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First Look at Lightning Blue Bronco

First Look at Lightning Blue Bronco


The Blue Bronco has come. Yesterday, the first Lightning Blue pre-production Bronco made its way down the assembly line at the Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP). A Bronco Nation correspondent was on hand to cover the event and get some shots of the completed Bronco.

Lightning Blue is available in other Ford vehicles but for Bronco, it’s the exclusive color for the First Edition trim. This 2-Door shows just how stunning the paint color can be. Interestingly, in our photos, the distinctive brush guard that is available with other Broncos but standard only on First Edition, hasn’t been installed yet. Presumably this happens at a different part the production process.

The interior is leather trimmed vinyl in Navy Pier. Ford is planning on releasing an all-black leather interior for First Edition, but we don’t believe that one has been produced yet. Bronco Nation will be on the lookout for that interior and forwarding pics to the Nation as soon as we can.


    1. The bumpers are present. The safari bar or brush guard is not. As mentioned in the article, we believe that installing the brush guard happens at a different part of the process. Also, note that the top is missing. This might mean that this pre production unit is destined to be used for trying out some aftermarket options.

  1. i really like this color. I also thought this wasn’t a FE only because the brush guard was missing, and then I READ the details. Can we get this color for Badlands please?

  2. As a FE reservation holder, I think Lightening Blue is a really nice color; but IMO Navy Pier interior clashes with it, especially on the door panel. I would opt for full black interior with Lightening Blue.


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