The Sunset Bronco: An Award-Winning Build with a Solid Axle Swap - Video

Nov 08, 2021

This Base Bronco -- the first solid axle swap on a 2021 and Ford Outstanding Achievement Award winner -- was built to wheel. Kyle, @Delfab_, modified it from top to bottom, adding on Yukon lockers and gears, Fox shocks and air bumps, Artec shock towers, a Smittybilt winch, and so much more. He even modded his mods, cutting into the 4WP bumpers for a custom look. What stayed the same? Just about only the 2.3L and 10-speed transmission. Matt from Bronco Nation gives us a walkaround tour of the Bronco: Let’s get into the details.

The Modifications

People have been itching for a list of modifications, and while this one here hits a good chunk of them, you better believe Kyle did even more. In just seven weeks, he took this 2021 Base non-Sasquatch Bronco with a 2.3L and automatic trans, and added/swapped in:

  • 2008 F-250 front Dana 60
  • 2008 F-250 rear Sterling 10.5
  • Yukon zip air lockers
  • Yukon 5.38 gears
  • Yukon front chromoly 1550 axle shafts
  • SSBC Big Brakes
  • PSC Motorsports full hydro steering
  • Fox 2.5 remote reservoir 10” travel shocks on all 4 wheels
  • Fox 2.0 air bumps
  • Artec Industries front axle hydro ram mount, and shock towers up front
  • Modified Jeep JL RockJock sway bar up front
  • Front axle - using radius arms
  • Rear axle - new custom links with stock axle brackets added to the Sterling 10.5
  • 4WP bumpers, sliders, and fender deletes (bumpers re-radiused)
  • Custom-made skid plate to match front bumper
  • Smittybilt winch
  • Custom fuel tank for drivelines clearance
  • RFS Motorsports seat covers
  • Shadowcraft Steering custom steering wheel
  • Racktec roof rack with all RIGID lighting
  • Custom rear tire carrier utilizing factory reset cargo hook hardware
  • Mickey Thompson Baja pro XS tires 40/13.5r17
  • KMC beadlock wheels
  • Warn hubs

In terms of aesthetics, two of the major elements are the 1979 Bronco Free Wheeling influenced graphics and the custom 3D-printed first-generation Bronco inspired grille. When we met with Kyle at the Jean Dry Lake Bed near sundown, we asked him if he had named his Bronco. The answer was no; he thinks nicknames are best given by the community. So, given the inspiration behind the graphics topped with the end-of-day light explosion we were experiencing, the Sunset Bronco has been the go-to shorthand –– but if you hear the “best build at SEMA,” the “Bronco on 40s,” or someone saying “my favorite wrap,” it’s likely they’re referring to this one.

Kyle spent a lot of effort getting the graphics just right, and he will be offering them for sale through his shop.

We’ve heard pleading for the grille as well … however, Kyle does have two other 2021s on order and a vintage Bronco to work on, so it may be up to you to create your own. Congratulations, Kyle, on an amazingly well-done build –– and Bronco Nation can’t wait to see what the next looks like.


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