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BADLANDS VS. WILDTRAK: Which is for you?

BADLANDS VS. WILDTRAK: Which is for you?


By @Laura #1976 

Many of you have already decided which Bronco you’re getting. Your lifestyle, the type of landscape surrounding you, and preferred engine/trans all probably weighed into your choice. Others want to shore up some details and pricing before converting reservations to orders. And even still, there will be new folks coming to our group who, at this very moment, may not even know they need a Bronco (new folks, when you arrive: welcome). We’re here to help.

The Badlands vs. Wildtrak debate is where many Bronco discussions begin. It is a comparison that’s rang loudly across the internet. Hums of sway-bar disconnect muddlement and carpeting yeas and nays filled the forum, and likely, circled the dinner table as partners gave input. Like all new Broncos, both models are highly capable. But which trim level and package make the most sense for you, especially considering you can equip them similarly?

The Build Summaries 


Ford has stamped the Badlands¬†for ‚ÄúExtreme Off-Roading.‚Ä̬†The standard features¬†include:

  • A 7-speed manual transmission
  • A 2.3L EcoBoost engine
  • Rear locking differential and 4.7 locking rear axle final drive ratio
  • Full vehicle steel bash plates
  • The heavy-duty modular front bumper (steel)
  • Rock rails
  • Rubberized, wash-out flooring

By adding the Sasquatch package, you get closer to the Wildtrak’s standard features. To note: You will lose the manual transmission, but gain:

  • Beadlock capable wheels
  • 35‚Ä̬†mud-terrain tires

Add the Mid package on top of the Sasquatch, and you’re riding in comfort and style, with additional safety features such as:

  • Front row heated seats
  • Remote start
  • Reverse sensing system
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360


Now, on to owning a Wildtrak: the high-speed Baja-style off-roader. First, let’s look at it without package upgrades.

For starters, the Sasquatch package is standard on the Wildtrak. That means no opportunity for the 7-speed manual transmission. You are also giving up rubberized flooring, skid plates (can be optioned, however) and rock rails.

Your vehicle will come equipped with carpet and cloth seats (instead of the standard Badlands Marine-Grade Vinyl).

Additionally, all Wildtraks come standard with:

  • The larger 2.7L EcoBoost Engine
  • Beadlock capable wheels
  • 35‚ÄĚ tires

Also standard on the Wildtrak are similar goodies of the Badlands Mid package including:

  • Front row heated seats
  • Remote start
  • Reverse sensing system
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360

The Vehicle Usage 

A¬†Sasquatched¬†Mid Badlands¬†gives you a lot of options. The rubberized flooring means it‚Äôs great for mud, wooded trails,¬†and grime¬†‚ÄĒsimply hose it¬†out¬†when you‚Äôre done.¬†Rock rails protect your vehicle when crawling,¬†and¬†the¬†stabilizer bar disconnect¬†option¬†means¬†you¬†probably¬†will¬†be¬†out¬†doing¬†so.

A standard Wildtrak won’t leave you hurting off-road, by any means. It’s an excellent choice for dry terrains and dunes. However, unless you’re investing in some good floor mats, your carpet will take a beating in wet, dirty situations. You get the more powerful engine, but no manual transmission option.

The Pricing 


A 2-door Badlands starts at $42,095. Add on the Sasquatch and Mid packages, and you’re up to $49,820. Figuring approximately $5,000 down, 5% interest, and 60 months, that breaks down to a monthly payment of $836. Make it a 4-door, and you’re at about $878 a month.


For a 2-door Wildtrak, your starting price is $46,980. With similar financing options, that’s a monthly payment of $824. The 4-door starts at $49,475, which brings a monthly payment of $866. Both the 2- and 4-door models end up being slightly less expensive than a similarly equipped Badlands.

The Deal-Decider 

So there you have it: some of the key factors into why you may want to go with one model over the other. Take what’s most important to you from the lists, and build your Bronco. And remember, when in doubt, you can always mod it out.  

Still on the fence? Read what other Bronco Nation members have said about choosing between the models.  


  1. The 2.7 ecoboost is also available in the Badlands…. so the motor differences are mute. The Mud Terrain tires you mention are a misnomer….the MT tires in the SASQ (both Wildtrak and Badlands) are NOT mud terrain’s they are Goodyear Territory MT tires… MT stands for Maximum Traction (in the KO BFgoodrich tires MT stands for mud terrain). The Badlands has Rock Crawl mode, the Wildtrak has rather Sport mode is a big deal. Sport mode does not come in either the Badlands or First Edition models.
    I started out with a Wildtrak with my original reservation and switched up to the Badlands primarily because of the swaybar disconnect and the rear front and rear steel bumper. The plastic bumpers (rear) on the Wildtrak was something I could not live with.
    Essentially, my truck is a First Edition substituting carpet for washout floors…. leather (trimmed) interior for MGV (Marine Grade Vynnl)….grey for black beadlock rings….grey grill and black door handles and mirrors instead of the gloss black ones on a Wildtrak/First Edition……and finally the simplicity of not having graphics. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Interesting, here I am trying to make it less confusing by quoting Ford’s site when it comes to the mud-terrain name for the SAS! Yes, the 2.7 EcoBoost is available on the Badlands, as another upgrade, an additional $1,895 ‚Äď‚Äď starts getting a fair deal pricier than the SAS + Mid and standard Wildtrak options some people are weighing. Thank you for sharing what you decided on; it’s cool to hear everyone’s specific choices. Plastic is definitely not for all, neither are the graphics.

  2. Don’t you need to add the cost of the 2.7L that the WildTrak comes standard with to the Badlands when doing the price comparison for similarly equipped vehicles?

    1. So, if I understand your Q correctly ‚Äď‚Äď 2.7L is standard on Wildtrak. To get the 2.7 on the Badlands AND have it similarly equipped in capability (SAS) and features (Mid), yes, you would need to add on an additional $1,895 for the engine upgrade, putting the Badlands at approx. $51,715 vs the Wildtrak at $46,980 ‚Äď‚Äď and I think that shows exactly why some people choose the Wildtrak if they aren’t going rock crawling, etc. but like the Badlands/Sasquatch/Mid features.

  3. My choice based on what I wanted and what my wife wanted. Since she is the mastermind behind the purchase I had to put her priorities high on the list, leather, carpet, amenities. Me, Sasquatch. Priced out every model and Wildtrack was by far the best equipped for the money. With the likelihood of me ever needing to sway bar disconnect. Wildrack it is.

  4. The comparison for me was Wildtrak v. OuterBanks Sasquatch V6. Only difference really is more interior options on the OB. Baja mode may be one thing I miss out on with the OB Sas V6, but the interior is/was more important for me than a programmable mode, I guess.

    The Badlands was only briefly considered because of its stabilizer bar disconnect, but I believe that part should be fairly straightforward to add later. The MGV and washout floors are cool but I’ll probably just put down WeatherTech mats instead when we go camping.

    Seems that if you’re considering the Wildtrak, you’d compare it to the OB Sasquatch V6 before the Badlands, because the WT and OB are more alike than the WT is to the Badlands. But that’s not what happened, oddly. Like Laura wrote, people on the forums compared the WT and Badlands more often than the WT and OB, much less comparing the OB and Badlands. The OB has been treated like the stepchild of the models so far, but I’m thinking the roast cloth will make for a stunning combination with the top off in AMB.

    1. Yes, very true; I think when some people are first being introduced to the choices, we see what is the highest trim option and “downgrade” from there. I’m interested in comparing these two now for others. Thank you for for the idea!
      I myself haven’t even explored the Outer Banks past a first look: the Ford framing swayed me a little, with OB being deemed “Off-roading in style” and using language like “comfort.” Coming from two un-stylish, uncomfortable Jeeps, one with the quietest sound system you’ve ever heard (i.e., doesn’t work), I felt like I would be out of my element in something designed as nice. I rarely let myself have stuff I can’t feel comfortable banging up. Case in point: Once I bought my first nice leather bag and immediately dropped a piece of buttered toast on it.
      That roast cloth you picked really is a looker; I can see why you chose that. And the carpet still is practical for many; we all have ShopVacs for a reason!

  5. COVID was our trigger. The wife and myself decided we needed a hobby that would put us in a place outside of the four walls called home.
    In researching the Bronco6G we thought the trail would be it. Decided to roll out of her 2016 Turbo Beetle and get The Badlands.
    Gonna be her daily driver , gave me carte blanche to build it my way.
    So all things considered got her the Leather, Lux package and every other option to make her comfortable. I got the Sasquatch, for the trail. Hopefully she can get in and out without banging her knee.
    The rubberized flooring and sway bar disconnect will help with off roading plus its really cool.
    Looking forward to riding into the sunset.

    1. The great outdoors ‚Äď‚Äď the saving grace for many of us! And truly, I have more trouble getting out of my stock Jeep than my lifted one; I never like feeling as if I have to climb OUT of a vehicle. I bet she will love it, so much so that you might have a hard time getting a turn at driving it, ha.

  6. Went with the Sasquatch Badlands mostly because of the rocks and stuff on the roads and trails around Pacific Northwest. Wildtrak seems like a wheel and tire package now.

  7. Jeep Rubicon guy here favoring the Bronco Badlands, hell I will be switching when it comes out Mid & Squatched.

  8. I have ordered the badlands because I wanted the stay bar, wash-out interior, and mgv, however, I want the painted grill, mirrors, door handles of wildtrack. Am I out of luck?


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