Rising Bronco Values

Jun 23, 2022

By Dean Parker

In July 2020, Hagerty Insurance published an article addressing the meteoric rise in prices for vintage Broncos. Values for '66 Broncos had doubled between 2016 and 2019, and the typically cheap '92 models had just begun to grow in popularity. The prices listed seemed unreasonably high at the time, and some buyers waited for prices to fall to a more affordable level. Since then, those would-be buyers have been sorely disappointed.

To illustrate the rise in Bronco values, we’ve taken a Bronco from each generation, and calculated their change in average price between July 2020 and the present day.

First Generation: 1966-1977

2020- $40,100
2022- $52,200

In 2020, a '76 Bronco would cost $40,100 on average. Now, the same Bronco will set you back $52,200. The rising value of first generation Broncos is nothing new, given their everlasting status as a collectible. This status has only grown stronger with the release of the 2021 Bronco, given its design cues taken from the first generation models.

Notable sales include a 1969 Baja Racing Bronco, nicknamed “Big Oly,” which sold at auction for 1.9 million last May.

Second Generation: 1978-1979

2020- $24,500
2022- $35,200

Current production delays may bring back not-so-fond memories for original ‘78 Bronco buyers, who’ve been reminded of the four-year pause in production in the mid-70s. These buyers will be pleased to hear that second generation Broncos have seen a 40% increase in value since 2020, with the average price rising from $24,900 to $35,200. Second generation Broncos have often been overshadowed by their first generation counterparts, but this trend is starting to shift in the newer models’ favor. Auction data from Classic.com shows a notable increase in sales for 1978 Broncos, and fully restored models have been auctioned at record prices in the past year.

Third Generation: 1980-1986

2020 Value- 10,800
2022 Value- 21,400

With its significant change to the Bronco design, the third generation Bronco marked a median between the vintage styling of the first two generations and the modernized facelift of the fourth and fifth. This unique appeal has propelled the value of third gen Broncos to nearly double since 2020, with the price catapulting from $10,800 to $21,400. The near-doubling in price is by far the largest growth in value among all Bronco generations, and Hagerty has a theory that its lower price and appeal to younger customers is responsible for the surge.

Fourth Generation: 1987-1991

2020 Value- 10,200
2022 Value- 17,900

Despite being made with the same chassis as its predecessor, the fourth gen Bronco brought a fresh, aerodynamic look to the Bronco family, along with the introduction of the iconic Eddie Bauer trim package. These “Brick-Nose” Broncos have seen the second largest increase in recent value out of all generations, and have joined third gens as a popular choice for younger collectors. Despite this steep rise in value, this iteration remains an affordable choice for collectors at an average price of $17,900.

Fifth Generation: 1992-1996


Made famous by a certain football star, the fifth gen Bronco has gained a loyal fanbase thanks to its aerodynamic design and modernized interior. Fifth gens were widely used by the U.S. Forest Service thanks to their safety and off-roading capability –– features that make it a valued car for collectors and everyday drivers alike. Since well-maintained models are easier to find than those in earlier generations, the value for fifth gens has seen a less dramatic rise in recent years. Still, the demand is strong for these cars, with Hagerty reporting that insurance quote numbers rose by 42% throughout 2020.

Sixth Generation: 2021

The latest entry into the Bronco brand has been met with massive demand. Released 25 years after the last Bronco, the sixth generation Bronco has taken design cues from its first gen relatives to create a car that has been a hit for both modern customers and vintage enthusiasts. While there’s less data available on pricing for sixth gens, a look at used car dealer listings will show that base four-door models, which typically start at around $35,000, are going for as much as $60,000. This pricing shows a steep increase from their original sticker price, and demonstrates the excess demand for the latest Bronco iteration.

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