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King of the Hammers: What Could Be Coming

King of the Hammers: What Could Be Coming


With six days until King of the Hammers 2022, it’s time to take a look back –– and an anticipatory look forward to this year’s event.

Ford’s KoH Performance Vehicle Past

Ford and Johnson Valley go hand in hand. The desert location holds close ties to vehicle testing –– as well as your own Bronco (whether ordered or delivered) –– and Ford has made KoH a platform for its performance vehicles.

In 2020, the Ford F-150 Raptor was named the official vehicle of the KoH/Ultra4 extreme off-road racing series, and 2021’s KoH event held the unveiling of the Bronco 4400 series and reveal of the Bronco 4600 race truck. That begs the question: Could Ford have something special planned for KoH 2022?

Excitement Is Ramping Up

There’s no denying the annual epic off-road event is the perfect playground for highly capable Ford vehicles, and one highly capable vehicle yet to be revealed publicly is the Bronco Raptor.

In September of last year, Ford gave the world a sneak peek of the SUV joining the Raptor and Bronco families, then confirmed its Summer 2022 arrival. By the end of the year, Bronco Nation got a look at a near-production version of the Bronco Raptor and shared a video of it being driven off-road in light camouflage. Spy shots of the vehicle out on roads are becoming more frequent, and the community is coming across test models in the wild.

We’re Ready

Bronco Raptor hat

In just months, Bronco will be giving enthusiasts the most anticipated Raptor since the 2009 launch of the brand, and we decided to celebrate the upcoming SUV with a hat for the community. We teased the hat in yesterday’s eNews and were able to get it up faster so it can ship earlier. Find the Bronco Nation Bronco Raptor hat in our store.

And don’t forget to follow all our KoH news here on the website and on social media! King of the Hammers ’22 and Bronco Basecamp will be awesome –– limited-edition vehicles or not.



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