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2022 Ford Bronco Everglades Walk-Around Video

2022 Ford Bronco Everglades Walk-Around Video


The Bronco Nation’s Matt is here to walk you through this special-edition series of Bronco: the 2022 Everglades. Watch as he shows you the unique features that come standard on this trim and hear why it’s his favorite of the Bronco models.

Rumors of this trim began swirling last year, with Ford confirming its place in the lineup in October 2021. In December, Bronco Nation shared the first pictures of it lightly wrapped, and by February of 2022, the community saw it fully unveiled.

With the unveiling, Ford made it clear that this 2.3L, 10-speed transmission, 4-door with hard top series would only be available in MY22 for those who have been waiting: unscheduled order holders and unconverted reservation holders. The price starts at $53,000 plus $1,495 destination and delivery charges.

Matt kicks us off with the snorkel, which gains owners an additional 3” of water-fording capability as well as increased performance in dust and snow with a swap of the plate. See pictures in the forums of how the snorkel hooks up to the airbox. Another standard feature is the Sasquatch package, giving owners 35” tires on exclusive wheels and the HOSS 2.0 system. Unique-to-the-series squared off fenders and flares wrap the wheels.

This vehicle is coated in the exclusive-to-Everglades Desert Sand. The color is great, and reads as tan in some lights and nearly Cactus Gray in others. We also see the Hoop Steps on this vehicle, an option available for any series except Bronco Raptor. Standard to Everglades are the roof rails and WARN ZEON 10-S winch.

Moving on to the interior, Matt shows you a look at the seats and Everglades’ Urban Green accent color. Washout flooring is standard, as is the 12” infotainment screen. Watch the full video to hear about other specifics to the trim and well as the inside and outside look at the vehicle.

Did you switch to this trim, or will you go after it in 2023 if you didn’t get the chance to this year? Talk about it in the forums!



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