Bronco Modular Hard Top Window Removal Guide

May 27, 2021

Bronco will receive the Modular Hard Top option in MY2022. The top was announced when Bronco launched in July of 2020 but was subsequently pushed into late-availability status. Then, it was pushed out of the 2021 model year altogether. However, the top is still covered in the owner’s manual for 2021.

Removing the windows is part of the top’s great appeal. Even though you’re saving this knowledge for later, 2022 isn't that far off, and running without the glass is something you're going to want to do. Here’s how to remove the quarter windows.

Why would I want to remove the quarter windows?

Removing windows isn’t for everyone, but on an open-air 4x4, it isn’t unheard of. There are several reasons why folks are interested in removable quarter panel windows. In no particular order, these can include making it easier to install aftermarket window options, reducing repair costs, or to enhance the open-air experience without having to remove the whole rear roof cap.

Notes and Warnings

In the owner’s manual, Ford notes that both rear windows should be removed, as opposed to just having one removed. According to the manual, not doing so can result in personal injury. Also, quite obviously, the windows are made of glass and should be handled and stored with care so they don't break. It’s best not to drop the windows, and they shouldn’t be placed on hard or sharp surfaces.

Removal Procedure

To remove the rear quarter panel windows on the Bronco Modular Hard Top, follow the steps below.

  1. Open up your Bronco’s rear tail gate and raise the rear window.
  2. Identify the latch on the side of the rear quarter panel that is closest to the rear of the Bronco.
  3. Lift the latch to release the quarter window. Note: The quarter window will open slightly to provide access.
  4. Move to the rear side of your Bronco on the side of the window that you’re removing.
  5. Rotate the window away from the Bronco and down toward the ground to separate the glass from the frame.

Reinstallation Procedure

To reinstall the quarter windows on the Bronco Modular Hard Top, follow the steps below.

  1. Rotate the quarter window into the rubber seal.
  2. Push the rear glass into the latch mechanism. The latch engages when correctly installed.

That’s it. The process seems easy enough, and the top remains a great option to look forward to next year.

Find more information from the Owner's Manual in the forums and discuss it.


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