Revisiting the Modular Hard Top Design

Sep 20, 2022

In August, Ford released the line of Heritage Broncos and Sports –– and with it, an Oxford White Modular Hard Top.

Early Beginnings

This has excited the community. The Modular Hard Top has been in the picture since the Bronco launched on July 13, 2020. From the Day 1 announcement:

"Both Bronco two- and four-door models make the open-air experience quick, easy and fun.

Two-door models come with a standard three-section roof system – left and right front sections and a rear section – molded-in color and an available premium painted modular top with four sections that adds a removable panel over the rear seats and cargo area.

Four-door models have four removable roof sections – left and right front panels, a full-width center panel and a rear section.

All modular hardtops have rear quarter windows that are removable in three easy steps – snap, push and lift away in a fraction of the time it takes for competitors – without removing the roof panels."

The Modular Top's Design

With the 23MY order guide published this week and order banks opening tomorrow, we realized not everyone is familiar with all that makes this hard top different from the MIC top on Broncos now. Let’s revisit some of the mod top’s design features we’ve seen so far.

Two years ago, former Bronco Brand Manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings walked Bronco Nation through a pre-production 4-door Bronco. For the first time, the community got to see how the rear quarter windows on the mod top popped out.

See the Modular Hard Top Window Removal Guide

YouTube commenter Dwealdric was all about this, and got viewers talking about screen add-ins, air conditioning units, and more.

“That rear glass removal option... gimmick? NO. You can now replace your glass easily with panels if you want... panels that could contain mounts for traction boards for example. What about replacing the glass with a small locking storage compartment accessible from the outside of the vehicle? Toss your recovery straps, shackles, snatch block, etc in there. Now you don't have to dig for it in the vehicle. You know the aftermarket is going to have a blast with this stuff!”


In addition to the removable rear side glass on both the 2- and 4-doors that got people interested, the top would be a smooth painted material, and the 2-door would receive a “gunner’s hatch.”

2-door Bronco - 6 pieces

  • 2 panels over first row
  • 1 cap over cargo area and second row
  • 1 opening over second row
  • 2 removable rear side glass panels

4-door Bronco - 6 pieces

  • 2 panels over first row
  • 1 mid panel over second row
  • 1 cap over cargo area
  • 2 removable rear side glass panels

This hatch is visible in photos of the 2-door 2023 Heritage Edition, and Bronco Nation had access to another pre-production 2-door mod top this morning.

We snapped some pictures of how this top’s hatch functions, a feature not seen extensively so far. As you're looking at the pictures, please remember that this specific top has been around the block (first as this, then as this) and may not be reflective of a production version’s robustness or design. Unfortunately, this top did not have the removable windows for us to demonstrate. We have requested confirmation of the Modular Hard Top's production features from Ford and will report back.

  1. Turn the knobs to loosen the screws.
  2. Swing the arms to the sides, like how you turn the latches on the front/mid panels of a MIC top.
  3. Push the panel up and toward the front of the vehicle to slide the rear cantilever-like arms out.
  4. Store your panel in a provided bag.
  5. Enjoy a greater open-air experience.

Talk about the mod top and 23MY Heritage and Limited Broncos receiving this in the Bronco Nation forums.


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