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Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas Opens in June

Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas Opens in June


It’s here: Bronco Off-Roadeo is set to open in Texas on June 28. Early this morning, we made the announcement about reservations opening, and now, feel the excitement build as you watch our video, read more details on locations, and prepare for your trip!

Beginning today, Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition owners as well as order-holders of the all-new Bronco are able to reserve their spot at the Texas location. Sign up at BroncoOffroadeo.com.

Three more Off-Roadeo parks are due to open later this year, rounding out the locations across the U.S.:

  • Mt. Potosi, Nevada
  • Moab, Utah
  • the Northeast

Details on the other three locations will be made available closer to each park’s opening later this summer and early fall.

Experience the Bronco Life Now

The Off-Roadeo events plunge you deep into the adventure, techniques, and lifestyle of the Bronco and Sport. Designed to thrill seasoned off-roaders and those new to the pastime alike, each day and a half session will leave you prepared to hit the trails and craving your next time outdoors.

“Bronco is more than a vehicle, it’s an outdoor brand, and the Bronco Off-Roadeo will help bring it to life,” said Lindsey Laporte, Bronco experiences manager. “It’s an immersive experience, and Bronco owners will come away with a greater level of off-road skills and a more thorough understanding of Bronco capability, all while being introduced to the Bronco Nation community.”

With input from off-road experts, including Vaughn Gittin Jr., King of the Hammers champion Loren Healy, and renowned off-road experiential manager Bob Burns, each location features courses designed to showcase the Bronco and Sport’s capabilities over a variety of rugged terrain, including desert, rocks, water, and muddy trails. You’ll learn when and how to use every bit of technology on your vehicle, as well as recovery techniques and navigation. Other Bronco Off-Roadeo experiences include opportunities to create epic travel adventures, such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking and more, as well as stay-and-play packages at nearby resorts.

“The Bronco Off-Roadeo doesn’t begin and end with off-roading,” said Laporte. “Trail riding is at the heart of each adventure, but visitors can complement their trail drive with other outdoor activities. And they’ll learn about the importance of treading lightly and treating the trails and nature responsibly.”

Book Your Trip

The Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo is located in Horseshoe Bay, near Austin. You’re invited to stay at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, an award-winning facility with watercraft rentals, seven on-property dining outlets, three championship golf courses, two resort-style pools, and more.

Order holders will also receive a $250 voucher to use toward gear from the Bronco Off-Roadeo, or to apply to the cost of bringing a guest with them or optional adventure experiences. Owners and order holders are able to bring up to three guests with them. The first guest attends for $595, and each additional guest is $295.

To learn more about Bronco Off-Roadeo and start your reservation, go to BroncoOffroadeo.com.




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