Ford Paying Customers to Change Orders – An Offer You Should Seriously Consider Taking

Jan 19, 2023

By Laura Zielinski

Ford has finished updating dealers with a plan for unscheduled orders for 2023. Customers will be alerted of this important update next. Find the details about this news here in one place ahead of that communication.

And next week, Bronco Brand Manager Matt Winter will be joining us on a livestream on Wednesday, January 25 to cover FAQs that will help support you in decision-making and while at the dealer.

A New Plan

If you’ve been following the forums, you know that Ford is again asking customers to consider changing their order, to have the best chance of being scheduled in 2023. This time, order holders who do so will be given a $2,500 credit toward the purchase or lease of their vehicle. This incentive will be layered on top of private offers.

While customers could save a solid chunk on a new Bronco, the major downside of this news is they will have to compromise –– or be at high risk if they don’t.

For customers to be eligible for the ‘23MY Bronco Order Modification Private Offer Program credit, Ford is asking that:

  • Current Wildtrak customers switch to a Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands –– all without a Molded-in Color (MIC) hard top (excludes 2 door orders), Sasquatch package, or Lux package.
  • You remove these: MIC hard top (excluding 2 door orders), Sasquatch package, and Lux package, if your order has them. Heritage, Heritage Limited, Everglades, and Raptor order holders cannot remove these items and are not eligible to claim this offer.

Customers with a 4 door on order now cannot switch to a 2 door to maintain the hard top but receive the credit by removing Sasquatch and Lux. The goal is to see orders built this year at protected pricing, not move you out of one constraint into another.

If you no longer want your order, cancel it. If you cancel your order, your $100 deposit will be refunded. You will be given a $2,500 credit toward the purchase or lease of an in-stock 22/23MY Ford including Bronco or the order of a 23MY Ford vehicle at any Ford dealer (exclusions apply). This offer is good at any Ford dealer.

Now Is the Time to Switch

While changing your order has been a steady theme over the last year and a half, it’s time to seriously consider it. Changing gives you the best chance to be scheduled in 2023. If you don’t move off constrained items, you may not see your Bronco with price protection at all: Orders not produced as a 23MY will be cancelled. Customers will need to start fresh with a 24MY order with 2024 pricing.

Importantly, it’s been reported that Ford will be increasing allocation to certain dealers to help Broncos get scheduled and delivered. This applies to the dealers who took in substantially more orders than they’ve received allocation for, which would help customers who are hundreds-deep in line. Even still, don’t let this cloud your choice to change your order versus keep it the same. Scheduling will be a gamble if you don’t remove options or change your trim. Decide now if you’re ok with potentially waiting until 2024 and paying more –– or compromising, saving, and potentially getting some form of a Bronco this year.

Make the Call ASAP

Ford is requesting customers work with their dealers by March 7 to change or cancel their order. You have until this date to be eligible for the credit. The sooner you act, the better your chances are of being scheduled.

Best Practices

Before leaving the dealer, we recommend you follow the best practices for placing and modifying an order:

  • Agree to pricing at the time of order entry with a signed purchase agreement.
  • Check with your dealer that they have completed Customer Order Verification Program (COVP) enrollment on your order. Ford instructed dealers to do so in the 23MY changeover, which required them to upload a signed buyers order clearly showing customer name, order number, and eligible order date plus a copy of the customer’s driver’s license to the dealer connection portal. The deadline for them to do so is January 24.
  • And once you make the changes, please look over your web-based dealer ordering (WBDO) printout and dealer order receipt acknowledgement (DORA) for order accuracy.

Ford on BN LIVE

We have already confirmed having Ford on an upcoming livestream (Wednesday, January 25) to answer questions concerning this serious announcement. Please leave your questions below, and we will do our best to help you with this news.


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