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What the Bronco Nation Staff Packs in the YETI LoadOut GoBox

What the Bronco Nation Staff Packs in the YETI LoadOut GoBox


I’m nosy. If I see a container or a cabinet, I want to know what’s inside. I was an 80s child, and there wasn’t much that was more fascinating to me than seeing what my friends stored in their Caboodles (pastel-colored tackle boxes, for those not familiar). Most of it was junk –– but sometimes you’d find the good stuff: scrunchies, Dr Pepper Lip Smackers, and rubbery neon Creepy Crawlers we’d make in my kid-sized oven.

Fast-forward to 2022, and we have grown-up Caboodles: the YETI LoadOut GoBox, stocked in the Bronco Nation Gear store.

The storage boxes are waterproof, dustproof, stackable, and according to YETI, nearly indestructible. We’ve yet to challenge them on that claim, but we’ve been pleased with the durability so far. They have a Pack Attic (zippered sections on the lid), a divider that becomes an extra surface, and a caddy for smaller items.

One more cool feature: They come with a customizable metal plate, featuring the Bronco Nation name and bucking horse. Add your name, address, and member number.

Store the GoBox in the back of your Bronco, on your boat, out in your garage with the camping stuff, or even in the home office. Like Lip Smackers flavors, the possibilities are near-endless.

For a bit of fun, our staff tasked each other with filling one according to our lifestyles. Come satisfy any curiosity you may have to what we’ve packed inside them –– then, throughout the month of July, show us what you store in yours! Post pics in the forum or tag us on our social channels with #BroncoGoBox.

Want to find your gear at a glance? Check out the Bronco Nation Gear Case Labels.


Kitchen Box

My camp kitchen setup isn’t where I’d like it. I’m cooking for four people, and my heat source is a JetBoil, the world’s best way to boil water but not the best way to cook a meal for a family. So, I need a larger burner to complete the kit, but I still have more than enough room in the GoBox for it. I love that I can segregate the utensils that I don’t use as much into the back lid pockets, and that the family S’more caddy fits nicely in the bottom. Also, all my coffee preparation gear is grabbable without rifling through anything. Just open the lid, grab, and go.

Gaming Box

We’re a family that games … quite a bit. It’s the main thing that my boys and I do together and my primary decompression after a long week of work. Now, I know many people think that you go to the wild to get away from such digital distractions, but in our house, we think gaming outside is the perfect combination of two things we love. The GoBox lid pockets hold a 15in laptop well and the whole thing is water- and dustproof, so it keeps our gear clean and dry. Also, when we throw our outdoor gaming setup on a camp table, the GoBox can act as an extra seat. Provided we have a decent cell connection, we can play just about anywhere.


I’m treating my gear box as more of an on-the-go toolbox. I enjoy tinkering on my vintage motorcycles and Mustang, and the different compartments of the YETI GoBox make it a convenient option for storing what I need. Some of the things I’ve included are an impact driver, impact screwdriver, stubby socket and screwdriver set, and a removable tool bag with common wrench sizes, all things needed for electrical fixes, a headlamp, and more.

In the removable tray I’ve included sockets, tape, gasket sealer and epoxy, a multimeter, and some easy-access screwdrivers. In the Pack Attic, I threw some latex gloves, zip ties, and sandpaper sheets if needed. The fact that this box is waterproof and can be locked makes me confident in storing battery-powered tools, and the accessibility and convenience makes it something I’ll keep in my vehicle when on the go.


I’ve been skiing for as long as I can remember, so when I moved to Utah and suddenly had access to a myriad of resorts within 30 minutes of my front door, I needed a solution to have my ski essentials ready and in my car at a moment’s notice. The YETI GoBox was the perfect solution. With enough space to store what I need, the weather- and waterproof design, and the perfect size to keep in the back of my SUV, it was a no brainer. While it can’t fit a set of skis, boots, and poles, it can fit all of the necessary accessories I need for a day on the slopes. From my snow boots, to goggles, and gloves, it has become a staple in the back of my car as soon as the first snow of the season falls.


  • Cloudrock Edge Raw Hiking Book – White
  • Smith Squad MAG Goggles – Black
  • Burton Beanie – Olive Green
  • Turtlefur Neck Warmer
  • Head Gloves
  • Merino Wool Socks
  • Thermal Undershirt
  • Ski Pants


I am currently living at the beach, and I am so excited to show you how I pack my box for the beach! I keep my YETI box in my car so I am ready to go for any last-minute beach days with friends. This box is the perfect size to store all my beach necessities, but it does not take up too much room in the car. It’s also great everything has a specific compartment, so I don’t have to worry about things rolling around.


  • Sand Cloud towel: I love this towel and have had it for years. It expands to a very large size and serves a dual purpose of a towel or a beach blanket. It is great to lay out on the sand for a big picnic. I opened it up just ¼ of the way to display these items.
  • Shoes: I always like to have a pair of sandals in my box so that I can slip these on for a beach day. I love that there is enough room in the bottom compartment of the GoBox to fit these!
  • Cup Holder: This cup holder is great for the beach, and I think is necessary for a beach day. You stick it in the sand, and it holds your drink so that it does not get all sandy and dirty.
  • Speaker: to listen to my favorite playlists on the beach with my friends!
  • Bronco Nation Hat: to keep the sun off my face! We have a lot of great hat options on our site right now too.
  • Sunscreen: With a very fair complexion, sunscreen is always a must have for me. Sun Bum is by far my favorite brand of sunscreen. The smell is amazing, and it does not feel super greasy on the skin.
  • Sunglasses, cover-up, and bikini


If I’m not hunched over my laptop posting Bronco news, I’m outside. Possibly primitive camping, maybe earthing. IYKYK. I live in Michigan, smack-dab in the woods and surrounded by lakes, so I hike all winter and keep the kayak strapped to the top of the Jeep from April to October. The back of my Jeep is stocked with my portage-sized waterproof backpack, sleeping bag, tent, and camp chair, and I like to keep my smaller waterproof bag ready to go with some essentials –– kayak whistle, light, water bottle, pocket knife, a snack, and matches.

My YETI GoBox lets me keep even more essentials on hand and is a little classier ––and much sturdier –– than my cardboard box for fluids and cables. Have I ever been close to getting lost and needing half of this? No, but my outdoor survival books have me thinking I could do OK if I did. We’ll see. If the news stops on BN … I may have been wrong.


  • Surviveware waterproof first aid kit
  • Bronco Off-Roadeo raincoat
  • YETI water bottle (probably filled with coffee)
  • Lifestraw (for when the coffee runs out)
  • Aquaphor chapstick
  • Repel bug spray
  • Neutrogena SPF 70
  • Mercator K55K Locking Knife. It had a cat on it, so that’s why I picked this one. Does the trick, though.
  • Waterproof match safe with reflective tape, waterproof matches, and extra strikers. I WILL start that fire.
  • Emergency blanket. Ford gave this to media (and the Lifestraw). I used to keep them under my seat. They’ve been upgraded.
  • Moleskin and Body Glide. Sometimes stuff rubs.
  • Seaweed sesame snacks. Eating what looks like bird seed lets me get closer to nature.
  • Maglite
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Crank Lantern and USB Power Hub
  • Bronco waterproof bag
  • Towel with sharks

Check out the YETI GoBox and other great Bronco, Bronco Off-Roadeo, and Bronco Nation items in the store.

Head to the forums to post your own pictures!



  1. I would use a regular box to store the money I didn’t spend on an overpriced YETI product.

  2. Yay! More YETI/Bronco Nation swag to help me get organized. Until my Bronco arrives, I’ll keep all of my car cleaning supplies in it. Sounds like a decent storage solution. Ordering soon… 😉

  3. Favorite kit hands down!!!

    Reallly? like who just doesn’t love Laura…????? BO stick!!! med kit !! bug juice!!! If I was stranded …Her kit would be my choice.

    David is clearly a romanitic who’s kitchen kit needs a vintage bottle of wine and a cheese plate added. If It was valentines day… Davids kit would be the envy of all kits!!!

    If I wanted to wrench on my car and become one with that inanimate object… Matt kit has it covered
    Jordan is waiting for a blizzard …. very proud of that kit
    Jordan and Matt…”how do you get a (niversity of Alabama graduate off your front porch??”
    (nevermind…. you already know that answer to that question…..War Dxxx Eagles!!!)
    New celeb to the crew London is a beach comer and needs an umbrella and a surf board … Bohemian lifestyle extrodinaire
    awesome kit !!!

    Hats off to all the kits!!!
    You guys are awesome!!!!!
    Go Bronco Nation!!!


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