Reminder: You Cannot Order a Heritage Limited Edition

Oct 27, 2022

By Laura Zielinski

This is a notice to anyone who “successfully” ordered a Heritage Limited Edition (HLE) Bronco through their dealer: Your order for an HLE will be canceled if it hasn’t already been. Here’s why.

Special Edition with Unique Appeal

The Heritage Limited Edition had the community intrigued since the first rumors of it. The speculations of a white roof, wheels, grille, and legacy-inspired colors kept some people from converting reservations and had others 99-ing orders in hopes of getting this trim one day. 

With the August announcement of the Badlands-based Heritage Limited Edition, interest grew –– the Bronco style some were waiting for was now a reality. Firm details on how to get an HLE weren’t released on launch day, past encouraging customers to talk to their dealer about availability. Still, customers were ready to switch their order as soon as the 2023 banks opened on September 21.

Unfortunately for those customers, when the order banks did open, Ford shared that the Limited would only be available as dealer stock –– no one could order it. Dealers received this fact on September 12 and got a second update from Ford on September 21. 

However, since the dealer ordering system let dealers enter orders for the Heritage Limited, some still did.

“Successful” Orders

Being produced as 1,966 2-door and 1,966 4-door Broncos spread out over two model years and available in trim-exclusive Robin’s Egg Blue, Yellowstone Metallic, or Peak Blue paint, the Heritage Limited Edition has a special appeal, and we can see why people tried for it.

After dealers input orders for this vehicle, customers even received the automated order confirmation email from Ford. Weeks later, however, dealers have begun updating customers that these orders placed will not be able to be carried out.

As Ford has said, dealers will receive at least one of the 3,932 Heritage Limited Edition Bronco 2- or 4-doors in either 23MY or 24MY. The dealer can sell this vehicle to anyone; it won't be available to order.

If your dealer entered an order for an HLE, please work with them to select another trim. You’ll want to do this before Nov. 21, when orders/reservations not converted to a ’23 will be removed from the system.

And if you want the looks of the Heritage Limited Edition and don’t care about having the underpinnings of a Badlands, the Big Bend-based Heritage Edition, with its similar styling, can be ordered as a late-availability model for 2023.

For those who have their hearts set on a Heritage Limited Edition Bronco only, work quickly to find a dealer who will sell their allocation to you. Some in the community have reached agreements with their dealer on purchasing their allocation. 


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