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What’s the Motor City Miler?

What’s the Motor City Miler?


Before we get into the Motor City Miler, did you know Bronco Nation has a calendar of events on the website? Our calendar holds both the official Ford event schedule as well as meetups/drives added by the staff and members of the community.

  • On mobile, tap the three lines in the upper righthand corner to access the menu. Click Events to see meetups with descriptions, or hit 30 Day Calendar View to see the month at a glance.
  • On desktop, you can hover over Events to make the 30 Day Calendar View dropdown appear.
  • And if you’re on the app, tap the Bronco Nation logo in the bottom center of your screen to access all Bronco events at once.

What’s This Drive About?

Once you check out some of the upcoming events, if you scroll into August, you’ll notice one called the Motor City Miler. Part of our Woodward Dream Cruise long weekend, this drive will take us from Bronco Basecamp at Groveland Oaks out to Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard. Jeff is one of our trusted Bronco Nation partners and runs one of the world’s largest classic Bronco parts businesses. There, we’ll have lunch, tour the collection of vintage Broncos and Jeff’s space, and participate in a giveaway.

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The 36-mile drive to Bronco Graveyard will be fun, too. As much as we love off-roading at BN, dirt drives and scenic slow rolls around town are an excellent way to enjoy your Bronco. One of my favorite memories of late is the B.O.N.E.S’ May It Forward drive we took through the small towns and backcountry of Massachusetts. It’s fun watching people watch the line of Broncos, and there’s camaraderie as you keep an eye out for the Bronco behind you and even as others hold back traffic.

Jeff is located in a beautiful area of Michigan, and we’ll take a scenic drive that lets you spend lots of time steering and never leaves you without something interesting to look at. I even like getting a glimpse of the GM Proving Grounds and imaging the fun it’d be to take a Bronco on the 150 miles there, knowing the great time we had when we got access to a test facility up north.

Our Motor City Miler will lead you through historic neighborhoods, past lakes and ponds, and through rolling countryside spotted with barns and evergreens. Experience approximately 50 minutes of hills, curves, and a changing landscape! The drive is all pavement, except for one section less than a mile long of smooth, hard-packed dirt. All Broncos and Sports are welcome.

Check out some of the sights you’ll see on this drive below, and sign up to participate here. Space is limited!

Have you signed up to display your Bronco in the Ford Bronco Corral at Woodward?



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