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Ford Installation Guide Takes the Guesswork Out of Upfitting

Ford Installation Guide Takes the Guesswork Out of Upfitting

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By Dusty Rhodes

Today Ford announced the release of a free 25-page Bronco Equipment Installation Guide intended to make upfitting the all-new Bronco easier. Download your PDF copy of the guide below.

The guide covers a wide range of topics from the location of safety sensors and cameras to accessory points, axle ratios, and cooling considerations. “The Ford Bronco Installation Guide was designed to assist enthusiasts and builders with the upfit of their vehicle,” said Greg Hawkins, engineer at Ford Motor Company.

For instance, the guide provides important engine cooling considerations with a helpful red, yellow, green, graphic.

Helpful graphics (page 16) show the risk levels associated with adding accessories that block or restrict airflow to the cooling components or turbo charger.

The all-new Bronco is equipped with Ford’s Co-Pilot 360, adapted and upgraded to deliver a powerful suite of safety technology for both on and off-road use. This technology includes a very useful 360-degree camera, literally a lifesaver when navigating tough obstacles, avoiding the need for a full-time spotter when rock crawling or climbing. On road, this technology gives you a front and rear wide-angle camera as well as a useful overhead view –– it’s magic, useful for getting in and out of tough spots. For everyday driving, Advanced Emergency Braking pre-loads the brakes if it detects an obstacle in your intended path. If the driver fails to take action, it will begin to apply the brakes for you.

To prevent this finely tuned and sophisticated safety technology from being impacted by modifications made by a builder, Ford has outlined Sensor Field Zones that should not be changed to maintain the integrity of the system.

The widely publicized Bronco Bolts are covered in detail with specifications including location and load bearing capabilities. Helpful torque specifications and bolt sizes are included to keep your accessories secure and avoid those annoying real-time internet searches for the information.

For those looking to add a lift or new set of rims and tires, Ford has spelled out specific details on approach and departure angles, tire sizes, and axle and transmission ratios. Detailed GVWR and body and frame mounting points are also detailed in the publications to ensure you don’t overload your rig.

The Ford Bronco Installation Guide release is timely, as Broncos resume full production and owners begin to make their unique modifications.

Head over to the forums and let us know what you find the most useful about the guide and what you think it is missing. We will consolidate your feedback and share it with Ford. Here at Bronco Nation, our goal is to make owning a Bronco easier!

Will you be using this guide in your upfit? Tell us about it in the forums.



  1. Really appreciate the access to these fantastic documents. I also found my 2020 Ranger there.

    As you read, it is impressive the engineering that goes into even the fasteners and how to prevent galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals, etc. We shouldn’t think everything is as it appears. The days when everything was steel or cast iron are long gone. There are many different types of metal employed to create a lightweight and durable vehicle and forgetting to follow properly designed fasteners or as shown, blocking openings in the grill can have a detrimental effect on the vehicle longevity and operability.


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