Bronco Racing Wins In Mexico

May 17, 2021

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Even those newer to the off-roading community are by now becoming fast familiar with certain names – all legends in their own rights and for Bronco as well. These include Baja racer Shelby Hall, rock crawler and championship winner Brad Lovell, and the Fun-Haver team of world-champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and off-road star Loren Healy.

In our last article, you watched Vaughn and Loren pull off some Moab stunts in the Bronco and Sport, and today, they are back again in the headlines for ULTRA4 placements from this past weekend in Mexico.

RTR Vehicles’ team announced the two racers placing and said the following about their times:

“Heading into Saturday’s 110-mile El Rey de Las Bajas, Loren Healy needed to advance just two places from his third-place starting position. When the checkered flag waved five laps later, he’d done just that! Loren’s impressive outing gave him his first win of the season with a time of 2:53:00.877, approximately 42-seconds ahead of the second-place finisher.

Saturday’s event also proved another strong points day for Vaughn Gittin Jr. He made his way through dirty air and race traffic to climb from 13th to a sixth-place finish! Vaughn and his co-driver Eric Davis completed the five laps in 3:14:59.893. Vaughn returns to Formula Drift action this weekend for round two in Orlando, marking his second drift competition this month and third motorsports competition in as many weeks.”

Bronco 4400 Race Vehicles and 4600 Class

Even if you haven’t been an avid racing fan in the past, the Bronco association may be all you need to convert to one in the present. Vaughn and Loren were both driving Bronco 4400 race trucks, designed in the theme of the Bronco R Race Prototype.

These vehicles feature:

  • A fully custom tubular chassis with massive off-road tires and long-travel shocks
  • A high-power engine and custom 4×4 driveline systems build on Bronco brand’s goes over all terrain (G.O.A.T.) heritage
  • A race-prepped cabin that is highlighted by the first-ever FIA off-road certified Pro Pacer XL ORV race shells from Recaro®

In addition to the RTR Fun-Haver placements in the 4400 ULTRA4 Unlimited Class, Brad Lovell scooped up a first-place win in the 4600 Stock Class with his Bronco. He completed two laps in 1:26:22.644, nearly 10 minutes ahead of the second-place winner.

The 4600 vehicles feature:

  • Stock OEM Frame
  • Factory Engine
  • Factory Transmission
  • 35” DOT approved tires
  • Single 2.5 inch diameter shocks per corner
  • Mechanical Steering

You can read about the 4600 Stock Class Bronco and Ford’s purpose for it in our past article.

Bronco order holders have been waiting long for their vehicles, and we know you just want to have yours and drive it. Still, watching these expert drivers in their custom-built and stock-characteristic Broncos gets us pumped all over again for the 2021 vehicles and aftermarket parts, and we hope the racing excitement does the same for you.


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