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A Ride in a 2021 Ford Bronco

A Ride in a 2021 Ford Bronco


Utah.Bronco rode in a 2021 Ford Bronco with champion off-roader, Loren Healy, at the wheel. That’s a pretty awesome sentence in every way. For those of you who don’t know, Utah.Bronco is a great Bronco-themed Instagram account held down by none other than Bronco Nation Member #702. He was one of the lucky reservation holders that Ford invited to Holly Oaks ORV Park in Holly, MI for a lap in the 2021 Bronco. Going by @Cooppierce in the Bronco Nation forums, he answered some questions for forum members about the experience.
First some disclaimers:
· The Broncos used for the event were almost certainly pre-production vehicles
· All ride impressions are @Cooppierce ‘s and represent his opinions

@david: Let’s start with the experience, where did the event take place and how were you introduced to the Bronco and Loren? 

@Cooppierce: Alright, location: the ride took place at Holly Oaks ORV park, about 55mins out of Dearborn. It’s an awesome location full of different driving experiences across the board. I was able to chat with the designer and hear how much effort went into this new park, Ford did a really good job teaming up with him to create it.

As for Loren, he’s such a nice guy, and an even better driver. I joked that my first ride in the Bronco will probably be my best, ha-ha!  

@nic: I saw on the grams that Loren had the trail cam on. I keep talking myself out of the high package on the Badlands (MT) because I don’t need many fancy things. Can you talk me into it? Any other features you would consider adding that you might have been on the fence about? 

@CooppierceThe Trail cam was awesome, especially on the massive 12” display hah. It eliminates any blind spots you may have in the front and is going to eliminate a spotter in a lot of situations. It’s a large upgrade, but if you pull the trigger, you’re getting your money’s worth. The Sasquatch package is legit, and massive! 

@Deano Bronc: What did you think about the ride quality while going over the obstacles? Did the Hoss system seem to soak up the bumps? 

@Cooppierce: The ride was the most impressive part. Ive driven multiple Jeeps recently, and just got back from Moab doing hells revenge in a 4Runner. So, going into the drive, I felt like I could give a good comparison. I honestly couldn’t believe how good the ride was, the speed and handling are not something I’ve ever experienced in a SUVThe Bronco is legit and on a whole different level, it’s a perfect balance between Baja and rock crawling. Loren pushed it way hard and it handled it with ease. I really hope the full cut of that day comes out 

@LagoCJDid it have the accessory rail on top of the dash? That was a key callout early on, but haven’t seen/heard about it in a long while…including on the B&P. Hoping its still there! 

@Cooppierce: It did, I think the official name Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) rail. It’s a little thing that I’m really stoked about. I haven’t seen any Bronco without it or if its standard or an accessory option. 

@TCoppHow was the feel of the 2.7 with the auto? Was there a lot of gear searching, or did it seem to be smooth? Did you try “manual mode” with it, if so, how was that? 

@CooppierceIt was a 2.7 auto, and it didn’t skip a beat! Lots of speed transitions and elevation changes and it didn’t seem to lose power at all. Granted, I had Loren as my driver.  

@GuzieCurious about the Wildtrak interior. Any input from him on the Wildtrak as a desert runner. Sport mode capability. 

@Cooppierce: The Wildtrack had the leather interior. It was very comfortable! 


Big thank you to @Cooppierce for taking questions. For events like this and more, check out the Bronco Nation forums.  



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