Blanket Emails Go Out for 2023 Orders

Oct 24, 2022

By Laura Zielinski

Today, Ford sent out an email for order holders and reservationists instructing them to convert to a 23MY Bronco. The email has some concerned: Namely, those who have already updated/confirmed their order. However, if you’ve already converted your order to ‘23, you don’t need to take further action. This email was a blanket reminder.

The 22MY to 23MY Process

It’s the second year many have had to convert their order to the next model year. While the process is simple in theory, there have been glitches, uncertainty about COVP and priority codes, and varying levels of dealer interaction with customers that have people on edge about their order being in the system correctly.

While this email may have you second-guessing your order status, it’s been listed in the dealer playbook as planned. Another email will be coming in two weeks, on Nov. 7, if Ford sticks with this schedule.

Your dealer has been equipped with conversion instructions and these dates and deadlines by Ford. If you’re still unsure about the status of your order, contact your dealer for help. And if you’ve had a difficult time confirming details with your dealer, you have backup assistance through the Bronco Support Team (800-334-4375 or chat). Dealers will still need to make any changes to your order for you, but the support team can tell you what they see on Ford’s end.

Coming Up on a Hard Stop

There’s an urgency surrounding order conversions this year, as any order holder or reservationist who does not update their 22MY order or convert their reservation by Nov. 21 will have their order removed from the system.

If you haven’t been contacted by your dealer yet, stop by to update your 22MY order or confirm you don’t want to make changes. Make sure you see your WBDO printout; look for the confirmation email from Ford after your order is entered; and ask your dealer to show you the priority code on your order after conversion to a 23MY ––  remember, 10-19 are equal, but you do not want a 99 (“Do Not Build”). Orders in 99 status will be cancelled after Nov. 21.

Have more questions on 22MY to 23MY conversions? Write them below or ask them in the forums. We will be hosting Bronco brand manager Matt Winter on an upcoming livestream.


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