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Will It Make It? Baldwin Lakes in a 2021 Ford Bronco Video

Will It Make It? Baldwin Lakes in a 2021 Ford Bronco Video


How far can you go with a 2021 Ford Bronco (or Sport)? From simple mountain passes to more intense rock crawling trails, Mitch Creel of Wild Horses asks, “Will It Make It?” in our Bronco Nation series. Last time, we hit Colorado’s Pomeroy Lake trail. This time: the state’s Baldwin Lakes.

Baldwin Lakes, a 5-mile, 3-hour trail, is rated difficult. We took a 2021 non-Sasquatched Badlands 4-door on 33s out, along with a 2021 Bronco Sport Base on 30.5“ tires.

One of the first stops on the trail was to wrench on the Sport –– you’ll catch Dan Schaffer, 4×4/off road expert on the Bronco program, tightening up some points on the 1” aftermarket lift –– these things happen, and it’s a good reminder to carry basic tools with you when you go out!

Next up, a split in the trail: Take the 277 trail to head to Baldwin Lakes. The 278 path takes you to Mt. Antero.

The Sport put in great effort, and even with a pro driver behind the wheel, it could only make it so far. The Bronco Sport series, save for the Badlands and First Edition, has a single clutch in the back for the AWD system. On the Badlands and FE, there is a twin-clutch rear drive unit, giving you better traction. To get the G.O.A.T. Rock Crawl mode, you need the dual clutch to lock both sides for a “simulated” rear locker. Since the Base has just five of the G.O.A.T. modes, continuing any further up the trail became too difficult. So, for the Bronco Sport Base going all the way up Baldwin Lakes: The verdict falls on “it won’t make it.”

The Bronco, however, takes even this gnarly part of the trail with ease. About 4 miles in, you come to another split. To the left, Baldwin Lakes, and to the right, an abandoned mine. If you’re not a fan of heights, skip the trail to the right. Mitch, off-roader nearly all his life, takes the right. If you’re not ready to follow behind in real life, enjoy the incredible views in this video from his vantage point. And even if you’re comfortable with narrow roads, don’t tackle the trail without experience –– and a buddy if possible.

Watch the full video to take in the Bronco and Sport in an amazing place, hear what parts of the Bronco trail toolbox –– like Trail Turn Assist –– came in handy, and get ideas for your next adventure in your Bronco.

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