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2022 Bronco –– What Do I Need to Do and What Are My Options?

2022 Bronco –– What Do I Need to Do and What Are My Options?


It’s almost here: the second year of sixth-generation Bronco ordering and production. We break down what you need to know. Find the Price List, Ordering Guide, and updated Ford.com FAQs in the forums.

2022 Bronco Timeline

Date Action
October 8
  • 2022MY Order Guides and Price List are live for Ford Dealers.
  • Customer communication: “Order soon”
October 8-12
  • Ford will complete model year conversion from 2021 model year to 2022 in their ordering system (WBDO). Orders will not be eligible for scheduling until dealers update/confirm 22MY orders with customers.
October 13
  • 22MY order bank opens, and Ford.com Build & Price launches.
  • Customer communication sent to order holders: “Order now”
  • Dealers begin working with customers to complete 22MY ordering process
    • Existing order holders – meet with customers to update/confirm order. Remove 99-priority code, identifying them as eligible for scheduling
    • Reservation holders – contact them to answer any questions about process. Reservation holders who did not convert for 21MY are able to use online ordering tool.
  • Once complete, orders will be eligible for scheduling. Actual production timing will continue to be prioritized according to the time they were reserved, vehicle model and configuration, part availability, and the number of vehicles your dealer receives.
October 15
  • Online ordering launches*. (*only available for non-converted reservation holders, existing order holders must update/confirm their order with their dealer).
  • Customer communication sent for online ordering: “Order now”
October 28
  • 2022 model year scheduling begins (December start of production).
Q1 2022
  • 2022 model year deliveries begin.
  • Detail on special editions.

Order Conversion Process

CURRENT ORDER HOLDERS (Converted in Ford’s Ordering System)

  • Your dealer will start scheduling order consultations with all existing order holders to finalize/submit, based on reservation timestamp order.
  • Beginning 10/13, dealers can start updating/confirming orders in Ford’s ordering system with customer consent.
  • You need to agree to pricing with your dealer at the time of order entry with a signed purchase agreement and any required deposit.


  • For 2022 model year, existing reservation holders who have not yet converted their order can use the Ford.com Online Ordering tool.
  • Dealers have been asked to reach out to customers to confirm order receipt and pricing.

Order conversion process flow and FAQ:

Status Action
I never placed a reservation/order for MY21. (New customer)
  • Reach out directly to your dealer to express interest in buying a Bronco and discuss options and timing. Bronco SUVs equipped with a hardtop will continue to be limited based on existing demand, but there may be opportunities to get a Bronco equipped with a soft top sooner.
  • You may also go onto Ford.com to send your dealer your information to have them reach out to you to discuss.
I placed a reservation for MY21 but never converted it to an order. (Unconverted)
  • You will need to convert to an order for MY22 with your dealer.
  • You will not lose your timestamp.
I placed an order for MY21, was not scheduled for production, and don’t want to make any changes. (Converted)
  • You will need to confirm your order to MY22 with your dealer to make it eligible for scheduling.
  • You will not lose your timestamp.
I placed an order for MY21, was not scheduled for production, and want to make changes. (Converted)
  • You will need to update and confirm your order to MY22 with your dealer and can make changes at that time.
  • You will not lose your timestamp.

Important Note:

Because of the new features for 2022 model year, everyone without a vehicle identification number (VIN) on October 13, 2021 will need to update/confirm their MY22 order. Orders are being converted from MY21 to MY22 within Ford’s ordering system, but still require updates/confirmation to be eligible for scheduling. This process will be handled through your dealer.

Price Protection

All customers with a reservation/order placed by 3/19/21 will receive price protection based on what your order was as of 10/1/21. EXAMPLE: If customer has a 4-door Badlands on order or reserved, the customer will receive a certificate for $825 (4-door Badlands increase from ‘21-’22).

If you switch your trim, you can apply your price protection to the trim you purchase in MY22 (except for special edition vehicles). EXAMPLE: You had a Badlands on order or reserved 10/1/21 but take delivery of a Big Bend in ’22. You will still receive a price protection certificate for a Badlands.

What are the 22MY MSRP price protection amounts by series for Bronco 2- and 4-door?

Bronco 2-door Bronco 4-door
Base $800 $250
Big Bend $400 $250
Black Diamond $975 $825
Outer Banks $400 $250
Wildtrak $800 $695
Badlands $975 $825

These numbers represent the difference in cost between a MY21 Bronco and outfitting it to the exact same specs for MY22. EXAMPLE: A customer reserved or ordered a 4-door Wildtrak with hard top in MY21. In MY22, it costs $695 more to purchase the same build. A price-protected customer will receive a certificate for $695.

Since this chart for price protection is broken down by series and doors, you could infer there won’t be pricing increases on options and features. And like MY21, X-plan pricing will not be available for the MY22 Bronco.

Q&A for Option/Offering Changes for 2022 Model Year

Q: I ordered a 4-door Wildtrak MY21 and want to keep a hard top/want a switch to the soft top. What do I do?
You need to update/confirm your order with your dealer regardless. You can option a hard top/choose the standard soft top at that time.

Q: I ordered a Black Diamond or Badlands MY21 and don’t want the MY22 standard Capable Bumper. Can I option out of it?
Yes. You can option the Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper when you convert your order.

Q: I ordered a Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Wildtrak MY21. Can I get the Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper?
Yes. It is available for any trim in 2022.

Q: I want a Bronco Raptor. Can I order that on 10/13?
No. Special editions are available Summer ’22. More information will be coming soon.

Q: I want one of the new colors for MY22/my color for MY21 was discontinued. What do I do?
You can choose your color when you update/confirm your order with your dealer.

Q: I want my Bronco as fast as possible. Are there commodity restraints for MY22?
Ford is accelerating the MIC hardtop production and availability. Still, the Bronco 4-door model ordered with a soft top continues to be the fastest way to a new Bronco.

Get Ready

We know there will be questions unanswered here and clarification needed. Visit Ford.com for updated Order Holder FAQs, and meet us in the forums as we discuss the options and information for MY22 ordering.

And on Wednesday, Oct. 13, when order banks open, join the Bronco Nation for a broadcast conversation with Ford Bronco team members.

See the MY22 Price List and Order Guide, plus ask questions, get answers, and share your thoughts regarding MY22 Bronco ordering.



  1. So does this mean Ford is not honoring price protection when it comes to the bumper I expected to get on my Black Diamond order?

    Q: I ordered a Black Diamond or Badlands MY21 and don’t want the MY22 standard Capable Bumper. Can I option out of it?
    A: Yes. You can option the Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper when you convert your order.

    1. If I want the slide out tailgate will that delay my vehicle? I’m currently waiting for a WildTrac with a hardtop.

      1. Yes, the slide-out tailgate from the factory will delay your vehicle. However, it will be available at some point through the dealer channel. So you could 99 your order until it’s available from the factory, or you could chose to be eligible for scheduling and then pick it up through the dealer when available.

    1. Surrounding the price protection, it is price protection or are we to be invoiced at the higher amount them issued a credit to be spent at Ford? Price protection should be invoiced at same as previous price so I wanted to be sure that I understood this policy. Thank you for clarification.

      1. Price protected customers will receive certificates to cover the difference. Your dealer will communicate with you more about this.

  2. Is mine changing to 2022 even though I have a VIN number and said it’ll be built on the week of November 15?

  3. I have an Outer Banks 4 door, hardtop, 2.7L ordered with tow package. If I omit the TOW package, what does this do to my order? Do I have to upgrade to Sasquatch? Do I have to downgrade to Base?

  4. I want to order a Bronco Hennessey Velociraptor when the Bronco Rapter starts up… when and how do I do that??

  5. I ordered a Outer Banks MY21, now I want a Base MY22, I will get a price protection on the OBX for $400, but the Base MY22 price increase is $800. I would be $400 out of pocket compared to 2021 ordering.!!????

    1. Hi Dennis, Ford’s promised to price protect the 21MY MSRP pricing for a similarly equipped 22MY Bronco SUV, so yes, the difference would be $400 to switch to a non-similarly equipped order.

  6. With the change of the standard top on the Wildtrack, does my price protection include the cost of adding the hard top back in? At $695, it looks like it doesn’t.

    1. It does. Since a 4-door Wildtrak with hard top came standard in ’21, the increase of $695 for ’22 is to build it exactly the same.

    1. Wildtrak can have the Standard bumper or you can option the Heavy-Duty Modular, but you can’t get the Capable bumper.

  7. So I ordered a Badlands 4 door in Rapid Red, wanting the heavy duty bumper. Now I’m paying the same price for a Badlands without the $800 heavy duty bumper in a color I now have to settle for and continue waiting for. And, If I want the heavy duty bumper my price goes up to the new current MSRP that we have the price protection from? Feels like I got screwed out of a bumper and skid plates that were on what I wanted in the first place.

    1. If you reserved before price protection ended, you wouldn’t pay for the upcharge to get the Heavy-Duty Modular.

    1. William, if you’re thinking about switching to Cyber Orange, there will be an upcharge since it’s an extra cost paint (like Hot Pepper Red). If you want one of the other colors, you can change for the same price.

  8. Can you tell reservation holder who ordered ahead of the march 2021 deadline how to get their orders fulfilled given the dealer allocation system since customers have zero insight into which dealers get which allocations?

  9. I have a code 99 for my MY21 4 door Wildtrak order, because I’m patiently waiting for the painted white hard top. What’s the status on the painted hard tops of any color and is white ever going to be available?

  10. So “Laura” or whoever you are, as you can see Ford has once again put buyers in a position to make changes to their orders and still not really get answers. Ford has done a miserable job in communicating to all of us who have placed orders. I also ordered a 4 door MIC hardtop Badlands/Sasquatch with a 2.7, Lux package and towing. All I see is that if I want a Bronco earlier I just have to take away all the stuff I want on my Bronco and I can get something I don’t want. (If I wanted to do that I would just buy a Jeep) I did change from the MIC to a soft top and my code went from 99 to 19. But no-one can tell me what the heck a “19” means. Now I have to change the color I wanted, and yes I ordered Rapid Red BECAUSE everyone else wasn’t ordering it. I will also have to change the bumper to get what I ordered. This is a real crap fest for Ford. I will be at the Off-Rodeo next week, at least I will get to drive a Bronco for a little while since I don’t believe I will get mine any time soon!

    1. Hi Bill, I’m Laura Zielinski. I write news and post articles here at BN –– but I know that’s not the important part for you. My goal in what I do is to hear the Bronco community and help in the limited way I can by giving factual information and being transparent with what we know. The challenges you’re facing in securing your Bronco in the way you want are why I write and reply. It’s important you have a voice and a place to post about the news that goes alongside this launch.

      1. Laura, Thanks for letting me know. Knowing you are a real person does make a HUGE difference. Just FYI-I called Ford customer service a few weeks ago and frankly is wasn’t worth the time it took. As I said, Ford has really let buyers down here. I appreciate all BN does to help and keep us up to date. Just so you know we are ford family. My grandfather worked for a Ford dealer for 25+ years, I learned to drive in a 65 Mustang and a 1970 Bronco. Today I drive a 2017 F150 and my wife is driving a 2020 Explorer ST. It’s not easy watching a company we are committed too, not communicating to customers the way they should. It’s not the buyers fault that Ford screwed the pooch here. They have known this release was coming and should have made sure everything was right. I know they say they didn’t expect it to be as big as it has been but frankly how could they not know, we have been asking for a new Bronco for years!!

        1. That’s an awesome history, Bill; I wish the comments allowed pictures, because I’m probably not alone in wanting to see that Mustang and Bronco! And thank you for passing on what’s been happening with your order … Communication and its execution seem to be the main issue for most. I can’t affect that directly with Ford, but I can make sure we do the most here on BN to help you and others out.

  11. I see Ford is not honoring X plans. I am a A plan customer. Will they honor this plan as on initial order the dealer stated they would

    1. From the Ford FAQs: “Bronco will offer AZD (A = Employee, Z = Ford Retiree, D = Dealer) Plan pricing for all series excluding Bronco Raptor.”

  12. I ordered a Base with the Sasquatch pkg. Wating for MY22 bc I want a manual as well. The price peotection seems to be only on the model. Will I see a price increase on the sasquatch pkg itself?

    1. Jay, we have a leaked Price List in the forums (https://thebronconation.com/forums/threads/2022-bronco-%E2%80%93%E2%80%93-order-guide.6768/). Off of those, yes, Sasquatch has increased in price ($6,590). However, there is at least one known formatting issue with the list; Build & Price will likely have the most up-to-date facts on 10/13. We do know that the manual Sasquatch package and the automatic Sasquatch package will be the same price as each other.

    1. Like for MY21, X-Plan pricing will not apply, but customers can use AZD (A = Employee, Z = Ford Retiree, D = Dealer) Plan pricing for all series excluding Bronco Raptor.

  13. I ordered a Big Bend in May. I have a Vin # and a statement assuring me it is produced. When will it be delivered to Monon Indiana? Little towns want Broncos too!

    1. Hi Mary, do you have a hard top, by chance? Some Broncos that were produced have been held while tops are replaced. Hopefully yours is on a truck out to you soon.

  14. Why would Ford decide to leave us Veterans out of the discount with no Xplan?
    It really feels like a slap in the face. It’s not like it’s a huge discount but as the Broncos start adding up any little bit may help some Veterans. I’m a disabled Vet and have bleed blue for years however it really pushes that loyalty to the test when Ford has decided to punish those who have served or let’s say won’t include us. Heck they let me use the Xplan on the Bronco Sport we bought…. Just my .02

  15. Still no change to that god-awful interior on the Wildtrak? Why can’t I just get plan black??? Black and sandalwood doesn’t go with all of the exterior colors – especially since Ford decided to screw reservation holders by deleting colors after barely a 1/2 year of production.

    1. sorry thought today was the 13th.. but still sick of this “coming soon” nonsense. Just show us what the new editions will look like and get on with it.

  16. Hi, Laura. i ordered a MY21 Big Bend, it has a VIN and finally got a approximate production date, middle of November. I would like to upgrade to am Outer Banks. Is that still possible?

    1. Oh, Elaine; I’m so sorry, if you have a VIN nothing can be changed. Your best bet would be to talk to your dealer for a MY23 Outer Banks, and perhaps they will want your Big Bend to offer to another order holder.

    1. I think your dealer may have the best suggestions; I don’t know that side of the Bronco world nearly as well and would hate to lead you astray. Make sure you’re comfortable with all the details on timing and pricing before you commit to anything.

  17. How do i change dealers? How do I find allocations for the dealers in my area? I love in Colorado so I can make an informed decision?

    1. Hi Blake, if you want to change dealers, you’ll need to start by calling the Bronco Support Team at 800-334-4375. I don’t have access to allocation information, but you could try posting about it in the forums. Others have done so, and people have chimed in with what it looks like at their dealerships.

  18. I placed my 2021 order in January and today did the 2022 order confirmation with my dealer.
    Can Ford let reservation holders know approximately when to expect their vehicle once they develop a 2022 production schedule?

    1. Hi Gil, I hope your 2022 is scheduled and produced quickly. I’m glad you’re hitting the right dates (with the Oct. 28 “beginning of production scheduling”). They work by quarter, and they update the tracker in your account as activity happens, as I’m sure you know –– it would be great if they could give an overall approximation for ’22, but I wonder on the feasibility with constraints, etc.

  19. Reserved 8/10/20: purchase order 3/17/21 2021 manually changed to 2022; confirmed 10/16/21 but changed to hot pepper red no rapid red in 2022; dealer is a thief! One in showroom MSRP $61K asking $91k. Said got three limited ed in one for owners, one flat bedded to Montana at an undisclosed rich man advise and one delivered. Has 170 reservations 34 allotment. So here the odds on a 2022 ! Balance of allotment say 30! My date stamp 8/10/20 per Ford marketing. say 125000 ahead if me. My dealer never changed priority code from 99. So the FORD ALGORYM will work like this 99 code hold dont schedule fir production! If dealer changes to say above 10 priority code, may see it depending on new priority code! But priority codes set by dealer! They will only prioritize high profit 2022 order. They will not remove from holds 99 codes base 2022 Bronco. They onky go where the money is. I have heard of $10,000 premiums but $30,000 takes the “CROOKED DEALER OF THE YEAR ” award! Oh buy the way Ford confirmed my hot pepper (Mexico Baha runner) in 8 hours, but unless I have a 40 priority number, it will be a 2023. Also, read the small purchase agreement print. The dealer cab cancell your order if the Bronco is delayed for any reason beyond the dealer’s control, you can cancell if the dealer does not deliver within 30 days of promised date. No dealer ever promised you a delivery date unless you are scheduled and vin number assigned. 150,000 converted orders estimated 2021 production (high) 25,000: 2022 estimated 50,000: 2023 50,000 assuming no other screw up. Oh by the way dont open up that $91,000 wildcat rear, if the tailgate is not locked at it fullest say 200° the rubber seal on the rear taikgate window will be ripped and will leak! Ford is coming out with some sliding tailgate , when 2023. Renember FORD FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. So for the next 12 months I will keep driving my LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT . Tried to get new one but that JLR dealer was the 2020 Crooked dealer of that year. Took trade for $11,000 on $35,000 Disco sport but never deliver it. Had to have AG write then, they refused to sell me oil! The merchant does not have to sell you anything and can order you out, if you ever give them a differcult time. This 2021 dealer of the year ($30,000 premium) refused to change my wife’s explorer oil, after he scheduled it a week latter. After speaking nicely, and hus GM he reconsidered! Good luck and may the force be with you!

    1. Hi Frank, that’s what I’m here for — to listen and advise in what I know. I know you’ve had issues in getting your Bronco, and while I can imagine how that makes you and others in the same situation feel, I can’t even begin to know. Ford has said that it wants customers to have a great experience, and if for some reason that isn’t happening with their dealer, they’ve asked them to reach out to their Bronco Support Team for help (phone number is 800-334-4375). Did you end up making it to New Hampshire for Off-Roadeo?

  20. I’m in the Ford B&P website right now and it it’s still showing “Build Your 2021 Bronco”. I have an order already but got the email from Ford rec I go into the site and do a B&P for a MY2022 to see if I want any changes when me dealer contacts me to confirm my order. Did the website updates get delayed? Am I supposed to wait for my dealer to contact me to confirm my MY2022 order or am I supposed to contact them?

  21. If our dealerships ask us to pay over MSRP, what stand can ‘all’ of us Bronco order holders take? I’ve used the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the past to post complaints with other retailers. What suggestions can you offer? I’d like to also encourage all Bronco reservation holders that if your dealer does ask to pay over the MSRP to file a complaint with the BBB. Thank you.


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