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Show-N-Shine Categories for Super Celebration (West) 2021

Show-N-Shine Categories for Super Celebration (West) 2021


By Todd Zuercher

Along with the arranged and spontaneous vehicle cruises, the human interactions, and vendor displays, an integral part of the Bronco Super Celebration East each year is the Show-N-Shine held as part of the Bronco displays on the lush fields of Townsend, Tennessee.

The fun from East may have come to a close –– even as the memories last a lifetime –– but just last week, Bronco Driver opened registration for Buena Vista, Colorado’s Super Celebration West, Sept. 8-11. And with that, a new opportunity comes for another Show-N-Shine … and some of you may even have your all-new Broncos by then.

2021 Show-N-Shine Categories to Enter

  • EB – STOCK
  • EB – 1/2 CAB
  • EB – U-13
  • EB – LUBR
  • 1978-1979 – STOCK
  • 1978-1979 – MODIFIED
  • 1980-1996 FULL SIZE – STOCK
  • 1980-1996 FULL SIZE – MODIFIED
  • 2021 BRONCO 4-door
  • 2021 BRONCO 2-door

Understanding the Categories

With six generations of trucks to now choose from, there are many different categories in which to place the variety of Broncos that attend Super Cel.

If you’ve had your Bronco for a while, we know you’ve got these details down inside and out. However, with the delay of the 2021 Bronco to market, a number of people have gone out in search of early generations to own and restore, even without an intimate knowledge of the years and details, and they are just getting into the history of the brand now. For those newer to the Bronco specifically  –– and maybe even vehicle modifications in general –– we’ll share some insight on these categories.

Reflective of their popularity, the classic first generation Early Broncos have the highest number of categories in which they can be placed.

‘EB Stock’ is fairly self-explanatory, with these trucks being stock, or very nearly so – the EB moniker being the common abbreviation for ‘Early Bronco’ (66-77) among enthusiasts. No cut fenders or lift kits here.

‘EB Modified’ means just that – you’ll see first generation trucks with a lot of modifications in this category; engine swaps, suspension lifts, cut fenders, and larger tires and wheels are all fair game.

The Sports Utility models, later changed to just ‘Utility’, and known as half cabs among enthusiasts, make up the ‘EB ½ Cab’ category. This model was manufactured from 1966-1972; I’m sure some trucks which weren’t originally half cabs make it into this category as well.

The ‘EB U-13’ roster is reserved for the Bronco roadsters manufactured from 1966-1968. Their VINs begin with U13, hence the category’s designation. Roadster owners are serious about the restoration details on their trucks.

‘LUBR’ is Bronco shorthand for Lifted Uncut Bronco – a term coined by Broncofix website founder John Lindblom many years ago. LUBRs have become a popular build theme in the intervening years, with the combination of a slight suspension lift and uncut fenders a popular look for so many.

‘Fiberglass’ is just that – fiberglass-bodied Broncos. Before the advent of replacement sheetmetal for the early Broncos, fiberglass was deemed a suitable option for many owners in the rust belt.

The Second Generation Broncos are represented in two classes: 1978-1979 – Stock and 1978-1979 Modified. These trucks, like their earlier brethren, are popular and easy to modify – hence the two classes. This generation of Broncos continues to gain in popularity, with recent excellent auction results and several high-profile collectors specializing in them.

Ford’s first downsized sport-utility, the Bronco II, manufactured from 1983-1990, is starting to generate its own loyal following after years of being ignored and scorned by the normal Bronco crowd. It too, has its own class at Super Cel.

The 3rd-5th generation of trucks, manufactured from 1980-1996, have two separate classes as well: stock and modified. Every year there are more of these trucks coming to Super Cel and the restoration market is adding more parts for them all the time.

Other Broncos, like race trucks, etc. which don’t fit in the normal categories, like race trucks, etc., get lumped into the ‘Special Broncos’ category.

Several 2021 Bronco Sports were in the show this year – not bad for a vehicle that literally just hit the streets a few months ago! Since there aren’t any 2021 Broncos in the hands of owners yet, there weren’t any in the East Show-N-Shine, but those who attended did get to see 18 all-new Broncos brought in by Ford. Rest assured there will some on the show field next year, and maybe we’ll see more than a few lucky owners displaying theirs at Super Celebration West!

Let us know you’re interested in being at Super Celebration (West) 2021: Hit the RSVP button on the Bronco Nation Round-Up event!



  1. Will the new Bronco’s be at this event? If so, will you be able to go for a ride in one?


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