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Will It Make It? Pomeroy Lake Trail in a 2021 Ford Bronco Video

Will It Make It? Pomeroy Lake Trail in a 2021 Ford Bronco Video


How far can you go with a 2021 Ford Bronco? From simple mountain passes to more intense rock crawling trails, Mitch Creel of Wild Horses 4×4 asks, “Will It Make It?” in our new Bronco Nation series.

There are innumerable off-roading skill levels represented in the Bronco community. Our purpose with this series is to not only entertain but also educate and inspire enthusiasts at every level of experience.

Mitch sets the Bronco into action at the 6-mile Pomeroy Lake trail, which takes about 2 hours to drive. FunTreks rates the upper end of the trail as difficult, but as you’ll see in the video, the trail starts relatively easy. As a reminder, this Bronco Mitch is driving is a Badlands, non-Sasquatch. He toggles it into 4H to get all wheel spinning and still move with some speed.

For viewers who are newer to off-roading, Mitch quickly walks you through knowing your ground clearance, picking a line, and placing your tires. Once on his desired line, Mitch demonstrates putting the Bronco into 4L and disconnecting the stabilizer bar to continue more easily.

At about 3 miles in comes the most difficult part of the trail so far. There’s a bypass for less-experienced drivers or less-equipped vehicles, but Mitch takes the main path to the top. Enjoy the beautiful views once he gets there, and watch the full video to take in more of the Bronco on the trail!



  1. Bought unseen and un driven only thru YouTube videos. I am really enjoying it!…. Very solid and strong. Definitely rides like a truck not SUV. Simple interior with enough upgrades. Looking forward to many adventures. Thumbs up.


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