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The Adventure Has Already Begun

The Adventure Has Already Begun


The new Bronco and Sport can get you places other vehicles can’t. That’s much of the fun of owning these vehicles –– driving them off-road. Then there’s the other component that comes with them: community, and in this case, community in the outdoors.

Bronco Nation member @LCDRBronco24 — Brandon — is still waiting for the Bronco Badlands 4-door with MIC top that he reserved in July of ’21. But that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying time in the wild with friends. Recently, Brandon, stationed in Pensacola, headed out to Cheaha State Park, part of the Talladega National Forest in northeast Alabama, with work buddies. Brandon serves in the U.S. Navy and will soon be sent overseas.

Quality Time, Quality Places

“It was a great trip and an awesome adventure before I head out overseas for 18 months,” says Brandon. “The highlight was watching the bravery of Alabama’s firefighters, rushing in to fight an out-of-control wildfire. The mountains, especially for the deep south, were incredible: My favorite spot in them was Bald Rock, where I was able to look out over the beautiful state of Alabama.”

Brandon, an Eagle Scout since 2006, has a long history of being an avid outdoorsman and yearns to be outside as much as possible.

“With as stressful of a job as the military is these days, it is important to get outside in green space because it helps taper off the frustration of work. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with a bunch of cold brews and buddies!”

And like his love for the outdoors, Brandon’s interest in off-roading vehicles also goes way back.

The Switch to Bronco

“I have always been a Jeep guy,” says Brandon, “stemming from the first time I laid eyes on one in Jurassic Park in 1996. However, after seeing the return of the Bronco last year, I knew I had to have one. I have not looked back since then. Also, my mother-in-law had an Eddie Bauer Bronco back in the day. My wife is just as excited as I am, and we look forward to many adventures together!”

He’s got some good plans too, both for the vehicle and where they’ll head. “I prefer to camp old-school –– tent camping on the ground,” says Brandon. He’s sticking with that tried-and-true method once he has his Bronco, but with a small twist.

“One of the first mods I am going to make is the addition of a rooftop tent. My favorite television show is Yellowstone, so I see the landscape in that and picture myself overlanding in my Bronco out west one day. My dream is to take my Bronco off-roading to Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. I went there as a Boy Scout in 2008, and I am dedicated to returning. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. I’d also like to take it to all the national parks across the United States, just to say I’ve visited all of them in the Bronco and to add cool badges/bling to it!

“Life Is Either an Incredible Adventure, Or It’s Nothing at All” – Helen Keller

And while that part of the dream needs to wait until he has the vehicle, Brandon’s making the most of his adventures now, with some Bronco-branded items at his side.

“The flag that I received from Ford has very special meaning to me. It will follow me everywhere the Navy sends me, for as long as I am in service. This flag will be with me during all my upcoming travels, and there will be plenty of pictures taken of it!

We wish Brandon safety in his deployment and a happy reunion with his family upon return –– and we can’t wait to see his pictures of flag and Bronco together on all their adventures.

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