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Get Your Bronco Faster: Commodity Ordering Tips for 22MY February Scheduling

Get Your Bronco Faster: Commodity Ordering Tips for 22MY February Scheduling


Ford sent out a dealer communication today: While production volumes will continue to increase into February, there are ways to improve odds of being scheduled within that month. Ford says customers may want to remove these constrained items from their order and install them later:

1. Trailer Tow

If you’d like to DIY the tow package with Ford-authorized parts, see our How-To on ordering and installing the option yourself. Parts are comparable in cost to the $595 factory price. The difference here: Factory comes with a 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness prewire, while there is just a 4-pin available on accessories.ford.com currently. However, accessories.ford.com has the trailer brake controller not included with the factory tow package.

2. MIC Hard Top

If you have a 4-door on order and are not committed to owning a hard top immediately (or at all), switch to the soft top w/ prep package. Many customers who have done so have reported receiving a VIN after. Ford will offer hard tops separately, but likely not until 2023. Price has not yet been named, but they will cost more than the $695 factory price.

3. Paint Protection Film

If you’d like to avoid this commodity constraint, Ford has an alternative to the $295 factory option, available here on accessories.ford.com starting at $399.

From where we’ve been until now, as Bronco Nation community member @Cable Guy puts it: “I’ll take this as positive news. This list is considerably SHORTER than in the past. Hopefully this means fewer critical path items and more build can get through.”

Are you keeping these on your order? Tell us what you think in the forums.



    1. That link specified a Hard Top, IE the Modular Hard Top and goes on to say the MIC Hard Top is available for MY22. Is FORD saying all Hard Tops are not going to be available until 2023? This just seems like really bad comms from FORD consistently.

      1. Have the same question. If I’ve got to wait until 2023 for a MIC hardtop, then I might think about the soft top w/ hard top prep.

  1. I knew about the constrained items before I placed my order (8/31/21), & planned to wait a year at least. It is nice that the list is much shorter now. Hopefully, those who have been waiting much longer than I will see theirs soon!

  2. Also keeping the Hard Top and Trailer Tow. Will buy local film or DIY on trouble areas. Should be easy as the doors are the main problem areas and are of course removable. YouTube for everything. My wife and I re-upholstered the driver’s seat in our 2006 Ford F-150 with the help of YT and we both have two left thumbs on both hands.

  3. I ordered a 2dr and I don’t even want a MIC top but I have no choice. That sucks but it is what it is. Looks like Ford has most of the bugs worked out and production is ramping up quickly. Hopefully we will all get out Broncos sooner than later.

    1. It’s a good question, and one we don’t have an answer to yet, especially since word in the forums is people have been able to order the parts themselves.

    1. Thanks for sharing what you’re seeing, DJC. While this comms came right from Ford, it’s interesting to hear from our members in the forums that some are still receiving their VINs/Broncos with these — though others have said paint protection is a holdup for them. So while removing them will certainly prevent a slowdown, those who have decided to wait them out may not be affected too badly.

    1. That’s a valid feeling, Jim. I’ve seen a lot of my friends/those in the community who have been waiting 16 months too suddenly start getting their build dates and delivery; I sure hope your order goes the same way. It’s hard waiting; it’s hard not having all the information you’d like.

  4. I am very hopeful that everyone will swiftly be hearing of their upcoming builds. One thing I would like to understand is the dealer allotments. How can we literally read that some dealers have had 30 previews and 20 being built, and others have received less than a handful(5)? Especially after a few years ago underperforming dealerships were pretty much shut down.

  5. Ordered 4 door hard top Outer Banks with trailer tow. I switched to soft top with prep kit and kept trailer tow. My Bronco is built and heading to Texas with tow kit installed. Should get it next week. YEE HAW!!!

    1. How long was it when you placed your org order and did the switch to the soft top? I just placed mine today for Outer Banks with hard top, and after reading all this makes me wish I opted for the soft top….

  6. I have been waiting so long for my two-door Black diamond that I’ve changed it from Ford bronco to the Ford unicorn LOL

  7. I ordered a 4 door outerbanks with lux and Sasquatch. Soft top, no film and hard top conversion kit. I reserved the day Ford released the bronco in 2020. I held off on ordering for a while because of all the issues. I finally placed my order in September 13 2021 and received the beast on November 3 2021.

  8. Had PPF on order, just removed it about a week ago. Not changing MIC top or Towing. I call BS on this shortage as I am seeing other models being produced with these options. Ford need to stop with this and get the reservation holders units built.

  9. 10/25/21 order. 2 door OB. 2.3. MIC. Lux. NO tow hitch. Looking like a Jan 22 manufacturing, possible feb 22 delivery. Pretty glad I didn’t pull the MIC off my order.

  10. I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason to it I ordered mine back in January and I’m still waiting


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