2021 Ford Bronco Production Underway, Shipments Begin

Jun 15, 2021

During its 1966-96 run, the Ford Bronco went through style iterations and technology innovations. Yet it was always designed true to its 4x4 nature, earning it dedicated fans. So even when the assembly line went a quarter-century silent on the legacy brand, the community’s passion didn’t.

Today, almost 25 years exactly to June 12, 1996, the date the last Bronco was built, Ford is proud to announce production has begun on the all-new Bronco. The plant has been heavily invested in, thousands of employees have been hired, and two-door models (plus the first-ever four-door Broncos) are headed to dealerships across America once again.

“We know the fans have been waiting for the Bronco –– and we’re so excited to bring it back,” says Suzy Deering, Ford chief marketing officer. “And this Bronco is better than ever. We’re staying authentic to Bronco’s goes-over-any-terrain heritage and have leveraged the brand’s Built Wild innovative design, durability and advanced off-road capability to get the most out of every adventure in the wild.”

MAP Welcomes Back the Bronco

Called the Michigan Truck Plant during the time of the original Ford Bronco and producing more than 1.1 million of the off-road vehicles, the Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) has welcomed back the brand and is rolling 2021 Broncos off the line.

“We have the most skilled workforce in America working in a plant that’s state-of-the-art,” says John Savona, vice president, manufacturing and labor affairs. “It’s an unbeatable combination designed to deliver our customers a high-quality, ready-for-anything, all-new Bronco.”

Next door to the plant is the Modification Center, 1.7 million square feet of space to factory-install customer opt-ins, including roof racks, safari bars, and graphics packages.

Owners can also order dealer-added factory-backed accessories –– more than 200 are currently available, says Ford. The modular design of the Bronco lets you walk away with a vehicle customized specifically to your lifestyle.

An Outcome Worth the Wait

The 2021 vehicles have had customers wanting and wishing from the day they were announced. The last year has held its fair share of snares, but the return of the Bronco –– and the fulfillment of your dream –– has never been closer.

To each and every employee and supplier who worked hard and made tough choices, who clocked in knowing there would be headaches some days and progress on others, thank you. And to all the enthusiasts –– in this Nation and many other groups across the U.S. –– who have kept your Broncos running, who have clamored for this sixth generation, and who have stood by and waited, we thank you too. All your work, commitment, and interest has made it possible for Ford to bring back Bronco –– and get the all-new version into our garages.

Join us at 10 a.m. EST to watch the premiere of Ford's Bronco Celebration. Watch for appearances and inclusion of Bronco Nation members including Drew Peroni, BuzzyBud, Mitch Creel, Jake Gertsch, and members of the Cloud family –– Mike, Amy, and Kassie. Explore the Bronco timeline below while you wait!

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