Announcing a New Bronco Nation Member Benefit: Rock Slide Engineering Discount!

Apr 19, 2022

If you follow our YouTube channel and Instagram account, then you may have seen an awesome announcement last week: We have a new partnership with Rock Slide Engineering for 10% off all of their Bronco products! Members received an email introducing them to their newest discount and the code to use. The code has unlimited use; shop as much as you'd like with it.

Rock Slide Engineering has been creating and manufacturing products for off-road vehicles since 2005, and all their products are made in-house in Logan, Utah. The Bronco Nation team has toured the factory, installed the sliders and tailgate table on our Bronco, and has been impressed with the RSE team’s customer service and how engaged they are with the community.

Even just recently, they spent many hours with Bronco Nation in Moab, picking up trash with us at Sons of Smokey, riding trails with you all, and hanging out around the fire at Bronco Basecamp. It’s one thing to love the products a company puts out, and it’s another to get to know the makers of it.

Speaking of the products, it’s clear why people talk highly of them. I first saw the Rock Slide step sliders in action at Super Celebration West 2021 on Mitch Watt’s Bronco. I listened to his positive review, but part of me was a skeptic: Sliders are a must-have in body protection for sure, but –– and I’m being mostly serious –– don’t any steps take the fun out of scrambling up into your Bronco? I like high vehicles and the challenge of jumping in; it makes me feel like I’m getting into an SUV capable of doing something.

My opinion quickly changed once they were added onto the Bronco Nation Bronco.

In just a day, I realized how much I had come to enjoy the step sliders when I started opening the doors of other Broncos and waiting for a step to drop down before trying to enter. As it turns out, an easy entry does not make your off-road vehicle less capable ... and once I have my Bronco, these would be a favorite to add.

Waterproof Rock Slide Steps for Bronco

The company durability tests their products thoroughly in their facility as well as heavily out on the trail. Our team has also put them to the test, and so far, all claims have held up, including the waterproof feature.

The two-tiered tailgate table is sturdy, thoughtfully designed with a bottle opener and garbage bag holder, supports up to 100 pounds, and doesn’t rattle. It was fun to demonstrate both products to our friends at Basecamp, something we only do if we’re into the item and believe you all can benefit from owning it.

Be sure to check out the other Bronco products Rock Slide Engineering produces, including racks and additional armor. We're excited to partner with them in helping you save some money, see their parts on your Bronco, and hear what you think!

If you’re not currently a Bronco Nation member, join us! Not only will you get this deal, you will also receive a code for 10% 4WP Factory Bronco products and 10% off in the Bronco Nation store on gear, plus more benefits!


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