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Mar 24, 2023

Like the recently covered hard top/soft top choice, the Bronco Sasquatch package has also been a sticking point for many people placing orders. Is it worth the cost and potential delay?

Depending on your trim, it can add a lot of benefits: Those who order the package can get 17” beadlock-capable black aluminum wheels, electronic-locking front and rear axles with 4.7 final drive ratio, high-clearance suspension and fender flares, and 35” tires. You’ll also get the HOSS 2.0 system, though this and some of these other items are available on some trims without the package. Weeks ago, the package increased by $750, but it’s still a good deal. Plus, you get these parts under warranty.

The major downside? The package has been chronically in constraint and can prevent your Bronco from being built. Ford told dealers only 50% of the builds it can complete for 23MY will have Sasquatch. Earlier this year, current order holders were even asked to consider removing it to be built sooner and while under price protection. While some did, many are still holding out in hopes of receiving it. Unfortunately, even from those orders alone, some will not make the cut.

However, depending on your dealer, your new order with Sasquatch may still end up being built. A short backstory: Ford pulls orders by dealer allocation, reservation timestamp, priority code, and then commodities. This is why you may have heard people say they know someone with the exact same build get their Bronco first, even though the person reserved/ordered later than they did.

Making the Choice

Non-SAS Bronco, SAS Bronco

The decision between a non-SAS Bronco and one with it really comes down to your personal preferences. Here are both sides of some key factors to consider.

Off-Roading Capability

The Sasquatch package adds several features that enhance the Bronco's off-road performance, including the locking differentials and higher ground clearance. If you plan on doing a lot of off-roading in different terrains and of varying intensity, then the Sasquatch package may be a good choice, for the lockers, tires, and additional clearance.

Even here, though, it depends on your trim. If you’re getting a Badlands, you can easily skip the Sasquatch package, thanks to the standard features and fact that going to larger tires will actually give you less articulation and travel off-road. 

Want a stamp of approval on going non-Sasquatch or staying stock with any Bronco? Just ask Bronco historian and off-roader Todd Zuercher or champion pro driver Brad Lovell for their opinions. Both are fans –– A Badlands on 33s is an awesome build to wheel right off the line, no 35s or upgrades necessary. See for yourself: Watch ours in action in the video below.

But if you know you won’t be able to resist getting 35s in the future, you’re better off starting with them from the factory –– to do it right, there’s more to adding bigger wheels and tires while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle than simply getting them to fit.

Driving Experience

The larger tires in the Sasquatch package can improve the Bronco's clearance, but they can also make the ride less comfortable on the road. If you plan on using your Bronco primarily for daily driving, you may prefer the non-Sasquatch package for its quieter ride.

However, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks come with the HOSS 1.0, which has good shocks, but the Sasquatch (or Badlands) HOSS 2.0 Bilsteins may feel better to you.


The Sasquatch package is a premium option that adds several thousand dollars to the cost of the Bronco upfront, and then there's the long-term maintenance (tires, shocks, and fuel expenses). If you're trying to stick to a certain budget, the non-Sasquatch package may help keep your mind on the trails and not on your wallet.

On the flip side, a Sasquatch package Bronco may have a better resale value, seeing as it is so desirable now.

Want to go deeper with help on configuring your order? Get others’ opinions in the Bronco Nation forums.


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