Wild Horses Four Wheel Drive Roundup Recap

May 26, 2021

Of the events that I’ve attended as a staff member for Bronco Nation, the ones that exclusively focus on Broncos are the best. Super Celebrations and other Bronco meetups have a different feel from the all-brands events, even the off roading-focused ones. My sample size isn’t huge, and it could be skewed by the fact that Bronco events tend to happen in awesome places, but like most communities, it’s probably the people that make it great.

It isn’t a surprise then that the 6th Annual Wild Horses Bronco Roundup was an awesome time. There was an incredible number of Broncos, and the lineup –– including a good turnout of Stroppes, Ranger Broncos, uncut and stock Broncos, and a curiosity or two –– was high quality. Besides the great showing of Broncos, the weather was perfect, and the food on site was excellent. And, of course, a friendly and knowledgeable group of Bronco people is always fun to be around.

In addition to all the vintage Broncos, Bronco Sports also showed up. The Wild Horses Bronco Sport made its debut. With its slight lift and larger tires, it was looking about as mean and capable as I’ve seen the smaller sibling of the Bronco family look.

As the name implies, this event was a production of Wild Horses Four Wheel Drive, purveyors of fine vintage Bronco parts. I feel like it’s rare for me to see a restored early Bronco that doesn’t have a Wild Horses part installed somewhere in the build. More often than not, it’s the coil springs as the giveaway, but I see other components too. This collection of Broncos was no exception. Besides many Wild Horses parts being on the Broncos in attendance, the event was a great chance for folks from out of town to pick up parts directly. Wild Horses created a welcome bag for the event and included a Bronco keychain, a small commemorative plaque, some parts catalogs, and over 30 stickers from familiar aftermarket manufacturers like ARB and Bilstein.

Competition was stiff in the show and shine contest, given the outstanding turnout. Stock, LUBR (Lifted, Uncut Bronco), Mild, and Wild were the categories, as well as a people’s choice award. See below for the winners, and make sure you do your best to get to next year's event!


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