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Fastest Way to a 2021 Bronco

Fastest Way to a 2021 Bronco


For some time now, unscheduled Bronco order holders have looked forward to a May production update from Ford. Now, near the end of month, Ford has sent the email. While it’s not the update people want, it IS an update on the overall state of affairs, and thankfully, the material contained in it is nowhere near the possibilities people were speculating.

Bronco Production Update Email 5.28.2021

We’ve all known for a while that there are certain items that can set your order back in production. These are dealer allocations, timestamps, and commodities. However, it’s become increasingly clear that commodity availability now outweighs them all –– roofs holding the most impact.

The key information from this communication: If you want a Bronco in 2021, changing your order is the surefire way to cut closer to the front of the line.

Drop the hard tops. Switch out of the Badlands and Wildtrak trims. Remove the Sasquatch and tow packages and add them on as aftermarket options instead. With these changes, you’ll likely jump way ahead in the queue.

And if you want to be even more certain yours will be built this year, an anonymous source at Ford gave us the ideal Bronco build:

“A Big Bend 4-door automatic with the 2.3L engine will catapult you to about as close to the front of the line as you can get.”

What’s most important to you? If you want a 21MY, some tradeoffs are necessary. Remove the recommended items, and you’re likely to get yours in 2021. And if for whatever reason you don’t, you’ll remain in line and be price protected for 2022.



Is Michigan Assembly Plant still on track to begin customer deliveries this summer? Yes. The all‐new 2021 Bronco 2‐door and first‐ever Bronco 4‐door is on‐track for summer deliveries and Michigan Assembly Plant is just weeks away from starting volume production!

Of the millions Ford is investing, can you share how much is going to fix your hardtop supplier issue? And do you have a second or third hardtop supplier coming online? We are taking all of the necessary actions with our supplier partners to get through this roof and commodity Bronco bottleneck. While we are investing millions of dollars to fix our roof supply issue, the benefits from that investment unfortunately won’t materialize overnight. Our goal is to build as many customer Broncos at the highest quality this year.

Will you need to cut production this year because of the roof issue? We are working as fast as we can to try and get through the roof and commodity Bronco bottleneck. Our goal is to build every customer order as quickly as possible.

Given the challenges, will hardtop roof production continue for 21MY? Yes. Orders with the molded in color (MIC) hardtop will be built throughout the 2021 Model Year. However, our production capacity doesn’t match up with the actual orders we received and as a result, those waiting for a MIC hardtop will experience longer waits due to roof availability.

You have communicated the hard top is constrained based on production capacity vs orders received, what about the soft top? Based on current production forecast, there is an opportunity for those looking to get a Bronco quickly, to order a Bronco with a soft top. Avoiding key commodity constraints (Hardtop Roof, 2.7L engine, Lux or Sasquatch Package, Badlands/Wildtrak, Safari Bar or Trailer Tow package, etc.) will increase the likelihood for 2021MY production based on overall part availability vs demand.

When will Bronco customers receive an estimated delivery window communication? We currently do not have enough foresight into roof availability to accurately provide a delivery window. Instead, we will continue to notify customers as their Bronco two‐door or four‐door model is:

  • Ordered – Order has been placed with Ford
  • Scheduled – Vehicle has been scheduled to an approx. build week (45‐60 days ahead of production)
  • Built ‐ Vehicle is produced and awaiting final calibrations and plant accessory installs. It will include the estimated arrival date.
  • Shipped ‐ Vehicle has past final quality checks and is on its way to dealer. It will include the latest estimated arrival date.

Have all 2021MY Broncos been scheduled for production? No. Scheduling will continue on a monthly basis with the following cadence: o First Week of The Cycle: First Edition orders o Second Week of The Cycle: Full month of scheduling o Subsequent Weeks: Scheduling runs until the operating plan is full

How are Bronco two‐door and four‐door First Edition customers impacted by hardtop roof production challenges? All Bronco First Edition orders will be built throughout the 2021 Model Year with the previously announced MIC roof.

Will customers who have placed their order, now be pushed into 2022 model year? As communicated previously, given demand, we anticipate deliveries to continue through the 2022 calendar year, with some customers getting a 2022 model year Bronco. Delivery timing is based on a number of factors including reservation timestamp, part availability, and the number of Bronco vehicles each dealer receives.

How can customers receive their Bronco sooner? Customers willing to avoid key commodity constraints (Hardtop Roof, 2.7L engine, Lux or Sasquatch Package, Badlands/Wildtrak, Safari Bar or Trailer Tow package, etc.) will have a higher likelihood for 2021MY production based on part availability.



  1. The funny thing is I have a Defender ordered as well. It keeps looking like the Defender will get here first and will be several thousand cheaper thanks to dealer mark ups going through the roof

  2. Order forecasts by model and accessory were obviously gravely off. Can’t really justify why those commodity forecasts were so inaccurate – tow packages, MIC tops, V6 engine package, safari bars no excuse. Sasquatch maybe, but certainly not to this degree. I’ve been in manufacturing for 40 years (automotive, trucking, etc) and know forecasting has its limitations, but this really makes Ford look like they dropped the ball. I’m sticking with my order as submitted, as making the recommended changes leaves me with a Bronco that I will not be pleased with. My suggestion to Ford is to learn from these mistakes and don’t repeat them on the Lightning.

  3. In retrospect I’m sure Ford still doesn’t think it was a mistake to build soft tops without electrical or washer fluid connections.

    I, for one, would definitely switch to a soft top right now because I want an aftermarket roof with some glass in it anyway.

  4. I am going to leave my oder as is as well. This past year obviously was unexpected. I would rather Ford take their time in building my truck versus slapping it together. I will get it when I get it. Staying thankful.

    1. Very smart decision I am doing the same thing I’m a little worried I have a first edition and I don’t want to be given unproven products as far as I’m concerned I can get my first edition in 2022 and I’ll still be happy with it why people are in such a rush let them build a better product

  5. I ordered a base package 2-door with manual transmission with the intent to do almost everything after market. I wonder when mine will come?

    1. Exactly, mine is a 2dr, MT also. Just baffling that every communication about hard tops focuses on those with 4dr units taking the option for the soft top. Crickets on what becomes of the 2dr orders except to convert to a 4dr. Why have the 2dr model if the Ford preferred method to get a Bronco this year is to convert to a Big Bend, 4dr, soft top, automatic.

  6. I was told by the Ford dealer that if I order a soft top I can’t add a hard top later to the vehicle. They recommended I order the MIC so I can add a soft top later if I want as an option. Has anyone else heard this?

    1. Hi Kelly, if you order the soft top, you won’t get the washer/defroster connections for the hard top. That’s been a frustration for many — a lot of customers would take a soft top now and wait for a hard top if only they could have the connections.

  7. Sacrifice the build I want just to get a Bronco? That is like buying a dealer ordered Bronco that they optioned just to get one on the lot. But, it is a BRONCO. I want my Bronco with all 5 commodity constraints. I will wait. Don’t want to look back with regrets.

  8. Leaving my manual transmission, 4-door Badlands with all the trim order as is.
    Hell, if it’s 2023 at 2021 price as my initial Ford
    Email said then so be it.
    Want it built right and the way I want it.

  9. This is the most nonsensical thing I have read, they have been promoting the Sasquatch package for a whole year as one of the main attractions of the new bronco, as well as the Badland trim that is the main attraction in all their events and now they say that if we want to receive this year we must remove these settings. They just need to say that if we want to drive something this year, let’s buy a Jeep! I’m going to wait for what I want, I have no problem, but as a consumer what they propose is something extremely ridiculous

  10. The email from Ford is ridiculous. We’ve known for months about the constraints and because of the constraints they gave themselves until the end of May to be able to figure all this out and were supposed to let us know about when our Broncos will be built. So I was expecting a build time frame date. Even if it would have been middle of 22 I figured that was what they gave themselves all those months to schedule out. The fact that they just blew smoke up our ass and essentially told all of us exactly what we already knew without any anticipated time frames on our Bronco builds show they are just buying time and have no good plan in place to give us realistic time frames.

    Bad call Ford to not live up to your word and give us an idea of anticipated build dates. Us Ford buyers have all done our part now at least be honest and get your shit together and give us an idea of build dates. So now we have no dates to look forward to and all hope to get an email. Will we get one in a week, a month or a year? who knows? Certainly can’t put our faith in anything Ford tells us anymore.

    Disappointing they would not live up to their word!

  11. Yea I’m keeping my Badlands with hardtop as ordered. I think they are fishing to see if anyone will bite the other setups that aren’t selling. And they already built!!!

    1. They are not building vehicles and trying to switch people, they are having supplier issues getting the correct parts for various models.

  12. Off the reservation I know but something that just puts things in perspective for me. I received an email from a vendor that anyone who owns a classic Bronco knows. Tom’s Bronco Parts. Basically they are being forced after 46 years of helping us keep our beloved vehicles going to change their company name because Ford doesn’t want another company infringing on the name sake. I have a comment for the lame leadership of Ford. Stop worrying about a company that has kept the fire burning for most of us and maybe focus on building and delivering the vehicle you promised! I no longer care to here the excuses that everyone seems to want to fall back on. You dropped the ball. Now focus on your FAILURE and get it right. I am one that is truly on the fence whether or not to wait, and if we’re to, what kind of product am I going to receive? Ford hasn’t handle this situation worth a crap, what makes you think they’ll handle it any better moving forward.

  13. Let me get a big bend with a lux package and it be a no brainer. I want the big screen and premium sound. Also since I ordered a 2 door can’t get a soft top. Wanted a white roof from the start and already sacrificing what I truly wanted and still being a day 1 reservation no build date.

  14. What we want, What Ford wants and what the country and more importantly what the world wants are now being influenced by something too big to see up close. A significant shift in ideologies is taking shape right in front of us but is so big and well camouflaged, it is difficult to identify. Demand is high for many “commodities” necessary to build our nation: wood, concrete, steel and plastics; some source nationally, some internationally; all are in short and shrinking supply. In a recent trip across four states, I saw one common theme – Help Wanted – signs everywhere with offers of unprecedented pay and even bonus if someone will just sign on to work. Nothing can be produced/made without workers which leads to a shortage in materials driven by a shift in work ethic. Going further on this train of though from here, opens that can of snakes – politics, which is not appropriate here, at all. Bottom line, this thing is bigger than Ford, than the ability to project production levels based on a model no longer able to accurately forecast. What Ford is failing to do is effect change in what it does control – i.e., shift to future proofing the lower model level to accommodate the upgradability of the Bronco mitigating sacrificed losses. Meaning, add the wiring and plumbing to a soft top order to make the later add of a MIC or Modular hardtop complete. As for the later add of Sasquatch, that becomes problematic with the required removal of current suspension and discarding that along with the added cost of the replacement system and labor. That right there was the big splash of the Bronco, that it came with a highly trail ready system over all the competition’s offerings. Now Ford is saying, go back to the old methodology of buying what is available and upgrade with after market to get the performance we promised – what a waste . To me, that philosophy has never made sense and Ford fixed that with the new Bronco, but now can’t deliver because of this emerging shift in ideology. Things are not going to get back to the old normal, but evolve into a new normal that has yet to take enough shape to understand just what that is going to be – only time will tell. Until then, I plan to wait for what I ordered and see if the system can right itself enough to deliver it.

  15. Did should provide hardtop provisions across all models configurations. Should simplify the build process while encouraging people to switch to soft tops.

  16. Dear Ford,

    Plumb and wire for the hard top and I’ll gladly take a soft top. I wanted both anyway, but that wasn’t an option when I ordered!

  17. What we saw at launch that we can’t order:
    Brown leather interior
    Both hardtop roofs
    Bull bar
    Tow pack
    7 sp
    Nice job Ford!
    Also good to see month later reservations being built before same day reservations with the same build! Way to dismantle your customer base!

  18. I’m leaving my order as is. If I don’t get it until next year then hopefully I’ll be price protected on a nice 23 4Runner

  19. I ordered a 2 door with hardtop of course, Badlands with 2.7 and mandatory but unwanted sutomatic transmission to later find that the auto is not the heavier duty used in the Ranger but a lighter duty one used in light duty units. That was a double bummer. As months have passed now and no build date is in sight it really makes me wish even more that I still had my two Eddie Bower Broncos that I sold after my wife’s death. Now at 77. I’m beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to enjoy my ordered unit. Oh well, may be my Son will.

  20. Parts shortages, production and manufacturing problems, all things that are happening everywhere across the country and the world. I would love to have my Wildtrak in this lifetime but I’m willing to wait for what I want and what I ordered.
    The real issue is lack of communication and a consistent message from Ford management and Ford dealers. Essentially Ford made a contact with all of us that if we do these things (make an early reservation, utilize the build page, confirm our order and pricing with the dealer) they would build the vehicle for us in a timely fashion with parts and accessories they offered and we picked. Ford should be in contact with each and everyone of us with an email weekly telling us about the progress they are making toward resolving the various supply and manufacturing issues. The new CEO who as a Ford shareholder I really like has pledged to Wall Street and shareholders transparency about Ford’s future plans and progress towards increased profitability, new products and manufacturing improvements. A weekly email directly from Ford and not via the rumor chain on this Forum or the 6G forum would go a long way to assuage my concerns and I’m sure many others here as well. Don’t try to get me to downgrade because your mouth made promises that your ass can’t keep. Make me a believer in your honest attempts to make this right.

  21. I’m keeping my order the same. Outer banks, lux, mic top, leather. Sasquatch, tow package, 2.7. I’m not willing to compromise anything but the tow package. The bright side is, the longer it takes to get it, the bigger down payment I’ll have.

    1. I agree. As long as we are price protected, we will be golden. This will be money in the bank. The minute you take delivery it will sell for more than you paid for it.


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