is you Bronco, Bob?” Ha Ha! As I noted in another comment, Henry built 1 million Model As in 6 months! Someone explained that there are many more moving parts as a response. Well, I have built three hot rods in my life and understand that the things that slow you down, ninety percent of the time is planning and a plan forward to meet the goal. Ford simply offered too much and they are focusing on glitzy videos and ads instead of busting butt and making the missing components themselves. Henry made just about everything in house and this enabled him to build the company these misguided suits are wading in right now. I just hope this tomfoolery isn’t enough to throw the company down the drain.
    Sad, Really.

    Upstate, NY

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