The 2021 Bronco Tow Package | Do-It-Yourself

Sep 29, 2021

In the off-roading community, many like to run “built, not bought.” Let’s apply the idea here to help you get your Bronco faster.

The Factory Tow Package

It’s no news to enthusiasts that Ford has been limited on some commodities, including towing. Whether you avidly pull trailers and need the package, or simply view the add-on as nice to have, it may make sense for you to remove towing capability from your order and attach the components later to speed delivery.

What would it look like to do that? Let’s start by going over what’s included in the 2021 Bronco factory tow package, a $595 option available on most trims:

  • Trailer hitch assembly
  • 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness prewire
  • 2” receiver
  • DOES NOT include a trailer brake controller

Aftermarket Add-On

There’s a pride in modifying your vehicle to suit your needs, and there’s pride in having a Bronco in your driveway. If the trailer tow option is preventing that from happening, there’s a fix: Add Ford-authorized towing components on yourself.

Let’s go over part numbers and cost.

If you have the time and tools, it's possible to add on the tow package yourself, of the same quality and for a comparable price.

DIY Bronco Build Life

Speaking broadly, the community is buying the all-new Bronco because it’s exciting. It looks good, performs well, and can take us nearly anywhere we want to go so we can do the things we love doing. Get a taste of customizing this capable vehicle by adding on parts yourself: It could get you your order faster and may whet your appetite for completing modifications that'll have you getting the most out of your Bronco.

Share your thoughts on adding a tow package after delivery in the forums.


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