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Ford Bronco Scheduled For Production Emails Arriving April 15th

Ford Bronco Scheduled For Production Emails Arriving April 15th


By @Laura #1976 

We’ve gotten a look at the Bronco “scheduled for production emails that will begin arriving in inboxes as soon as Thursday, April 15.  

What’s in the email? 

Expect a cheerful greeting, your vehicle trim and door count in all its glory, and the week it is scheduled to be built. Each new Monday at the Michigan Assembly Plant can’t come fast enough! 

You’ll also get an estimated delivery window to your dealership based on final ordering and production of similarly configured BroncosProduction and delivery times are based on reservation timestamp, part constraints, and the number of Broncos your dealer will receive.  

Additionally, in the email will be your VIN and a link to track your Bronco’s status using it and your customer order number. Reminder: You can edit your order until you receive a VIN. 

Finally, this high-note email will end with an invitation and sign-up link to one of the four Off-Roadeo events, where you can learn the ins and outs of the Bronco’s capabilities on off-road trails 

Excited? Head to the Ford Bronco Scheduled For Production thread in the forumsAnd be sure to let us know when your email shows up! 



    1. Those with the earliest build dates will get the email first, but these emails will start being batched out to others once those are out of the way.

  1. Does the date in the email reflect start of build, or completion of build? I got the email, and want to temper my expectations.

    1. The date is the Monday of the week it will start building. From hearsay, it takes only a few days for it to go down the line. So excited for you!

  2. Typical Ford BOTCH. I haven’t seen one person that has received an email. I reserved on day 1 and ordered on first day. No email.

    1. Same here. I’m disappointed there are so many factors out of my control when I did everything right on my end. If I can’t get one in 2021 I’m going to cancel and get a Land Rover Defender.


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