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Ford and Filson Partner to Support the National Forest Foundation

Ford and Filson Partner to Support the National Forest Foundation


2021 Ford Bronco Firecrew Rig in Partnership with Filson

Ford Motor Company unveiled the 2021 Ford Bronco Filson Firecrew concept rig on Thursday outside of Seattle, WA.  This one-of-a-kind vehicle takes the capability and durability of Ford’s newest 4×4 SUV and outfits it like never before. Firecrew concept was built to honor and support wildland firefighters and the National Forest Foundation (NFF) who work day-in and day-out to protect and rebuild our nation’s National Forests.

Ford started with a 4-Door Badlands trim Bronco with both the Sasquatch package and Lux equipment group. The powertrain features the 2.7L V6 engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission. The Bronco was painted in the iconic Forest Service Green that adorned the historic rig originally built for the U.S. Forest Service. With paint complete, the outfitting process began. Ford worked with wildland firefighters, fire truck designers, and the NFF to spec a vehicle that suited all the needs and wants of a wildland firefighter.

This concept combines the ruggedness and capability of a wildfire rig with the comfort, elegance, and durability of signature Filson materials. The business end of the vehicle starts right behind the front two seats. A transparent partition separates the cab from the working area that now replaces the second row of seats and extends into the cargo area. According to a Ford press release, “A Kimtek® FIRELITE® Fire/Rescue Transport skid with Hannay Reels® fire hose, Davey® high-pressure water pump and 50-gallon water tank is mounted in back, while a STIHL® chainsaw, two hard hats, a high lift jack and Sure Seal® drip torch are latched to the skid.” In addition to this, the custom roof rack is equipped with a Pulaski, shovels, axes, and is able to double as a lookout platform to scope out the surrounding area.

Moving to the front of the vehicle, you start to see the bespoke elements that Filson and Ford have integrated into this concept. The seats feature black quilted leather, the same leather used in their jackets, and otter green duck canvas on the bolsters, center console, and door roll-overs. The bucking bronco emblem that is usually finished in satin chrome has been swapped for a brass plated badge, and the bucking bronco on the rear of the vehicle, usually satin chrome, is now represented in matte black.

This collaboration goes beyond just the vehicle: it underscores a larger effort of conservation and reforestation. Ford + Filson are supporting the NFF’s effort to plant 50 million trees in 2021 through the Bronco Wild Fund®. The planting of these trees starts the arduous process of addressing the over 1.1 million acres in need of reforesting.

Finally, Ford + Filson have announced that they will donate two of these Firecrew Broncos to wildland fire stations with the highest need in consultation with the National Forest Foundation.

We’re excited to see a new Bronco that not only pushes the creative limits of this vehicle but also represents an overarching message of preservation that will allow Bronco owners to enjoy America’s outdoors for generations to come.

Filson Ford Bronco Fire Fighting Equipment
Filson Ford Bronco Top Rack
Filson Ford Bronco Label
Filson Ford Bronco Seat
Filson Ford Bronco Rear
Filson Ford Bronco Fire Fighting Ware Pump


  1. Such an awesome vehicle to see in person! Great job to both the Ford and Filson team on outfitting this thing!


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