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Soft Top with Hardtop Prep Kit Order Conversion Deadline Extended

Soft Top with Hardtop Prep Kit Order Conversion Deadline Extended


Ford sent out the following communication to dealers today:

Deadline Extended! Soft Top with Hardtop Prep Kit order conversion encouraged by July 23.

Any customer wanting to switch their order to a soft top with a hardtop prep kit is encouraged to make the change by FridayJuly 23 to be eligible for selection beginning with September production. No new soft top retail orders will be scheduled for August production.

The hardtop prep kit is included on all 4-door soft top orders, effective with September 21MY production. The kit includes the proper connections for rear windshield wiper and rear defroster as well as the controls needed for these features.

Scheduling for September production will begin on Thursday, July 29.



  1. I talked with my Ford dealer yesterday (July 15) and he didn’t mention this as an option to get my Bronco sooner.

  2. I called my Ford dealership a couple weeks ago about this. They can’t figure out how to do it. They told me just to leave it as it is LOL

    1. Pretty sure they don’t have to do anything but switch to a soft top. All Bronco soft tops scheduled for September and on will include the kit.

      1. I can’t remember if they were just on the 4 doors, but I saw a Bestop soft top when I was at the Off Roadeo in TX. Even the instructors said it looked better than the factory one.

    1. That would make it to easy. It seems they want you to change your entire order to move you aside.

  3. This may have been discussed before, but why does Ford not allow at 2 door soft top only option? My dealer didn’t know the answer to this either.

  4. my dealer said dont switch order it will move your order to the end of the list like you are starting new

    1. I’m keeping my spot in line. They need to give us a free soft tops and reservation I line for the hardtop.


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