Ford Confirms MIC Hard Tops Are Still a Constraint

Jan 25, 2022

Ford has been consistent in telling the community that to receive your Bronco faster, you may want to consider switching from a hard top to a soft top.

Now, a rumor is circling the internet that the hard top constraint is over.

Bronco Hard Top Constraint

This rumor is not true. Bronco brand manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings addressed this commodity constraint last night on Bronco Nation’s community question and answer session, calling the hard top the top ordering issue.

“MIC top is still the number one most constrained commodity from an order perspective,” he said.

Thankfully, this is not new news to the community, and that even though it’s not good news, we have been hearing about positive movement from MAP in recent weeks, which Esteban reiterated.

“MAP is ramping up their production right now, so we’re continually building more and more Broncos per month,” he said.


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