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Heritage and Heritage Limited: Two Editions, Two Order Processes

Heritage and Heritage Limited: Two Editions, Two Order Processes


New trims and the model year changeover always bring up questions. What’s clear to one person can look like mud to the next. Let’s go over two separate models Ford introduced for 2023: the Heritage Edition Bronco and the Heritage Limited Edition Bronco. Both are 23MY late availability (expected in the second quarter), and both trims will carry into 2024.

Two Different Editions

While both editions are modeled after the Gen 1 Bronco and have a similar look, they are as different as the Big Bend and Badlands frameworks they are built on. They start at two separate prices, have differing production numbers, and importantly, have different ordering rules.


The Heritage Edition is built on a Big Bend Bronco. It is available in a 2- or 4-door, can come with a 2.3L or 2.7L EcoBoost engine, and receives both the 7-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission choices. Sasquatch package comes standard. Mid package is the only equipment group.

Design features include a Modular Hard Top, grille, 17” wheels, and bodyside striping and vinyl script badging, all in Oxford White. The Heritage Edition comes in one of five colors: Race Red, Shadow Black, Carbonized Gray, Azure Gray, and Cactus Gray.

This model will start at $44,305 ($1,595 destination fee not included).


The Heritage Limited Edition is built on a Badlands Bronco. It is available in a 2- or 4-door. This model does not have powertrain choices: It only comes with the 2.7L EcoBoost engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. Sasquatch package comes standard. Equipment group options are High package and Lux.

Design features include a Modular Hard Top, grille, and bodyside striping, all in Oxford White, but this model receives the Bronco script badging in metal and gloss black-painted 17″ heritage wheels with “dog dish” centers. The Heritage Limited Edition can only be ordered now in Robin’s Egg Blue. Ford is planning on introducing it in Yellowstone Metallic as a 23MY late availability color. Eventually, in 2024, Peak Blue will be introduced.

This model will start at $66,895 ($1,595 destination fee not included). Bronco will NOT be offering AZD (A = Employee, Z = Ford Retiree, D = Dealer) Plan pricing for the Heritage Limited Edition. No trims receive X-Plan (Friends & Family) pricing.

Two Processes to Order


The Heritage is the “volume” option of the two trims. It will be treated as a commodity; there is no set limit on numbers produced in 2023 and 2024.

This trim is only available to existing order holders and reservationists in 2023. If you would like to convert your order to a Heritage edition, work with your dealer. The deadline to update/confirm your order or convert your reservation to an order is Nov. 21, 2022.


Production of the Heritage Limited Edition will span the 2023 and 2024 MYs. There will only be 1,966 two-door Broncos produced and 1,966 four-door Broncos produced.

Dealers will receive at least one Heritage Limited Edition Bronco 2- or 4-door in either 23MY or 24MY. The dealer can sell this vehicle to anyone; it won’t be available to order.

If you’d like to own a Heritage Limited Edition Bronco, talk to your dealer. See how they are handling their allocation. Get on a waiting list if they have one, and like any Bronco purchase, agree to pricing with your dealer with a signed purchase agreement.

Price Protection

Price protection for 23MY is still in effect. Ford FAQs state it will continue to honor MSRP pricing based on when a customer’s reservation or order was placed for similarly equipped vehicles. Previously announced price protection amounts for eligible customers are still valid, and price protection will also be provided for 2023 MY price increases. In the coming weeks, Ford will provide dealers with the 2023 MY price protection amounts for each eligible customer.

In order for you to receive this price protection, your dealership will need to search for and apply the certificate at the time you take delivery of your Bronco. You will not receive an email with the discount certificate. Final transaction details, including price, will be agreed upon by you and the dealer.

Price protection does NOT apply if switching to Heritage Limited Edition. However, customers can change their order to a Heritage Edition and still qualify for price protection. The amount received varies depending on the series previously on order. Work with your dealer to determine the amount you qualify for.

There’s more talk about these two trims in the Bronco Nation forums!



  1. There are over 3000 ford dealerships in the USA
    How does each one get a heritage if there is only 1966 produced

    1. They are doing 3,932 of the Heritage Limited. They will be hard to get, so interested people may want to start contacting dealers very soon and find one who agrees to sell it to you, and without a large markup.

  2. Less then 4,000 units over 3,000 plus dealers means almost no one is buying a Limited since most dealers will only get one. Unless the dealer wants the ADM over keeping the collectible low volume Bronco, I suspect many dealers will keep the one Limited they get for themselves; if I owned a dealership I’d keep it for my personal collection.

    Maybe only 50% keep, then there would be only around 1,000 (2,000 over 2 years) for sale this year, that’s going to result in a higher ADM. I’m betting other dealers will just put a very high ADM on the Limited and if it sells, great profits! and if it doesn’t they still have a nice collectible.

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