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Bronco Build & Price Updated for MY22

Bronco Build & Price Updated for MY22


Today, Ford updated the Bronco Build & Price site for MY22, letting customers configure a 2022 Bronco online.

Existing order holders can use the B&P website as a tool for when they update/confirm their order specifications with their dealer. On Oct. 15, online ordering launches, and non-converted reservation holders can order online.

Questions on MY22 ordering? Read 2022 Bronco –– What Do I Need to Do, and What are My Options?

New for MY22

Ford has announced several changes for the second year of production:

  • Wildtrak 4-door series has the soft top added to the hard top option.
  • Black Diamond and Badlands have the Capable bumper as standard.
  • Heavy-Duty Modular bumper is available on any trim.
  • Manual transmission with Sasquatch package is available.
  • Four-door Sasquatch package with roof rack has been added.
  • The slide-out tailgate will be coming (late availability).
  • Cyber Orange will be available on all series.

Additionally, the color visualizer has been updated with Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green, the two new colors for 2022. The retired colors of Antimatter Blue, Rapid Red, and Lightning Blue have been removed.

Putting It to Work

As you build your Bronco in the configuration tool, like with MY21, you’ll notice in practice where compatibility exists and does not. Things such as:

  • Trying to pair a manual Sasquatch with a 2.7L engine ­­–– It is available for the just the 2.3L EcoBoost engine.
  • Roof Rack with 4-Door Sasquatch is not available on Badlands with the 2.7L or on Wildtrak with full underbody skid plates.

And no new news for the community here either, but you’ll see changes to the Dealer Installed Options ­­–– several option combos have switched to à la carte. Join us tonight at 6 p.m. EST for a live broadcast with several members of the Bronco Nation team and community as well as the Ford Bronco team.

We’ll discuss these differences, pricing and price protection, and see a look at something new. Drop your questions below and add them to the Live chat tonight.

Head to the forums to find more topics regarding MY22: allocations, dealer changes, and other specifics.



  1. I have a vin for a build in November. I have a 2.7 Badlands Sas but want the roof rack. Can I now add the roof rack if not how can I purchase the stock roof rack amd not a third party aftermarket?

    1. Hi Craig, if you’re already scheduled, you aren’t able to make changes any longer. We’ll see if the OEM roof rails are offered separately, though.

  2. I see that on the order sheet it know shows the Wildtrak with MIC colored mirror covers and door handles. Is this correct? I hope not.. Last year the Wildtrak came with painted black mirrors caps and body color door handles, which go better with the painted black grille and rims…

      1. Why does the MY 22 build and price rendering for the Wildtrak still incorrectly show painted door handles and painted black mirror caps? This could lead to some serious confusion for Wildtrak reservation holders who didn’t get a chance to read the fine print in the new order guide.

        1. Agreed, Neil — the Build & Price has some details that need updating. Ford is aware of these, though, and is working on updating the site in stages.

  3. Will I need to contact my dealer if my Bronco ordered in January still does not have a production date or are they supposed to contact me to update my order for MY22?

    1. You do need to confirm your order. Your dealer should be reaching out to you, but make sure this is taken care of by October 28 (when vehicles will begin being scheduled for production). Right now, Ford has placed unscheduled MY21 orders in 99 status, and they won’t change priority code until you confirm your consent with your dealer. Make sure you get a signed purchase agreement at this point.

  4. I had heard a white hard top would be available in some trims of the 2022 model but I don’t see it under any of them. Do you know if this can be ordered?

  5. We have a VIN for a November build and wanted to know how we go about ordering an additional Hardtop for our new ride? We want to paint match and do some custom work to one, without being left in the cold without a replacement while we work on it.

    1. Hi Patriot Fastbacks, congratulations on the VIN, and it sounds like you have some cool stuff planned for your Bronco. Per the FAQs (https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/owner-resources/bronco/bronco-roof-frequently-asked-questions/#5), you’re going to need to wait about a year for an OEM hard top. “Q: How will I be able to get a hardtop roof when available, and what will it cost? A. Hardtop roofs are anticipated to be available in 2023 as an accessory ordered through the dealership. While we cannot provide a price yet, the freight shipping costs to get the roofs to our dealers will cause the cost to be higher than the factory-installed option.”

  6. If our dealer has not reached out to us, and we have a current reservation number (mine is 10294051), should I reach out to another dealer? I have tried to email my current dealer for updates over the last many months and had not been receiving responses, but maybe that is because they didnt have any updates

    1. Hi Brandon, dealers should be reaching out to customers, and some may have quite a few to go through. One of the dealers we know personally, Mitch Watts of Town and Country, said he’s going in order of timestamp. So if people reading haven’t heard from their dealers immediately, I wouldn’t be concerned just yet since we’re just two days in to this portion of the process. You’re certainly welcome to visit them in person/call/email, of course, because on Oct. 28, scheduling begins for MY22, and you may want to be out of 99 status by then.

    1. I spoke w/ my very nice dealer (North Bay Ford, Santa Cruz, CA) the other day and I have stopped in at other dealers just FMI on the road. They don’t know much more than we in the Nation know. My guy said he now has to call 200 order holders! Many business people, esp car dealers, aren’t responsive to e-mail. Escalate to a phone call w/ the personal touch.

    2. Thanks for that insight, Qhqhfilly, and Calvino, the orders are still orders, if I’m understanding what you’re referring to correctly — Ford placed all unscheduled orders into 99 status (which is still an order, not a step back to a reservation) so dealers can confirm with customers what they want to do for MY22. However, to the point of your question, on our livestream on Wednesday, our Ford guests said to contact customer service for any issue regarding dealer switches. Be aware the community is seeing a mixed bag of responses with them on that, but it could be worth the call.

    1. For a while, there was a moratorium on ordering online. It seems that online ordering has opened up again. For current order holders, Ford has a confusing series of FAQs at https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/owner-resources/bronco/bronco-order-holder-frequently-asked-questions/ There are “reservations,” “reservations converted to orders,” and “orders in production” (people who have rec’d their VINs, I think.)

      The link above contains a FAQ that says:
      “I have a converted order, why can’t I use the online ordering process?
      Currently, our systems only allow for non-converted reservations to be eligible for the online reservation to order system. Those with an existing order should work directly with their dealers on confirming their 2022 MY order.”

  7. I ordered a Badlands Sasquatch 2.7. I would love a roof rack. What are my options?

    Will the wireless phone charger be an à la carte option?

    Little confused about the floor mats. Based on the model above, what is the difference between the mats I get and the upgrade?

    Is ford working on a relocation kit for the front camera so I can install a winch without blocking the view?

    1. Hi Charles, for the 2.7L Badlands SAS, you’re still having to look at aftermarket options as of today. Wireless phone charger is tied to the Lux Package equipment group, so while Ford hasn’t said no, I doubt they will add it à la carte in the near future. We haven’t seen the enhanced mats yet, but we’ll post on that in the forums once we do. As for the camera relocation kit, WARN currently has one, and we’ll have to see what comes from Ford.

    1. Double checking on this, Marty, because I believe the trailer brake controller is not in the tow package. However, you can order one on https://accessories.ford.com/. VM2DZ-2C006-A is the only Ford-approved trailer brake controller compatible with all vehicle safety systems.

      1. Hey Marty — fact-checked myself, and yes, the trailer brake is NOT part of the tow package, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

  8. I’m ordering a 2022 Black Diamond. The 2022 ‘Build and Price’ tool doesn’t visualize the rock rails (which were standard on the 2021) but the 2022 ‘Guide’ says that that they are standard. The Modular bumper was replaced with the Capable bumper but are the Rock Rails still standard on the Black Diamond?

  9. Does anyone know whether making a color change on an existing order might delay production? (I wouldn’t dare add on any equipment/parts–that would seem to be asking for trouble/delays.)

    1. Qhqhfilly, right now, there’s no news on color changes delaying existing orders. Thankfully, colors have never been a constraint.

  10. I made my reservation in February For a 2 door. I understand there is a problem with hardtop’s. Will I be able to get delivery in the near future?

    1. Hi Waterman, 2-doors with hard tops have been problematic for awhile now; you’re correct in the hard tops causing delays. Ford has invested in fixing the commodity constraint as well as the tops themselves. However, in the Ford.com FAQs, they acknowledge the tops are still a constraint: “We’re continuing to accelerate our molded-in-color (MIC) hardtop roof production and availability, but know that the Bronco four-door model ordered with a soft top will continue to be the quickest way to a Bronco regardless of other commodities selected.” While we at Bronco Nation don’t know when you’ll be scheduled for production, we will continue to post news and stories that will help you be informed of what can help you in the process.

    1. When the Build & Price forces you out of an option of features such as plates + rails, it comes down to weight limits. Many accessories can be added as Dealer Installed Options, however.

  11. I am waiting for a 2 door Wildtrack with the painted hard top. I can’t get an answer from anyone at ford it this is going to be available. When I try to price and build a 2022, the painted top is no longer available. Do we know if is still going to be produced?

  12. Since I have waited this long, I’ve decided to hold out for the Raptor edition. However, these special editions (I know will be limited) and cannot be ordered until January. Can I keep my original reservation number and still order in January or will I lose my spot if I don’t convert it to a MY22 now?

    1. Ashley, you could convert to an MY22 order and 99 it so it’s not produced, or you can keep your original reservation. Neither will make you lose your timestamp (spot).

    1. Hi Jen, Bronco Raptor will be series just like Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Badlands, and Wildtrak. Right now, Ford has only announced it is coming, in case people want to wait and try and get that. So you won’t be able to find it in the Build & Price tool.

  13. My order has been converted to MY22 , by my dealer and is Listed as Priority 13. explain what this is. I have an Early
    Timestamp, and Original order was Placed Jan. 20. Also why does the Invoice come up with MY22 pricing, What about Price protection, ??

    1. Hey Coyote, Priority Codes 10-19 are used to signify a customer retail order. Since Bronco is comprised of all retail orders as a result of the reservation system, these priority codes in the typical sense have little impact on when actual scheduling will happen, since the emphasis is on timestamps. When it comes to priority codes, for Bronco, 99 carries the most weight, as any order with a 99 priority code will not schedule until the priority code is changed to a lower number. As for the invoice with MY22 pricing, this is how it operates, and you’ll be sent a certificate for the price protection amount to use at delivery.

  14. Dear Laura, i had a possible build date, My dealer tells there was a Problem with Paint Color, “Cactus Grey” , so tell me , what could it be, that only a few Models / Baby Bronco , and Ranger share the Color. so they don’t use much. ??

    1. That’s really interesting, Coyote (and unfortunate for you and Cactus fans, so I’m hoping it’s very temporary) –– I had never heard of a paint constraint before today. I’ll try to get an answer.

  15. I posted this on the other article, then found this one with all the comments so I’m posting it here too.

    Question: If you received a B&P invitation and completed the order process, does that mean you will be built with in the number of that “batch” of offers, i.e. a batch may be a quarters worth of production planning?

    And, then within that “production batch” being scheduled your time stamp and then parts availability decide what order and the date of the build?

    So, it sounds like if parts are not available for loaded or higher end models this will cause simpler builds to be built earlier (time stamp order wise) to fill in production gaps and keep the line running as well as possible. Which will still be producing res before dealer stock, it’s just a later time stamp, does that sound like what I’m hearing and reading (dealer & forums) is correct?

    1. Thanks, Marcus; I’m replying here as well –– You’re correct. Your reservation determines your timestamp, your conversion to order will make you eligible for the next quarter of production scheduling, and your build/parts availability will determine where it falls in the process.

  16. My 2021 Outerbanks order included the power outlet option, but I do not see it in my 2022 order. Did they remove the power outlet option from the 2022 Outerbanks?

  17. My local dealer has three 2021 Bronco’s on their lot – two 4 Door Soft-tops and one 2 Door Hard top. All three have sticker prices in the $40’s. The dealership has added “Market Adjustments” between $15,000 and $30,000. For example, the 2-Door Hard-Top nets out at over $75,000.


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