May 14, 2021

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The 2021 Ford Bronco was born to conquer Moab. That it can is a fact, not an assumption: In addition to testing in Johnson Valley, California and on the Rubicon Trail, a lot more happened on the Utah trails. So, while it’s no surprise the vehicle can attempt –– and succeed at –– wild activities, that makes them no less fun to watch.

Speaking of fun, the Fun-Haver Off-Road team of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy lived up to the team name in a recent trip to Moab, Utah when Loren backed the all-new Bronco up Hell’s Gate. Vaughn stated that the Bronco’s capabilities made the forward climb “almost too easy.” It was only reasonable that the Fun-Havers then flipped the script and ran the Bronco in reverse up the iconic climb. Loren now holds the title of the first up Hell’s Gate backwards in the new Ford Bronco.

The Trail

For those unfamiliar, Hell’s Gate on Hell’s Revenge is typically considered fairly difficult, rated 6/10. The rock is slick, and at the top, the chute angle sharpens and width narrows. Drivers must be careful at the apex, or some ugly rollovers can occur. Once delivered, your Bronco may have the same capabilities as the one Loren drove, but remember, he’s a professional driver, and doing Hell’s Gate backwards is not a title the unexperienced should challenge!

The Sport

Not to be outshone, the Sport went up too. Even in drive, the stock Badlands’ climb up Hell’s Gate was no less impressive than the Bronco’s in reverse. Watch Loren tackle Hell’s Gate in the Ford Bronco Sport.

The Team

Need more fun? Vaughn and Loren both compete again in Ultra4 this Saturday at El Rey de Las Bajas in San Felipe, Mexico!


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