SEMA 2021 Tucci Hot Rods Ford Bronco Walkaround

Nov 05, 2021

All the Ford Broncos displayed in the Ford booth at SEMA 2021 shone, and the build by Tucci Hot Rods had its own way of standing out: The Bronco features the Mattracks 88 Series quad-tracks instead of tires.

Jordan takes the Bronco Nation through a walkaround of the build on the show floor, and talks with Dave Tucci, owner of the New York-based shop, and his son Dom Tucci, for their insight as well. It’s been an exciting week for the Tucci family: They secured Ford’s Best of Show award for their Maverick.

2021 Bronco by Tucci Hot Rods

This street-legal Bronco came off the line as a 4-door 2.3L 7-speed Badlands. While those features remain the same, the look of the Bronco has changed wildly from factory. To fit and showcase the tracks, Tucci cut into the fenders. The triangular design of the chop is echoed in the graphics on the wrap by Wayne Design-Sign, giving the already-boxy Bronco more angles than usual. Rigid Industries’ underbody lighting has been placed in the wheel wells.

RotopaX fuel cans take the place of the spare tire on the back, along with shovel. A Rigid chase light has been added to the custom racking holding these items in place.

Jordan highlights the Ford Performance cat-back exhaust with black chrome tips by Borla next, and the powered running boards by Amp Research.

Yakima racking graces the top of the Bronco, but Tucci customized the length of these EXO SnowBank mounts to be about half of the original. The shop also laser-cut brackets for the Rigid Adapt light bar.

On the front, Tucci placed another Adapt bar under the Warn Bronco winch kit and added an exoskeleton to the bumper along with Rigid fog lights.

Watch our full video to see the Bronco in its glory as well as hear about it directly from the Tucci family.

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