Bronco Build & Price Updating for 23MY

Sep 21, 2022

Ford is updating the Bronco FAQs and Bronco Build & Price (B&P) for 23MY, letting customers configure a 2023 Bronco online.

Existing order holders can use the B&P website as a tool for when they update/confirm order specifications with their dealer, a step that begins today for this group.

Unconverted reservation holders –– those holding on to a reservation but have never placed an order –– can use the Online Ordering tool within their “My Vehicles” or “Reservations and Orders” page. Dealers can start converting these Wednesday, September 28.

Note: By November 21, all orders must be confirmed with your dealer to remove the 99-Priority code ("Do not build") they are currently in, even if you aren't planning on changing anything, and all reservations must be converted to a clean order. Ford will be canceling any order or reservation that does not meet this deadline.

New for 23MY

Ford has made several updates to what's available for this next model year; some of these have been talked about for months, others are more recent developments. Here are the major items.

  • Heritage ($44,305) and Heritage Limited Broncos ($66,895) have been introduced. Both will first be available to current Bronco reservation and order holders. Others can order them for 24MY. The Heritage edition is being treated as a controlled commodity and will be easier to get. As for the Heritage Limited, of which 1,966 will be produced in both '23 and '24, dealers will receive at least one 2- or 4 -door in either 23MY or 24MY. Looking for a Bronco Raptor? Every dealer receives at least one.
  • Wildtrak receives the HOSS 3.0 system as standard.
  • The base sound system receives one more speaker: seven, including a subwoofer.
  • Cyber Orange and Everglade's Desert Sand have been retired. New colors are Azure Gray and Robin's Egg Blue. Check our chart to see which series can have what colors.

Want specifics to your trim? Download the 23MY Order Guide.


If you have questions on any portion of the ordering process, about the changes, or even if you should add or subtract an option, drop them here or head to the Bronco Nation forums.

Ford has equipped dealers to understand the changeover, pricing, and what's available, but many in your BN community have immediate knowledge and insight they'd be happy to share.

Need quick help or advice on configuring your 2023 Bronco? Any question is a good one. Ask in the Bronco Nation forums.


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