Two Weeks Left – Receive $2,500 and Best Chance at Scheduling

Feb 21, 2023

Last week, Ford sent out a second email reminding order holders of its March 7 deadline, the last day to cancel or change your order and receive the $2,500 credit for doing so.

While many Broncos with constraints will be built in 2023, Ford is unable to produce all unscheduled orders with them listed. Acting on this incentive gives you the best chance to get your Bronco while under private offer price protection, which ends this year.

Recap: Incentive Details

Ford has stated unprecedented demand and supply issues are stopping the company from scheduling all orders for Wildtrak or with Sasquatch package, Lux package, and the Molded-in-Color (MIC) hard top.

For customers to be eligible for the ‘23MY Bronco Order Modification Private Offer Program credit, Ford is asking that by March 7:

  • Current Wildtrak customers switch to a Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands –– all without a MIC hard top (excludes 2 door orders), Sasquatch package, or Lux package.
  • You remove these options on non-Wildtrak orders: MIC hard top (excluding 2 door orders), Sasquatch package, and Lux package, if your order has them. Heritage, Heritage Limited, Everglades, and Raptor order holders cannot remove these items and are not eligible to claim this offer.
  • Unscheduled 2023 Bronco order holders cancel their Bronco order and purchase an in-stock ’22-23 model year Ford, including Bronco, or order a 2023 model year Ford vehicle excluding Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and Specialty Vehicles (Raptor, Shelby GT-500, and Mustang Mach-1).

Visit for the full FAQs regarding the incentive program.

Switch, or Stay the Same?

First, you don’t have to switch your order –– or switch it blindly. Talk to your dealer and see where you are in line with them. Dealers are aware of their allocations and should be able to help you make an educated decision on switching out of the constrained items. Some dealers are fairly confident they don't need to encourage their customers to switch, as they have enough allocation for these items.

Secondly, after talking to your dealer about their allocation, you could make some changes to help get scheduled faster –– say, by dropping from Lux to High but keeping Sas and MIC. You won’t receive the credit, but you might see your Bronco this year while retaining what you feel is most important.

According to one dealer associate on 6G, for 23MY at current numbers, Ford can build approximately:

  • 75% of all Sasquatch package orders
  • 56% of Wildtrak orders
  • 65% of Lux package orders
  • 71% of MIC orders

Bronco is not scheduling this week, which gives you one more chance for your order to be pulled for production before the credit deadline –– March 2 (if Bronco schedules). Be careful with waiting: Some dealers have already stated they may not be able to process all changes if many orders are switched right before the deadline.

If You Don’t Switch

You may talk to your dealer and find they believe your order fits within their remaining allocation. If that’s true, then very good; this is the best-case scenario for those affected. While nothing is promised, your chances of being pulled for production are high.

You might feel like you want your Bronco exactly as you ordered it, even if that means reordering a 2024 and losing your private offer. That’s understandable. But if you’re on the fence about how much one option will impact your enjoyment of the vehicle, ask others in the forums if it’s worth that cost. They might help you see another side or give you peace of mind in your choice.

Likewise, you may be planning on walking if yours is not built the way you want it. Your dealer holds the key to knowing the possibilities; talk to them before committing to this path. You may want to consider canceling now to get a credit for an in-stock Bronco or other Ford vehicle so you walk with something, though temperatures of people in this group largely measure in at “never another Ford again.”

Ford states it would like to build all unscheduled orders this year. Unfortunately, the constraints are real. Unless enough others make changes, by not switching, you have a similarly real chance of not being scheduled this year. If you are not scheduled, your order will be canceled, and your $100 deposit will be returned.

We will be having another BN LIVE on Wednesday, February 22, so drop additional questions or comments below or on the livestream chat.


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