Rigid Light Bar + Upfitter System Install and Review From Juggernaut Performance


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Mar 19, 2020
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Juggernaut Performance has been posting some install and review content over on Facebook. Check them out here!

Also, check out their install of some other Bronco accessories here.

Here's what they have to say about the Rigid light bar:

The roof accessory mounts are fantastic. Simply remove the plastic covers very easily and you're left with two studs.

We installed the Rigid roof bar (wiring will be done next week). It's very easy and self explanatory. Simply fasten the Brackets to the covers and bolt them back down! Plug holes with the covers. And boom, done! You can figure out the rest. It is not hard

Now for wiring! Ford did a great job setting this vehicle up for maximum ease of install! There are pre run accessory harnesses up to the right roof area, a pillar, and front and rear bumpers! We tapped the roof wiring for the light bar install. You can see in the pictures that there are small channels in the weatherstrip that seem to be made for this purpose. We passed our harness through, and then sealed it up with silicone. However, the drain channel is there, so the silicone was likely not necessary. We then wrapped right around into the trim panels. Both the outer panel and trim panel pop right off. Ford even provides new clips for this! As they don't always survive.

The visor is held on by one bolt, and a harness quick disconnect, then folds down and out of the hole. At this point you can see the upfitter wire there, taped to the main harness. Simple connect power to this wire, using the provided heat shrink and connector. Ford heat shrink is extremely nice, just make sure you heat it to the point of glue coming out both ends! We decided to ground with an eyelet and additional nut, on the weatherstrip stud, and it worked great.

Moving down to the right kick panel, we need to connect the roof lead to the main body lead. You can find both here, with two choices to jump over to the main fuse box area. We connected the roof harness wire to the white main wire.

From here we jump to the area just behind the main BJB. Here you will see the other end of the two wires in the kick panel area, as well as 6 colored leads (going to the upfitter switches). We chose Switch 2 for a 15 amp fuse, (saving the big one for the winch or other heavy draw items). Another connection, and boom. Done. Upfitter switch 2 now controls the lightbar!


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