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Off-Roadeo Registration Opens April 27

Off-Roadeo Registration Opens April 27


By @Laura #1976

Starting today, when you visit the Off-Roadeo tab on our site, a pop-up will display. On it: Off-Roadeo registration will open at 12 p.m. EDT on April 27.

The Wait Is Coming to An End

Yesterday, Bronco Nation broke the news on the “Bronco scheduled for production” emails, which will begin arriving as early as tomorrow, April 15.

In the email, along with your Bronco details on build date and VIN, will be an invitation for the Off-Roadeo events.

Bronco purchasers are welcome to join one of these four events, spread out across the nation for owner accessibility and different types of terrain. Each day-and-a-half adventure will feature off-road courses and trail runs, designed to get you fully up to speed on handling your Bronco.


Just Two Weeks Until More Information

The pop-up will also let visitors know that event information will be available at noon on the 27th as well. We’re hoping that will include lots of details on exact locations and dates.


Take the Opportunity

Many of you are seasoned off-roaders, and others of you have been using this time between ordering and vehicle delivery to learn. However, we believe this isn’t a trip to skip!

For starters, you get to learn in a supplied Bronco. Yes, Broncos are built tough, and you’re going to want to wheel on the regular. But this way, you can learn about everything Bronco has to offer – including ways to “make it yours” with an impressive suite of available accessories.

Secondly, you’ll be put in real-life situations where you can use every thoughtfully engineered feature from Trail 1-Pedal to the stabilizer bar disconnect. The best place to learn is in the wild.

Third, you’ll be surrounded by all the right people to answer your vehicle questions on the spot as well as other enthusiasts.

Getting your Bronco is just the beginning. Use your Off-Roadeo invitation to secure off-roading knowledge and vehicle know-how, meet future wheeling partners, and have a great time!


  1. Hi so does this mean all of the priority orders will be getting to attend and the rest of us will be in the lurch??? My reserve was July 16 and have not heard anything.


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