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Ford Confirms MIC Hard Tops Are Still a Constraint

Ford Confirms MIC Hard Tops Are Still a Constraint


Ford has been consistent in telling the community that to receive your Bronco faster, you may want to consider switching from a hard top to a soft top.

Now, a rumor is circling the internet that the hard top constraint is over.

Bronco Hard Top Constraint

This rumor is not true. Bronco brand manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings addressed this commodity constraint last night on Bronco Nation’s community question and answer session, calling the hard top the top ordering issue.

“MIC top is still the number one most constrained commodity from an order perspective,” he said.

Thankfully, this is not new news to the community, and that even though it’s not good news, we have been hearing about positive movement from MAP in recent weeks, which Esteban reiterated.

“MAP is ramping up their production right now, so we’re continually building more and more Broncos per month,” he said.



  1. Being a reservation holder since 10/20/20 has made me increasingly anxious waiting for my special ordered Bronco. Hearing that the MIC top is still having quality or manufacturing constraints is a bit concerning to say the least. My order is for a 2 door. I am not sure if the 4dr share any of the same panels, but either way it seems as though it doesn’t matter what one was ordered. It would be interesting to know a few more details.

    1. Thanks for the background, Joseph, and for voicing your concerns. I can tell you that Ford has taken care of the quality issue (https://thebronconation.com/forums/threads/bronco-top-news-ford-says-replacement-program-should-be-complete-in-november.7406/), and has been turning out more hard topped 2-doors — seemed like right around the last couple months of 2021. We hope you get your Bronco soon, and we’ll keep getting questions on tops and constraints answered from Ford as we can for you.

  2. I’m wondering, with all the R&D that went into this vehicle, why weren’t these issues ironed out pre-production?

  3. I received my Bronco mid October after waiting 13 months (and eventually caving and settling for a soft top). I had to settle for the soft top because my current truck was on it’s last leg and I couldn’t hold out any longer. Any idea on when current owners will be able to purchase a hardtop? I’m desperate to convert it during the winter months in northern Indiana. My dealer never seems to have any answers.

  4. It seems that Ford only cares about getting the hard top out their for the 4 doors and not the 2 doors. I reserved mine in September 2020 and it seems that Ford only cares about getting more 4 dr models out and not going by the reservation stamps.

  5. I’ll check with my dealer about changing from a 2 door to 4 door soft top. 2 or 4 is not a big deal to me…. just want my Bronco.

  6. I changed my order from a hard top to soft and received my Bronco in Nov. 2021. When will I be able to order a hard top since I had to compromise my original order?

  7. Considering that two-door models can only be ordered with a hardtop, would it be too selfish to wish that Ford would produce hard tops only for two-doors until production caught up? Or at least at a high ratio of 4:1 or 3:1 two-door vs. four-door hard tops?

  8. I thought I had waited a bit longer than most but to see someone who has an order from 07/2020 still hadnt receive his Bronco I fell better about mine from 02/2021. But a little more communication from Ford to either the dealers or directly to the customer about build dates would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I’m a July 2020, 2 door Big Bend Bronco reservation holder & March 2021 converted reservation. Could someone from Ford provide me with a little more information regarding a production date (at least a date range?) and can someone at Ford give me an estimated production date if I converted my order to a 4 door soft top; my dealer can’t provide either production date. I would like the information so I can make a decision whether to convert my order or not? As mentioned above more communication from Ford to either the dealers or directly to the customer about build dates is the minimum customer service expectation from an established company like Ford. As a stockholder, I hate to see the brand tarnished from lack of communication and poor marketing, like rolling out the Raptor Bronco before taking care of the 2020 reservation holders. My biggest frustration with Ford stems from the fact that my Dad, who was a 1969 Ford Bronco owner, was excited to be able to ride again in a Bronco.

    1. I had my reservation placed in July 2020 for Outer Banks 4 door hard top, I placed my order in January 2021 and confirmed my order again in October 2021. I followed up with my dealer a couple times and they are frustrated as I am. It may be November or December 2022 before we get production information and may not receive my order until 2023. I am not holding my breath anymore and if my order shows up I will take it, in the meantime I have moved on with another used F150 truck until the time comes for my Bronco.

  10. As a life long Ford driver, a 7/17/20 reservation holder, and still waiting on a 4-door Bronco Ford’s Communictaions is terrible. The dealers don’t know or won’t tell and Ford just doesn’t care I guess as they won’t give you a date. So they are tone deaf and advertise that people will get the Raptor this summer and dealers are getting Broncos but reservation holders are not. Very frustrating and frankly more disappointing

  11. As a long time Ford owner I agree if the raptor gets delivered before my 2 door big bend I will cancel. It may be time to look at other manufacturers.

  12. I finally received my Bronco but had to give up my hardtop and the wench to do so. My question is, will I still be able to get both at the advertised price once they are truly available?
    But we love our Outer Banks 4 door Bronco.

  13. Im so frustrated… as well… July 2020 Reservation… 1/2021 conversion to order.. 2 Door Anitmatter Blue Wildtrack MIC roof rails, tubular bumpers, powder coated side steps, tow package on 10/2021 I had to change my order because they cancelled the antimatter blue (Even though I reserved and ordered more than a year before they cancelled) cancelled roof rack options so in 10/2021 I changed color to Cyber Orange and removed roof rack option.. 1/2022 I cancelled tow package as they was told to me by dealer is a constraint to getting my order built…. so here we are… 18 months after initial reservation still no direct communication from Ford or from Dealer, still no build date, still no estimated timing, yet ford releasing another special order Bronco… WTF?? for real.. we will see 2 door Braptors on the street before those 2 door reservation holder from 7/2020 guaranteed… why? Because Ford is not playing the customer care card.. they are playing the $$$ is more important.. they reservation holders are already upset so lets not make others upset just keep those reservation holders in the dark and feed them nothing.. I am about 60 days away from cancelling my order and giving my money to Dodge who is keeping their customers in the loop.. that Trex looking better and better

  14. I initially ordered my 2door hardtop one year ago on January 25 so far nothing from Ford. So you all that ordered in September are in for a long wait.


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