Home Latest News Your Bronco, Built: Ford Thanks Customers with Photos of Their Vehicles
Your Bronco, Built: Ford Thanks Customers with Photos of Their Vehicles

Your Bronco, Built: Ford Thanks Customers with Photos of Their Vehicles

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Today, Ford sent customers the following communication:

“We wanted to give you a look into the journey your Bronco took from the factory floor to your driveway.

Here’s a photo of your Bronco, moments after exiting the assembly line.

After you’ve finished admiring it in all of its Built Wild™ glory, check out this video detailing the final steps of building these beasts.

Think of this as a thank-you for sticking with us.

For your patience.

For your loyalty to the Ford family.

And for your love for Bronco.

We can’t wait to see where your Bronco takes you. Share your adventures with us by tagging @FordBronco.

See you out there,

The Entire Bronco Team.

Final Assembly, Finishing Touches, and Last Inspection

The video Ford linked to gives you a teaser of the stops your Bronco takes in the factory before it can get in your driveway.

Bronco Nation member @SlashRacer gave us some additional insight into the final testing process to make sure your Bronco is perfect.

According to his friend at the Michigan Assembly Plant, this is reportedly what happens once your Bronco comes off the line.

“Once the vehicles come off the final assembly line, they are immediately taken to Wheel Alignment & Headlight Aim (WAHA) to make sure the vehicle tracks right and doesn’t have any caster, camber, or toe problems, and the wheels are perfectly straight with the steering.

After WAHA certification, they go to dyno. Every single vehicle Ford builds goes to dyno. They get put on a set of front and rear rollers, and a series of checks is run on the entire system. They make sure the trans doesn’t engage into gear when it’s not supposed to; they check the 4×4 and 2-wheel drive systems. They drive the vehicle on rollers at various speeds through different test and power loads. Max AC and auto start stop are turned off. They run the vehicle through every gear up to around 70-80 MPH sitting still. Then they check braking performance and Wide-Open Throttle (WOT). That test generally takes less than 2 ½ minutes to complete.

Once that’s complete and the vehicle passes, it’s certified in the system to not have any mechanical failures or issues. Sometimes vehicles fail for various reasons: different sensors, or not following the prompts correctly.

Once the dyno is complete, they pull it forward into a static testing area where they go over every single electrical component in the vehicle. Windows, wipers, gauges, locks, AC temp, horn, and every single bulb there is imaginable gets turned on and checked.

Once those get all cleared and passed, the Bronco is certified and goes either to a repair area if something needs to be repaired, or if it all passes, it goes on to the water line where it is blasted with water from every single direction for 2 to 3 minutes checking for leaks.

If it passes the water line, it is certified and goes on to additional testing of other things, like verifying all the hood pad retainer pins are installed, HVAC pressure lines are capped, and a few other test.

A rep sits at a section of that line, takes a picture of each Bronco and emails the customer a picture of their truck stating it’s almost ready for delivery.

Then it rolls through a tunnel of lights where inspectors check for any anomalies in the paint: scratches, scuffs, nicks, chips, etc.

Once it clears that, it’s onto the rough road test where they drive the vehicle down a series of different terrain types, checking for squeaks and rattles. The vehicles get brought off and certified, as long as no issues remain in their computers. Finally, they send the truck out to the mod center for graphics, light bars, and other accessories before being loaded up to go to customers.”

From the Tunnel of Lights to the Light at the End of the Tunnel

The wait for your Bronco has been long and hard for many of you, and some of you still have time to go. We at Bronco Nation can’t wait for the gap between you and your Bronco to close, and we’re glad you’ll be receiving a thoroughly tested vehicle once it does. Then, as Ford says in the video, you can go out and enjoy it.

What will you be doing with your photo? Tell us below or in the forums.



    1. I’m not sure how they’ll share these from here on out, but they’ve been collecting them for a bit … a lot of people already have their Bronco and today got the shot. A cool memento to have!

      1. Been waiting for the Bronco that I built, hope to get it soon are hear about lt, I am needing a new vehicle, would hate to go out and buy a jeep

  1. The Broncos must be big the small as a no good I need a big one. I wish Ford would fulfill my dream of give me a very black Ford bronco the big one four-wheel-drive loaded. With everything. Bill Warmus Sr

    1. I hope you get a loaded big black Bronco, too, Bill! You would really enjoy it. And let me tell you from personal experience, the smaller Sport is a beast off road. Definitely worthy of Bronco in its name.

    2. I’m the most impatient person, just the way I am and the last 15months of waiting werw hyper annoying but all the blogs helped! Took delivery of my 4dr badlands soft top in cactus gray and boy am I in love!!!! The wait is worth it and the rig is awesome. Each night before I go to bed, I take a peek into the garage and say goodnight to my bronco! :-).

    1. I like that — we have that forum thread about “would you rather have a Monday/Friday build” someone started for fun, but it doesn’t matter what day it rolls out on 😉 Quality every day of the week.

  2. I’m waiting for my Badlands hopefully by next year I really would like the hardtop to be available at the same time

    1. Apparently not enough testing. Got mine which was super rad. I too peek at it daily but now it’s out of frustration. Two quarter panels being painted as we speak. One was not even fully secured. Hopefully that at least gets one of the ratttles. Paint overspray on every part including soft top windows. Even with this garbage it’s is an awesome rig.

  3. My 4 door is set for buikd this week cant wait to drive it and finally be behind the wheel. I have patiently been waiting since my reservation. And still patiently waiting I understand wanting it now but it will be worth the long wait.

  4. I received my picture today of my recently purchased Bronco which was great! I don’t know when they decided to do this but I had sent Ford my idea to film the vehicle in production and send the clip to the future buyer a month or so ago. They did acknowledge my idea and I’m glad there is at least a pic of it on the assembly line. Pretty cool!

    1. A good surprise for sure. Thanks for sharing, Chris — I’m glad you did some encouragement to Ford in this direction!

  5. I placed my order in Jan 2021still waiting for my V6 Bronco news,but lost the patient abit,im driving Explorer now still

    1. Explorers are nice; just make sure you get to where you’re in a Bronco off roading with us once you get yours, Keith!

    2. My Bronco will be here in Kansas in a week! :-D. Already got tires/wheels and few goodies from Rough Country to install. Knowing that I got a picture of this bad boy on the line coming is added toppings on on the cake!

  6. I’ve put my order in 2019 and still Patiently waiting for it . It’s definitely worth the wait ,been dealing with a dealership on mine. We were told if you didn’t get a Vin number by October 13th, you had to reorder your bronco as well as it’s going to be a 2022 model. Now that being said we don’t have to pay the 2022 cost since we’ve had our order in already. I am super excited to get my badlands 4 door for me and my family. I will continue to wait as they’re telling me i should have it by summer time ! Fingers crossed !!

  7. I wanted a bronco but was told what I ordered wouldn’t be ready till 22. So I switch to a F150, now I been waiting for 10 months now!

  8. I love my FE. 5k miles and just waiting to get my top replaced. I love how raw this vehicle is. It has a different feeling than any other vehicle I have owned. Closer to a Mustang than an Explorer. Seats are real comfortable. I am a satisfied customer.
    It is it’s own thing, and that is what I think I like the most.

  9. All I can tell you is that it’s worth the wait….have had my Outerbanks for 2 months and I jave never been so happy with a vehicle…makes my soul happy.

  10. Anyone know the cutoff date for this? Mine was built on 9/2 and I never received a picture. I know, I know, be happy I have it, but the picture would be cool to have too.

  11. Husband worked for the local 820 UAW.would like a discount. We are looking forward to getting out outerbanks ford bronco.

  12. I just got my pic but it has a soft top in the pic, I ordered a hardtop, so this is weird, probably the wrong picture but now I’m nervous hoping it shows up with the hardtop! I do not want a soft top.


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