Home Bronco Life A Full Schedule of Rare Opportunities: Join Us for the Woodward Dream Cruise Long Weekend
A Full Schedule of Rare Opportunities: Join Us for the Woodward Dream Cruise Long Weekend

A Full Schedule of Rare Opportunities: Join Us for the Woodward Dream Cruise Long Weekend


Bronco Corral. Basecamp. Off-roading. A scenic drive. A private tour of a collection of vintage Broncos. Giveaways. And you and your Bronco at Fair Lane estate, Michigan Assembly Plant, and Ford World Headquarters.

This year, Bronco Nation is pulling out the stops for the long weekend of Woodward Dream Cruise. If you think what we have planned sounds fun so far –– awesome; there’s even more. The best part will be having our community together, so read over the schedule, arrange time off, and ask us any questions that’ll help you get here!


Thursday, August 18
Camping begins at Groveland Oaks (14555 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI, 48442), a wooded campground with a sandy beach, fishing pier, trails, and play attractions for the kids. The campground is 3 minutes from Holly Oaks ORV Park. Begin off-roading today, or wait until Friday.

Bronco Nation has secured a group camping area. We have 12 sites available for members at no cost (bring a trailer or a tent). Email us at info@thebronconation.com if you are interested in camping with us Thursday night — Sunday morning.

Friday, August 19
Visit Holly Oaks ORV Park for a day of off-roading or head out on the “Motor City Miler,” a scenic drive through a beautiful and varied section of Michigan country to Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard. Depending on how you arrange your day, you could mix and match a couple of options:

  • Holly Oaks is 106 acres of challenges and trails. Tackle water crossings, rock crawls, steep hills, and the famed Mt. Magna, a 9,000-square-foot concrete peak. Play here all day or meet up with the group for the photo ops after lunch (you might want to wash your Bronco first, if so!).
  • LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE: Our Motor City Miler drive will lead you through historic neighborhoods, past lakes and ponds, and through rolling countryside spotted with barns and evergreens. The 36-mile drive is full of curves, woods, and interesting things to look at. There is one section of hard-packed dirt less than a mile long, so even Dream Cruise-ready Broncos won’t be bothered. We will end up at Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard, where we will eat lunch and tour the collection of Broncos. We hear there will be a giveaway! RSVP here.
  • Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) is where your Bronco was born. Get a picture of your Bronco where it all began.
  • Fair Lane, home of Clara and Henry Ford, is next. Mr. Edsel Ford II and Bob Bury extended an invitation to Bronco Nation members –– Come park your Bronco under the historic home’s portico (opened just for all of us) and snap a photo.
  • Ford Motor Company World Headquarters will close out this picture album-style drive. We’ll all line our Broncos up in front of the building for an epic shot.

Back at Bronco Basecamp, we’ll finish out the night BN-style: a Bronco and Brats cookout.

Saturday, August 20
It’s the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise! Broncos of all generations to be displayed in the Bronco Corral. Will you be featured in this incredible collection of new and originals, Sports and full sizes? Register to display your Bronco if you haven’t already!

We’ll have a full day of checking out each other’s Broncos, getting to know owners, and watching the classics go by on the road.

Sunday, August 21
Time to pack up at camp and head home. We know you’ll be leaving happy and full of great memories from this weekend. We’ll have coffee and breakfast prior to sendoff!


Times and details subject to change. Stay tuned to the Bronco Nation for updates.

TH, Aug. 18 FRI, Aug. 19 SAT, Aug. 20 SUN, Aug. 21
1-5PM – Basecamp open for arrivals

Holly Oaks open


Holly Oaks day

7AM –breakfast/coffee at Basecamp

10AM – Motor City Miler

11AM-1PM – Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard & Lunch

1:30PM-2:30PM – MAP photo

3PM-4PM – Fair Lane photo

4:30PM – 5:15PM WHQ photo

6:30PM-8PM –Broncos and Brats w/ Bronco Nation at Bronco Basecamp


Woodward Dream Cruise

6AM – Bronco Corral opens

8AM – merchandise store opens

8-10AM – coffee at Bronco Corral

5PM – Bronco Corral closes


7:30AM – coffee/breakfast

10AM – Basecamp closes




  1. Question – if we’re interested in one (or two) of the photo ops but not the miler…do we still need to register?

    (also, think I passed y’all scouting your route over by the proving grounds the other day 🙂 )

    1. Trying to remember now if I was incognito in a XJ with a kayak both times or only once … lol.
      Nope, but if you look on the events page, I did create some listings for each of the photo ops — I’ll keep people informed with updates on those.

  2. I registered for the Bronco Corral. Will I be receiving email confirmation that a space is reserved? Thanks in advance! Also, is there a registration for the WHQ photo op? I used to work there so it would be awesome to get a photo. Thanks.


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