Breaking: Bronco Wildtrak with Soft Top Now Standard in MY22

Aug 19, 2021

By Dusty Rhodes

Ford has confirmed that the 4-door Wildtrak Broncos will come standard with a soft top for the 2022 model year. So far, the Wildtrak trim has only been available with a hard top for both 2- and 4-door units. The hard top prep kit will be included, and the previously standard mold in color (MIC) hard top will be an option.

In an apparent effort to lower complexity and remove constraints, Ford announced the 2022 model year move to dealers today. Although the 2021 model year is likely to run late into the fourth quarter, dealers and consumers are expected to see additional news related to 2022 model year changes over the next few days.

Greatest of All Tops?

Currently, unscheduled orders with hard tops have been moved to MY22. Additionally, Ford announced last week that consumers with hard tops will be offered a replacement. Who would have thought when the 2021 Bronco was revealed a year ago that the focus of the launch would be a molded top?

So with an unprecedented 125,000 Bronco orders in the bank, this news on a popular model should begin to ease production concerns.

This is the latest move Ford has taken to alleviate address hard top issues, other items the company has offered include:

  • Exclusive promotional items (such as the design development poster)
  • Invites to exclusive Ride and Drive events
  • Invite to Off-Roadeo ahead of vehicle delivery
  • $250 voucher to Off-Roadeo
  • Up to $1,100 in FordPass rewards points
  • Price protection until ’23
  • Free hard top prep kit
  • Free NVH headliner

We expect an estimated vehicle timing for customers who have built units held at the assembly plant (September timing estimate), and an estimated vehicle timing for customers who have been scheduled (October timing estimate).

Bronco Roof Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to expedite getting your 4-door Wildtrak as fast as possible in 2022, switch to the soft top.

Q: Can I switch to a soft top now and have a chance at a 4-door ’21 Wildtrak?
A: No. You can switch to a soft top now, but you will not receive a Wildtrak in 2021.

Q: If I want to switch my order to a soft top, when do I need to do this by?
A: We can expect additional information in the days to come.

Q: If I decide to keep my unscheduled 4-door Wildtrak order with a hard top, when will I receive my Bronco in ’22?
A: It will depend on your timestamp and available commodities.

For additional FAQs regarding tops, visit the Ford support pages. The company is continually adding to these resources.

Talk about the soft top as standard for the 4-door Wildtrak in the forums.


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