How-To Video: Installing Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders on 2021+ Bronco

May 05, 2022

The Bronco Nation’s how-to expert Jon Melton of Nashville Early Bronco is back again, and this time to show you how to install Rock Slide Engineering’s step sliders on your 6th gen Bronco.

We can’t say enough positive comments about the RSE products and team, and we appreciate them sharing their time and garage with us, as well as walking the community through the step slider installation instructions. Don’t forget, Bronco Nation members get 10% off all Rock Slide Bronco products … and we think you’ll like them as much as we have so far.

How to: Step Slider Installation

Getting right into installing:

  1. If you have factory rock rails, remove the 11 bolts holding them in place and remove the rails (0:45).
  2. Lay out the wiring harness along the driver’s side of the Bronco and remove the fuse from the harness (1:00). Zip tie the harness to the factory harness running down the frame rail.
  3. Connect the harness under the engine bay (1:35). Run the harness through the wheel well and up through the engine bay. Attach the red wire to the positive battery terminal, and the black wire to the negative, using a 10mm socket and ratchet.
  4. Then, run the harness up to the dash (2:02). On a 4-door, start by removing the rear rocker panel and pull up the carpet, if equipped, to get to the passive drain plug. Remove the plug and feed the connectors through the hole. Cut into the provided grommet and thread the connectors through, then press the grommet into the drain plug hole. Run the harness under the Bronco and repeat the process on the passenger side.
  5. Hide the harness under the interior trim pieces and start on the front (2:56). Place the harness under the footrest and work it up toward the steering column. Lower the steering column to expose the bolt where the switch will attach, then attach the switch bracket and reinstall the bolt (10mm socket). Plug the red, yellow, and black wires into the switch and insert the switch into the bracket (3:40).
  6. Run the harness to the passenger side (4:46). Zip tie the Rock Slide harness to the factory harness. Push the harness over the fuel tank and over the frame rail. Secure the harness under the trim on the passenger side as you did on the driver’s side.
  7. Now you can prep and install the brackets (5:22). Install the rubber trim pieces on both sliders. Install the first bracket under the front driver’s side door. Remove the Bronco’s bolts and slide them through the spacer plate. Install the spacer plate. Loosen the body bolt underneath with a breaker bar, just enough to slide in the bracket (6:03). Install the second bracket on the pinch seam (6:21). Brackets three and four go on right down the row (6:30). The fifth bracket goes on the body bolt by the back door (6:50).
  8. Before installing the step sliders, pull the circuit board and motor connector through the last cutout on the slider (7:10). Get a buddy and lift the step slider in place. Slide the step slider bolts through the pinch seam holes on the Bronco. There are six bolts on the slider; one and three are smaller (use a 5/16 socket) (7:36). Two, four, five, and six use a ½ socket.
  9. Plug the circuit board and motor connector into the harness (7:51). Insert and tighten the remaining bolts (½ socket). Repeat the brackets and bolts install on the passenger side.
  10. Put the step triggers in place (8:33). Start on the driver’s side. Peel one side of the adhesive cover off and stick the adhesive to the sensor. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the pinch seam. Stick the sensor in place at the edge of the plastic molding. Expose the adhesive on the foam wire protector and stick it on the inside of the pinch seam. Connect the door sensor to the blue wire connector and tuck it inside the rocker panel (9:10). Clean the underside of the door with an alcohol pad and expose a small part of the adhesive (9:21). Stick it on the door and test your alignment. Turn the system on and see if the door magnet aligns with the sensor on the body. If everything works, mark the magnet’s location and remove the remaining adhesive cover. Stick the magnet back on the door and repeat the process on the other door(s).

Additional Slide Step Options

Jon walks you through some extras you might want to add: the step slider skid plates for additional strength and protection, lights that illuminate when the doors open, and the door delete kit. Check out these products as well as the steps, tailgate table, and racks on Rock Slide Engineering’s site.

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